Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"I will"Yugi said

Crow looked down started blushing and released her hand "Sorry" but it stayed there since Yellow was holding it a bit tighter (That's your cue XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Argh!" Yui exclaims glaring at her computer "The program is activating again! Anyway, I can't work with it activated, so goodnight"

"Ah-- S-sorry!" Yellow says blushing and quickly lets go of Crow's hand.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Night"Yugi said

Crow moved his hand to his side still blushing "It's okay"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Good morning" Yui says covering her nose.

"Why did you stop?" Kira asks walking over to them.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Aww, Azusa-chan is kawaii!! Oh morning"Yugi said "Why are you covering your nose"

"Yeah why ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Oh my room just smelled weird" Yui says "I take it Azusa wore the cat ears?"

"Um, well.. Ahaha..." Yellow says nervously.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yes, she did"Yugi said

"Go on go play you two"Crow said still blushing
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Ehehe, I watched that episode yesterday" Yui says with a giggle.

"Can I ask a favour first?" Kira asks.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Oh man I'm hungry"Yugi said puttting a peg on his nose

"Sure"Crow said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"And what's with the peg?" Yui asks.

"You two, kiss!" Kira says smiling and Yellow starts blushing again.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"My mom's making my favourite chicken and I can smell it from my room"Yugi replied

"No we can't do that"Crow said blushing
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Oh man that must be killing you" Yui says wide-eyed.

"Why not?" Kira asks with her face dropping.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yes it is"Yugi said

"Because we're not a couple"Crow replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Did you try closing the door?" Yui asks.

"So Franklin was wrong?" Denis asks.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yeah, didn't help much"Yugi replied

"Yes he was"Crow replied
"No it can't be"Franklin said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"How close is your room to the kitchen anyway?" Yui asks.

"Hah! You were wrong!" Denis starts laughing his head off at Franklin.
"But why aren't you a couple? Kira asks with a sad face.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"It's almost next to it"Yugi replied

"Shut up!"Franklin exclaimed
"Yeah why ?"Miku asked also with a sad face
"Ur well, uh, um"Crow couldn't find anything to say
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Talking about a bummer" Yui says "But at least you can sneak in whenever you want, right?"

Denis starts rolling on the snow laughing.
"Y-you see," Yellow says a bit nervously "To make a couple, two people have to be in love with each other.."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yeah"Yugi said

"So that means you don't like each other ?"Miku asked with a sad face
Crow stayed silent
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"I found the bright side!" Yui exclaims with a dramatic spottlight shining above her.

"Of course we like each other..!" Yellow says, again nervously "We might just not be in love.."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"You're awesome!"Yugi said

"So are you gonna go on a date then ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Yeah I am!" Yui exclaims proudly.

"Gah--" Yellow gives up.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"FINALLY!!!"Yugi exclaimed

"So is that a yes or a no ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"What happened?" Yui asks.

"Uh, um..." Yellow says blushing a bit "I don't know if you can call it a date, but we were going to go for smoothies later..."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"I beat Dusknoir!"Yugi exclaimed happily

"Oh you are ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Hooray!" Yui cheers.

"Yeah.." Yellow replies.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yes and I'm on the last adventure of the main story"Yugi said

"You're going alone right ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Way to go Robin!" Yui cheers.

"I'm not sure.." Yellow says "I mean, I was told to watch after Denis and Kira..."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yes and my ds died"Yugi said

"And I have to watch you guys as well"Crow said
"Nurse Joy can watch us right Kira ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Huh?" Yui asks "Why?"

(Attention- girl thoughts ahead!)
"Yeah!" Kira says smiling.
"Um, I'm not sure.." Yellow says nervously and starts blushing "If I have the kids with me then I'll have something to do, but if not then I'll be alone with Crow and I'm not used to these things like Green, even if this isn't a date I'll still have to find a topic to talk about and I'm certainly not good with these things, and Crow told me not to force myself to smile so he'll probably get bored and then everything's going to be akward and..." she keeps thinking while trembling and blushing.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Battery"Yugi replied

"So is it okay Miss Yellow ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Oh I see" Yui says.

Yellow snaps out of her thoughts "E--excuse me for a second!" she says nervously and runs back into the Center.
"Hum?" Kira asks tilting her head.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yeah"Yugi said

"So is that a yes or a no ?"Miku asked Kira
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"How long have you been playing with it?" Yui asks.

"Neither, I guess.." Kira replies scraching her head "Yellow's always been running away when it was about boys.."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"I was playing for like 30 minutes after my cousin was playing the whole morning"Yugi replied

"Where did she go ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
Yui snickers "Oh wow"

"Probably somewhere to hide" Kira replies
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Yeah"Yugi said

"So she doesn't like Cwow then ?"Miku asked when Crow went away as well
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Um..." Yui says thinking.

"She said she liked Crow, but that's what she says for most of her friends.." Kira replies.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"What ?"Yugi asked

"But she did say they might be in love with each other"Miku said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"How long have we been chatting here?" Yui asks.

"Nope" Denis says popping out of nowhere "She said they might not be in love"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"No clue"Yugi replied

"It's kinda the same thing really"Miku said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Think we should stop?" Yui asks.

"Really?" Denis asks.
"Ehehe.." Kira laughs nervously.
Yellow was hiding behind a couch with her hands crossed over her head, trembling "Calm down calm down calm down calm down calm down..."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Not really"Yugi said

"I think so"Miku replied
"What's with that laugh ?"Franklin asked appearing behind Kira
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Wow, this might keep on forever" Yui laughs.

"Gah--" Kira gets frights and jumps, while Denis gives Franklin a mini glare.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"Maybe"Yugi laughed

Franklin mini glares him back (That's what you get for trying to correct Miku XP)
"What was with that laugh Kira ?"Miku asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
"Ooh, I know!" Yui exclaims disappearing.

(Do they have a toddler crush as well? XP)
"Well.."Kira says scraching her head "Yellow did use to talk about a boy a lot..."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
"No Yui, don't leave me!"Yugi exclaimed

(Yeah they do XP)
"A boy ?"Miku asked "Who ?"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Douple kawaii! X3)
"I think his name was Red" Kira replies.
"Or Redon.." Denis says thinking
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'm finally drawing them X3)
"Red ?"Miku asked
"Isn't he like the champion or something of Kanto or whatever it's called ?"Franklin asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Hooray! X3)
"Yeah" Denis replies "And he's supposed to be the strongest trainer in the games"
"How come you know that?" Kira asks.
"I looked into my sister's magazines while searching for her laptop" Denis replies with a shrug