Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Dad stole my.laptop XP)
(I know it's supposed to be Winter XP)
(That is it XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why would he do that? XP)
(We should inform your town XP)
(We can go with them though XP Both the future and the past ones XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(He's a meanie XP)
(I don't think it'll listen XP)
(Yeah that'll do XP Start it XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Did he give it back? XP)
(We could always try XP)
(Alright XP)
"Piper, give me back the papers!" Xanthie exclaimed chasing after her younger daughter.
"No!" Piper exclaimed running. She had dark brown hair, green eyes and resembled Xanthie a lot.

"I think this will do," Xanthie said to herself putting the sunscreen bottle away.
"Cool." Ptera said, before grabbing her and flying off.
"Eeeek!" Xanthie shrieked as Ptera threw her into Donald.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Now XP)
(I did XP)
And the blonde girl from the photo came in, "Hey guys I'm back"

"Hm ?"Donald asked as Xanthie hit him
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Good XP)
(Did it listen? XP)
"Save me!" Piper exclaimed running behind her and holding her like a shield.
"Oh, welcome back sweetie," Xanthie said noticing her, before turning to Piper, "Come on now, I need the papers."
"No way!" Piper protested. "You are not leaving again!"

"Waa-" Xanthie accidentally kissed him as she fell, before throwing both of them into the water. (There's the first one XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I know XP)
(Nope XP)
"What's going now"Donald said

"Oh my"Bree said with a sweatdrop watching them (Yes! XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Did he apologise? XP)
(Dang it! XP)
"Grandpa sent her these papers and now she has to go to Sinnoh!" Piper replied pointing at Xanthie.
"It's for our job, Piper!" Xanthie said desperately. (Also Xanthie's a professor who studies shinies XP)

"Ouch," John winced watching them.
"That must've hurt.." Danae sweatdropped. (There are many more to come XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Nah XP)
(I know XP)
"Why don't you go with her to Sinnoh then ?"Heather asked (They live in a lovely house XP)

"Don't think they mind though"Bree said (That there are XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(He must apologise XP)
(Like really XP)
"Because I've already been to Sinnoh," Piper replied. (No worries, she hasn't made the house her laboratory XP)

"What if they drown?" John asked.
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Nah XP)
(Yeah I know XP)
"Then go again"Heather said, "Mom needs to go to put food on our tables" (Good XP Because Donald bought the house for her XP)

"I'm sure they'll come up for air"Bree replied and as she said that Donald came out (Hey Percy XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why not? XP)
(I hope so XP)
"Heather's right, Piper," Xanthie said.
Piper huffed, "Fine." before walking to her and giving the papers back. (Did he? XP)

"Oh you're right," John said as Xanthie did so as well. (I just keep wanting to type Percy XP)
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Nah XP)
(Me too XP)
"There, that wasn't so difficult"Heather said patting Piper's head
"Yeah it wasn't"A shiny Pansear snickered patting Paper's head

"Oh......sorry!"Donald said with a red face (Because you love him XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Well then XP)
(Similarity? XP)
"You just came here though," Piper turned to Heather. "Don't you want to spend some time with mom, too?"

"No...I......" Xanthie covered her mouth being whole red. (And he and John look the same XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I know XP)
(Yes XP)
"Of course I do but the less I hold her up now, the more time I get to spend with her later"Heather replied

"I'm.....gonna"Donald quickly moved away with his red face (And they both have girls out of their league XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
(Awesome XP)
"But what if she has to go again after this?" Piper challenged.

"Y-yeah..." Xanthie mumbled going the opposite direction.
"Oh come on, you're a couple!" Finny booed from the shore. "Stop acting like that!" (Especially that XP)
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'm sorry XP)
(Cool XP)
"Then I'll burn the papers"Heather replied

"It's the awkwardness"Rich said next to her (That for some reason are head over heels for them XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(For what? XP)
"Now you're thinking straight," Piper said while Xanthie had already gone inside.

"They're still a couple," Finny said. "There shouldn't be any of that." (I think it runs in the family XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(For that XP)
"Is dad home yet ?"Heather asked (Nope XP)

"Well they're different apparently"Rich said (Like father like son XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What's that? XP)
"No he isn't." Piper shook her head.

"Booo!" Finny booed. (Exactly XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(That XP)
"Aww man"Heather pouted adorably

"I know"Rich sighed (I hope he's proud XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Well okay then XP)
"There there," Piper snickered patting her head.

"So that means no kissing?" Finny asked. (You bet he is XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Whatcha doing ? XP)
"Hope he comes soon"Heather said, "If mom's too busy I can at least spend time with him, and my sister" she hugged Piper

"I think Xanthie's too shy for that"Rich replied (Nice XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Playing Pokemon Pearl XP How about you? XP)
"Well you can spend time with me now," Piper said hugging her back.

"What about Donald?" Finny asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Nothing really XP I found Pokemon Explorer's of Sky but that was it XP)
"Yeah"Heather snickered, "How've you been ?"

"Maybe he's not ready, I don't know"Rich replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Is that the movie with Shaymin? XP)
"I've been good, exploring Haron and all," Piper replied. "How about you?"

"He seems quite flustered though," Finny said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(That's a game XP)
"Been bored, stuck in the gym for most of the day"Heather replied

"Well I couldn't tell you"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh my XP What's the movie called? XP)
"Can't you leave your Gym now and then?" Piper asked.

"Ah well," Finny said and sighed. "Wish there was more kissing though."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I don't know XP)
"What if I get a challenger though ?"Heather asked

"There'll probably be later"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I need to look it up later XP)
"Then they can call you and tell you to come back or something," Piper replied.

"I hope so," Finny said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Or now XP)
"But then I'd have to go back, leave, go back again"Heather said, "It just becomes bothersome"

"All the shippers do"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Meh XP)
"True," Piper agreed. "Want me to come and visit you now and then?"

"There are shippers?" Finny asked looking around. "Where?"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Hem XP)
"I would appreciate that"Heather replied smiling

"Look up"Rich replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(No no XP)
"Alright, just give me a call and I'll come," Piper smiled.

"Hum?" Finny hummed looking up.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Don't you meh me XP)
"Will.do"Heather said with an anime thumbs up

"There are people up there, they created us"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I will meh you XP)
"So, wanna come in?" Piper asked pointing at the house.

"Oh you mean the creators?" Finny asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Then I'll hem you XP)
"Yeah"Heather replied going in (Though they were in XP)

"Yeah them"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(No don't XP)
"Alright," Piper said following her in. (Nope XP)

"Do they count?" Finny asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Then stop XP)
"Anything exciting happen lately ?"Heather asked

"They're huge shippers"Rich replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Fine XP)
"Not really," Piper replied. "Just waiting for the Sinnoh League to open."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I think I'll just download Diamond XP)
(Thank you XP)
"Oh my, are you challenging it ?"Heather asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Do so XP)
(You're welcome XP)
"Yeah I am," Piper replied. "No more slacking off."

"Oh then I guess they do count," Finny decided.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yeah would be easier XP)
(How far are you in Pearl ? XP)
"Well I wish you all the best"Heather smiled

"They do"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
((It is easier XP)
(Eterna City XP)
"Thanks," Piper grinned. "I'm definitely gonna win though."

"Anyway, have you seen Glass?" Finny asked looking around.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(And less depressing XP)
(Oh there XP How's the battle pace XP)
"I don't doubt that"Heather snickered

"Not really"Rich replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Depressing? XP)
(Well I'm taking forever to level up my Pokemon before I do anything XP)
"Good," Piper snickered. "I think it's gonna be on TV,"

"Oh, maybe he's with Charlotte," Finny said getting up.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(When I don't find it it's depressing XP)
(And the battle's are pretty slow XP)
"I'll be sure to watch that with mom and dad"Heather said

"Maybe"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why? XP)
(Are they? XP)
"You'd better," Piper grinned.

"N'okay, I'm gonna look for them." Finny said running off.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Because I'm disappointed XP)
(Compared to the others they are XP)
"I will"Heather said

"Kay, bye"Rich said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why? XP)
(Oh, I didn't notice XP)
"Anyway, you hungry?" Piper asked.

(So yeah XP)