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posted by stickymonkey
I've learned that u cannot make someone love you.
All u can do is be someone who can be loved.
The rest is up to them.
I've learned that no matter how much I care,
some people just don't care back.
I've learned that it takes years to build up trust
and only seconden to destroy it.
I've learned that it's not what u have in your life
but who u have in your life that counts.
I've learned that u can get door on charm for about fifteen minutes.
After that, you'd better know something.

I've learned that u shouldn't compare yourself
to the best others can do,
but to the best u can do.
I've learned that...
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posted by jewelofawalker
One small crack, just one comment
It only took one day
To convince her life had a price
A cost she couldn't pay
Happiness was priced too high
Hopes dashed, she turned away

Esteem it took years to build
Torn down in one day
Years later, she still believes
What caused her mind to fray
She thinks she is not enough
And so she wastes away

Finally someone notices
Her life changes that day
Someone tonen that they care
Three words is all they say
Simple words she needs to hear
They ask, "Are u okay?"

~an original poem door me~

~check out me and meer of my poetry and writing at quotev.com/sliverofstarlight~
posted by jewelofawalker
when u wish upon a star
it doesn't matter where u are.
two stargazers, up at night,
seem close beneath the faint starlight.

space makes miles seem quite small
​​​​when light-years stretch between it all;
but distance is hard to breach,
thus putting u just out of reach.

til the land touches the sky,
we still remain just you and i...
but for tonight we can be,
just wish upon a ster with me.

~an original poem door me~

~check out meer of my poetry and writing at quotev.com/sliverofstarlight~
posted by irena83
Crippled soul, strung with fears
Is running into disaster
Of paranoia and indestructible fear,
While your thoughts are struggling
With afbeeldingen of rottenness
Which is spreading as spiral evil,
Devastates every form of intelligent mind,
Now already lost in insanity of own mind.

Fear is growing inside,
Your mind is filled with worries,
While the picturesque dreams
Will corrode already exhausted brain.

And in openness of your own madness
Peace will come as confirmation,
To which you'll finally start to believe,
Although u wasted your life
On rottenness and fears
Which is spreading inside as ominous spiral.
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posted by saracomet
I'm the toughest pastry maker who has ever baked a cake.
My impressive little pastries are impossible to break.
Yes, my koekjes, cookies and my cupcakes will defeat the strongest jaws,
while my muffins are impervious to power drills and saws.

u have never seen a danish of a donut quite so strong
and I bake the fiercest fruitcake that has ever come along.
u can chew on them till doomsday, u can chew till kingdom come,
but you'll never get a nibble, not a solitary crumb.

u can whack them with a hammer, u can hit them with a stick.
u can stab them with a dagger, u can beat them with a brick.
u can drop them from an airplane, u can blast them with a bomb
but my pastries will exhibit only peacefulness and calm.

I expect you'll want to test them. I encourage u to try,
but you'll never make a mark on them and here's the reason why:
I do something with my recipes no other bakers do;
when the cookbook calls for "milk" of "water," I use Crazy Glue.
posted by irena83
are flooding
my heart,
I cannot sleep,
I cannot see...

Where is
the truth
my heart,
my heart...

it sleeps,
it fears.

I've seen it,
I have.
Deep down
your blue eyes,
I have seen,
I have felt...

It's tearing me,
you're not letting me...

Oh no,
you're not letting me
love you
the way I want,
so I'm still afraid
to give u my heart.

I'm afraid
what I have seen
your blue eyes,
but I hug you...
I hug you
as if I know
that I will never
come back
to you.
I hug you
as if I don't see...

That coldness
your blue eyes,
but I'm still
looking at you.
Sad and hurt,
for you're not letting me,
you're not letting me
love you
the way I want.
posted by Lovetreehill
One would say that your gaze was veiled with mist;
Your mysterious eyes (are they blue, gray of green?)
Alternately tender, dreamy, cruel,
Reflect the indolence and pallor of the sky.

You call to mind those days, white, soft, and mild,
That make enchanted hearts burst into tears,
When, shaken door a mysterious, wracking pain,
The nerves, too wide-awake, jeer at the sleeping mind.

You resemble at times those gorgeous horizons
That the sun sets ablaze in the seasons of mist...
How resplendent u are, landscape drenched with rain,
Aflame with rays that fall from a cloudy sky!

O dangerous woman, O alluring...
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posted by dustfingerlover
I awake
Morning sunshine across my face
I reach up to rub the sand from my eyes
Not real sand, oh no, oh no
Sand from the sandman
I remember last night when he came
Came dancing, dancing, around, and around
Tossing his magic sleep-sand into those which see
Eye’s become dry
Eyelids droop to moisten themselves
It is useless
They must close
Now I sit awake
Rubbing the sand from my eyes
Not real sand, oh no, oh no
Sand from the sandman
He will come again tonight
Come dancing, dancing, around, and around
Tossing magic sleep-sand into those which see
Eyes will become dry
Eyelids will droop to moisten themselves
It is useless
They must close

by Emily Rose
posted by Hellowittykitty
I cried.
I bled.
I whispered.
I sobbed.

I spoke.
I smelled.
I yelled.
I touched.
I tasted.

All of these senses
Drift into my longing mind
Nothing but endearing pain
From time to time

Rum from the bottle of whiskey
Gulped it down whole
Never knew my life
Would fall down into this hole
From time to time

Crying when I was a babe
To being bolder than the Sun
Stupid little insignificant mortals
All the ever do is run

Quietly I stalk the dim lighted streets
Lurking in the misty shadows
Hiding from my appointed fate
Not even wanting to be late

This is my mistake.

Being a immortal, isn't as fun as u think
Ruling, governing...
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posted by sahil7459
The first time I saw you
I just can’t take my eyes off of u
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m in love with u .

I know this isn’t a good thing
For I am only just dreaming
Dreaming , that I can be with u
That’s all I can do .

If only you’ll noticed me
If only you’ll see me
You’ll know you’re worth everything to me
But still , u didn’t see me .

Is it always be like this ?
Always hoping that someday somehow
You’ll be able to look at me dearly
Like , how I see u perfectly .

Everything is impossible
Way too far from being possible
I don’t know how to stop my feelings for...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
I feel lost,
I feel so different,
I know everyone around me,
but I don't seem to know any of the faces I see,
I don't know if it's just my hallucinations of my daydreaming,
I just don't know and yet kind of don't care,
I'm different from everyone and they judge me,
I know I'm weird, strange, and crazy,
But that's one of the great things about me,
I'm different and I'll deal with that my own self,
I'm not a typical populair girl,
but I'm not a backstabber either,
I'm a special different than they say,
I'm my own self and I love to be different,
Make fun of me cause know I don't care
I'm different and I love that because I don't
wanna be the same, I don't want to go with the flow,
I'm not like that. It's okay to different and I am.
The Grave zei to the Rose,
"What of the dews of dawn,
Love's flower, what end is theirs ?"
"And what of spirits flown,
The souls whereon doth close
The tomb's mouth unawares ?"
The Rose zei to the Grave.

The Rose said, "In the shade
From the dawn's tears is made
A perfume faint and strange,
Amber and honey sweet."
"And all the spirits fleet
Do suffer a sky-change,
meer strangely than the dew,
To God's own angels new,"
The Grave zei to the Rose.



La tombe dit à la rose :
"Des pleurs dont l'aube t'arrose
Que fais-tu, fleur des amours ?"
La rose dit à la tombe :
"Que fais-tu de ce qui tombe
Dans ton gouffre ouvert toujours ?"

La rose dit : "Tombeau sombre,
De ces pleurs je fais dans l'ombre
Un parfum d'ambre et de miel."
La tombe dit : " Fleur plaintive,
De chaque âme qui m'arrive
Je fais un ange du ciel !"
posted by Lovetreehill

by: Charles Baudelaire

muziek doth verheffen, uplift me like a sea
Towards my planet pale,
Then through dark fogs of heaven's infinity
I lift my wandering sail.

With breast advanced, drinking the winds that flee,
And through the cordage wail,
I mount the hurrying waves night hides from me
Beneath her sombre veil.

I feel the tremblings of all passions known
To ships before the breeze;
Cradled door gentle winds, of tempest-blown

I pass the abysmal seas
That are, when calm, the mirror level and fair
Of my despair!
added by Princess-Yvonne
added by Princess-Yvonne
posted by gublerlover1
life lights up
your luscious eyes
lips that seem as soft
as a rose petal
yet they have
never graced mine

a hart-, hart this filled
with care and love
and a mind that is
filled with wonder
things i can not
figure out
but draw me in
just the same

only time can tell
how long of it
we can spend together
so every seconde is dear
i am happy
with u near

with u
everything is bright
and not even the
darkest abyss
could ever rip
away the light
in your
luscious eyes

commentaar please...:)and i wrote this just in general so if want tell me who it reminds u of. maybe a love of a crush who ever they are boy and girl alike tell me if u like
added by Phoebe245