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posted by canal
do u truely know who i am
maybe things i write seem happy, depressing, sad?
but am i any of those things?
am i really seen door my personality of door my body

the truth is i hate life
my mother is a bossy rude horrible person
my dad is never home
my sister is a lowlife girl thinking she'll fine a job

i only have TWO friends
most people i know have at least ten
Kenzie parks, Brandon Rector
there is no more

do u really think i eat of sleep
do u think i go to school
i haven't slept in like a maand the avoid one nightmare
that never seems to want to leave

i skip school my mom just drops me off then i run
i try to hide from my family
until they find me and hit me of kick me
do u really think im happy?

the last time i was happy when a friend died
i stood door her grave smiling
saying "Jess i'll be there soon"
think if suicide worked for her it would work for me

so volgende time u see me
ask yourself
am i like her?
do i truely know..canal?
Stopping door Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harnas bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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posted by hetaliaitaly
Everyone always tells me its the last time
But then why am i still here to be the one who is constantly crying
Im done with fake smiling
Im done with the crying
Im done with the lying
Because right now im the one that is dying
It's selfish for them to want me to stay
But is it not selfish to take my own life away?
No its not fair but nothing in life ever is
Everyday i cheat death is the dag i took a dare
I keep up my strength not only for me
I keep up that smile because i want them to be happy
I feel the blood sinking in as a i put preasure on my life
Im just not a person who would take happiness...
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posted by canal
its hard to see u walk away
when i know u mad at me
you run further and further every day
can i say im sorry

Make a fool out of my self just for your attention
but can u really ever believe me
i was a fool and can i say im sorry
just stay with me and u can see

always saying stuff we never that was never true
but i took your hart-, hart and crushed it
and can i say i miss you
but will u ever believe me

i try and help you
but u just walk away
when i say im sorry u dont believe its true
can i just ge u to stay

i never meant to hurt your feelings
same old sayings all the time
wish u good luck with your...
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posted by KitKitty12
My soul is fild with sadness.
My dad is dead.
My mom is in prison.
and me,siting alone
in the darkness.
so don't even bother with me.
I cry in the dark door my brother.
He says will mom ever come back.
i zei no she'll never forgive us.
my brother's eyes fill with tears
my life is now useless for all i know
i sit there sighing and breathing heavily
as the smoke of the city streets fills my lungs
i soon become weak
i lay on the stine cold gravel
some say im dying
and others say i was supposed to die
posted by sickoftrying
where does the life start
and the hoplesness end?
where do the fun times
dissapear to?
why can't i look into your eyes
and see your happiness?
why do u have to steal mine?
the answer to these vragen are simple
u have no love for me
yet u lead me on,
pretend u do
u want me i know,
but for what?
the happiness
i can not see in your eyes
is not because its not there
but because u suck mine away.
u leave my eyes dull and empty
shadows of what i once was
the person i long to be now
one of the loved
posted by demon_wolf
I hope u like this. ^-^
It came to me one night when I could not fall asleep.

Fairy Tale Love.
By: Whitney Forsberg.

In a fairy tale
I'm the one
Who will do
Anything for my love.
Behind the magical
Volts of electricity
Our fingers intertwine,
And our lips touch.
There's a whisper
In my ear,
"I will forever
and always love you."
Because in a fairy tale,
He's the one
Who will do
Anything for the
One he loves.

Yupp thats it, rate and commentaar what u think of it, please.
posted by Jessica_fire
Hey, this is the first post and this poem really means a lot for me!

Please comment! Criticism is the best way to correct! like it of not please tell!

[b]Café koop was full of people;
Being messed up with them;
I met u with a spilt coffee on my shirt;
u began with handkerchief to clear the dirt;
I looked upon with eyes of perplex shine;
I thought it was an illusion;
With that concern on your face;
I don’t know well;
My hart-, hart began to dwell;
With that presence of yours;
I felt that I have a hopeful ray;
Because today was
My lucky day.    
posted by Abilei
1. One normal sunny day
Two terriost went to play
Climbing aboard two planes
They pretend to play
One brought out a gun
Not wanting to be out done
The seconde one pulled out a blade

2. With no shame
They stated their claim
To the twin towers
To take an iron shower

3. As the towers were struck
Others became stuck
Pleading for their rescue
They fell to their refuge

4. Down came the towers
As we watched for hours
Praying for mercy
We fell to our knees
We call 9/11
A dag we remember
posted by babyjay
this is a poem written to my best friend who is about to verplaats away.... dont be to much of a critic please... i just had to say this... thank you...

We have,
and cried together.
u have held my hand when i was scared,
and u tell me every thing will be ok.
i know that we have,
and happiness to lean on.
u have showed me,
and how to accept my self.
i am always here for you,
never forget the times we shared,
and always remember i will be there.
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posted by katsopoliswife1
The trees always seemed to shake.
And the pretty still calm lake.
The calm wind blowing in my face.
Oh, look two young deer having a race.
Look at those bees in a beehive up in that tree.
While a vlinder perches on my knee.
The sweet smell of dozens of fresh flowers.
A beautiful rose!
And a small blue bird.
There it goes.
As I hum, the mockingjay is my echo.
Oh no it’s ALMOST time to go.
The gras is as green and fresh as lime.
As I look at my watch wondering if it’s time to go.
Sadly, yes it’s time.
As I watch from a distance a beer behind a boom scratching it’s back.
Uh-oh I think it’s going to attack!
I go run away.
Hoping I can come back another day.
The forest is sometimes dangerous, but it’s beautiful, calm, and quiet.
But I wish I didn't have to say goodbye this way. :(
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posted by MissMuffin38
My Dreams, My Memories,
I'll Someday Regret.
He May Never Remember,
But I'll Never Forget.

There's No Point Pretending I Don't Give A Toss,
But If He Leaves Me Now,
It's Not Mine But His Loss.

With His Coco Eyes,
And His Loving Charm,
I Know When I Fall,
I'll Land In His Arms.

He Brought Back Them Memories,
I Haven't Seen For A While.
Whenever I See Him,
He Always Makes Me Smile.

You Showed Me Hope And Love,
When I Didn't Know What To Do.
There's A Special Place In My Heart,
And That Place Is For You.

Every Night I Dream A Dream,
For u And Only You.
Every Night I Make A Wish,
Please Make My...
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posted by twilightlover73
(poems from my mind)

1.[have u ever?]
Have u ever wondered?
Have u ever feared?
Have u ever questioned?
of were u always scared?

2.[like a toy]
Have u ever heard of love?
of happiness and joy?
No u didn't,
Because to you, everything is like a toy.

3.[my stupid mind]
I am so tired,
Of hearing these words in my mind.
Sometimes, I wish i can just fall,
And go deaf and blind.

4.[a Christmas poem]
Christmas is on the way,
So merry Christmas!
What else can i say?

(a poem that i read from the internet)

Sick of crying,
Tired of trying,
Yes, I am smiling,
But inside, I am dying.

(a poem that my closest friend wrote for me, it may be my favoriete poem of all time)
God gave us two eyes to see,
Two legs to walk the street,
Two ears to let us hear,
And two arms to defend ourselves and not to fear.
But why did he give u only one heart?
Maybe because somewhere in this world there is the other part,
That we should look for and when we find never tare them apart.
posted by edward_bella1
conor your my angel
conor your my heart
i love u lots and lots
right from the start

conor u know i love
conor u know i care
i love u lots and lots
even though its not fair

conor your my heaven
conor your my sky
i love u lots and lots
i just dont know why

conor u my dream
conor your my wish
i love u lots and lots
i love u conor.

conor u my life
conor your my clouds
i love u lots and lots
i wish u were here
just to see your gorgeous face

conor i think u cool
conor i think u great
i love u lots and lots
its just the way it is......