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no shots of the actual piercing but a lot of cussing, skip to about a minuut 20 for the really funny stuff
prince albert
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 first steps
first steps
heres a guide to how to keep your bellybutton clean and looking so good.

it walks u through step door step with foto's I hope this is helpful to anyone with vragen on cleaning

I have had mine done 4x and the first 3x I didn't stick to these rules that why I had to get redone now that im sticking to these rules I have no complication's with the piercing

the first one I had done myself and it was crooked so I took it out

the sec one was door a professional and it got infected so I took it out

the third time my body rejected it so that didn't work well

the fourth one this one is doing quite well and im happy with it lol im always lifting my overhemd, shirt at my husband and saying *shinny!* lol
 first steps
first steps
 seconde steps
second steps
 third steps
third steps
 fouth steps
fouth steps
 fifth steps
fifth steps
 sixth steps
sixth steps
 seveth steps
seveth steps
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