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we coudnt belive who's plain we sawl lawrence plain!
Ash what the heck is he doing here?
I dont know april he should have lernd his lesion the last time.
yea if he is going to try to get lugia for himself he is going down.
Twerps help us!!
oh god ash zei it's team rocket.
didint u hear us help us u little twerps.
fine we will save your buts like always i zei while rolloing my eyes.
pidgeot fly and go save thim zei a mysterios voise.
who's there? it is i sir aaron and my nephew riley.
riley is that u i asked. and your sir aarons nephew but how can that be.
it is a long story he zei sweet coming down his fase. sir aaron zei u were my cussins. what were your cosins. yes zei sir aaron jumping of pigeot with team rocket. I am your father.......................................... YOUR ARE FATHER?! yes that is why u have the same aura as me. But paul is are have brother. well i have 3 wifes
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This artikel will explain why several pieces of info in the Pokedex cannot possibly be true of are mistakes. They may not necessarily be lies but over exaggeration of errors. Lets begin and take a look at some of the Pokedex entries that cannot be true:

1. In the Pokedex it states that Magcargo is as hot as 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit, this would make it even hotter than the outer sections of the sun. This obviously cannot be true of the Earth would be destroyed especially since there are many wild Magcargo out there.

2. Regigigas was stated to verplaats continents, I find this hard to believe for...
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