RachelPixieDust posted on Feb 16, 2020 at 01:23AM
Okay, so like most of the people on here and fell and I really need to see Peter Pan and it's not one of those things that I can wait for 2 years I really need him ASAP. Like it's a dire emergency there any way that you can make him appear in my house any tips and tricks? And remember this is as soon as possible. The entire fate of all the children in my town lie on Peter Pan right now.

Peter Pan 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden pangirl16 said…
It does take a while for him to warm up to you. Even I haven't seen him before but i have gotten many signs and i am very grateful that he took the time and tried to reach out to me. Personally, what I do is I'll talk to him as if he was right in front of me, draw or write about him, tell him stories(he loves those! Especially Cinderella!), dance, or go outside and have fun in general! If it's very important, im sure that he would come as soon as he could. I don't have much else to say, but some things you can do with the children in ur town is to play make believe, watch peter pan movies, go on a treasure hunt, literally just about anything to keep their hopes up and believe. I hope you and the children of ur town are well and staying safe! Some ways that u can tell that its him trying to give u signs is:

- random feelings of happiness

- leaves at ur window (that are uncommon in ur area specifically from neverland)

- whispering(specifically ur name)

- bells

- noises on the roof/walking

- knocking on ur window

- notes or drawings missing/moved in the morning that u didn't do when u went to bed

-dreams/visions of being in neverland and with peter

- sudden feeling of sleepiness

- flashes of light in the sky w/ a shadow

- window being unlocked when u remember that u locked it before u went to bed

I really hope that this helps! ^ - ^
een jaar geleden cloudcastle said…

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Hello RachelPixieDust . . .

Could pray to God to help guide you.

1 c = ( could equal ) God.

2 c = Peter Pan.

3 c = Tinkerbell.

Should thair = 3.

1 c = guide.

2 c = make.

3 c = force.

Force may not = God's way.

1 c = perfect.

2 c = good.

3 c = bad.

Hope you are having a happy Summer.

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