Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(More XP)
(Have too XP)
"Apparently she doesn't"Mordo replied

"Yeah sure"Sandra said as her Holo Caster rang again
"Oh, I think my Holo Caster broken or something"Shauna said, "Hi Sandra!"
"Hey Shauna, look it's Calem"she said showing her Calem
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Four? XP)
(Thanks for agreeing XP)
"I just can't understand how she's able to resist," Alexa said.

"Oh, hi Calem!" Shauna said. "How come you two aren't battling?"
"Hey Shauna," Calem said. "And don't worry, we'll have a battle later,"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No XP)
(You're welcome XP)
"Well people work differently"Mordo said

"No we won't!"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Five? XP)
"In a weird way," Alexa added.

"Aw, come on," Calem said. "We haven't battled in a while, it will be fun!"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Not enough XP)
"In the people way"Mordo said

"We battled before I faced Diantha, and you lost without even taking out one of pokemon!"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Ten? XP)
"What's the people way?" Alexa asked.

"Ooh, you've faced Diantha?" Calem asked. "How did it go?"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No XP)
"The way people work"Mordo replied

"Beat her"Sandra replied, "Was too easy, and kinda boring really"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Twenty? XP)
"The way people work is too weird for meh" Alexa said.

"Huh," Calem said. "Was it really that easy?"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No XP)
"Well everyone's different"Mordo said

"Yeah it was"Sandra replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(One hundred? XP)
"I suppose," Alexa said looking into some drawers.

"Well, at least you're the new champion of Kalos now," Calem said. "Congratulations!"
"Yeah, congrats!" Shauna said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No XP)
"Whatcha lookin for ?"Alex asked

"No I'm not the champion yet"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Then what? XP)
"Anything interesting," Alexa replied.

"Uh, why not?" Calem asked. "Has Diantha given her role to someone else?"
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I need to get you something special XP)
"Don't think you'll find anything"Alex said

"The last person to beat Diantha was someone named Erik and as far as I'm concerned, he's the one to beat"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(A cake? XP)
"Why not?" Alexa asked.

"Pfft!" Shauna snickered.
"Uh, actually," Calem said. "Erik was the champion before Diantha,"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Can't get that to you XP)
"Alexi's boring"Alex replied

"Well whatever, he's still the one to beat"Sandra said, "I'm not having such a snooze fest be my ultimate championship battle"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(But you can eat it for me XP)
"No don't say that about your brother," Alexa snickered. "It's not nice to make fun of our older siblings,"

Calem blinked. "What?"
"Something about a snooze," Shauna said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No that would't be fair XP)
"Why not ?"Alex asked

"Ah whatever, you guys wouldn't understand"Sandra said, "You always lose so it's easy for you to have fun"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Life isn't fair XP)
"Because they might hear us and tell our parents," Alexa replied.

"Oh wait, I read it again and I think I got it," Calem said. "And Ellie said your personality reminds her of a character from a book she's reading right now"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(But I want to do something for you XP)
"Just act cute"Alex said

"Who's Ellie ?"Sandra asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(You don't have to, really XP)
"Doesn't always work," Alexa said.

"She's... nah, nevermind." Calem said. "Anyway, you won't find Erik here. He's already left"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I want to though XP)
"Then you're doing it wrong"Ales said

"Oh great!"Sandra said, "I came all this way and now nothing!"
een jaar geleden heart-of_love said…
(i reamber last time i was in this Lp....i dont even know why i killed my character insted of just making her part ways...Mind f i re-join?)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I don't mind at all, although the plot/setting has gotten a little complicated...)
(You don't have to XP)
"And my dad's a little too strict," Alexa shrugged.

"Well, we could have a battle," Calem suggested.

(Goodnight :3)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(In that there is none whatsoever XP)
(I want to XP)
"Mine's the best one in the world"Alex said

"I will throw this Holo Caster right at your head if you suggest that again"Sandra said with a straight face

(Night :3)
een jaar geleden heart-of_love said…
name: Sora Heart

age: 13

what do they wear: pic

what do they look like: pic

likes: Pokemon

dislikes: Bad guys

fear: Being alone

bio: later

pokemon: Raichu ,Persian,Ninetails, Jigglypuff, Lapras and Alakazam

Personality: Harsh judge of self and Adaptable Flexible, Laid-back, Quick-thinking Rebellious (when rules get in the way) and Honorable
 name: Sora hart-, hart age: 13 what do they wear: pic what do they look like: pic likes: Po
Nojida commented…
Welcome :3 een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Hello :3)
"Well, I already know that," Alexa said.

"Okay, okay, stopping," Calem said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Hi :3 Still on ? XP)
"Just saying"Alex said

"That's better"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yup XP)
"What about your mother?" Alexa asked.

"So what are you gonna do now?" Calem asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yay! X3)
"She's the best mother ever"Alex replied

"I don't know"Sandra replied, "I heard my sister's in Sinnoh so maybe I can look for her"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I know X3)
"Good," Alexa approved.

"Your sister?" Calem asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(How are you ? :3)
"Yeah"Alex said

"Yeah, Sandy"Sandra replied, "She actually set off to Unova when we left for our journey"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Tired XP How about you? :3)
"Now come here," Alexa said opening her arms.

"Oh I see," Calem said. "So you're, what, twins?"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(A tad relieved XP)
"Okay"Alex said going to her and hugging her

"Yes we are"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(How so? XP)
"N'aww~" Alexa said picking her up and setting her on Mordo.

"Wow, never knew you had a twin," Calem said.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Wow my voice has no range XP)
(I handed in an assignment XP No more worrying about it XP)
"No hug ?"Alex asked with a sad face

"Never came up"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why not? XP)
(Awesome XP)
"Of course," Alexa said hugging her.

"Oh yeah, all we were doing was b-" Calem stopped himself. "Nevermind"
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I don't know XP My voice just sucks XP)
(I have one for Friday but that will come XP)
"Yay!"Alex cheered

"Well okay,"Sandra said, "Now I just have to......."
"Get back here!"Sandy exclaimed running past them while chasing a Bidof
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Tried drinking water? XP)
(Is it a big one? XP)
"You're welcome," Alexa snickered.

"Was that...?" Calem asked watching Sandy go.
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No my actual voice XP)
(Not really XP)
"Where's my hug ?"Mordo asked

"Yeah that was her"Sandra replied with a sigh

(Are you ready ? XP)
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een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(What about it? XP)
(Then it should be okay XP)
"You want one, too?" Alexa asked.

"Why is she chasing after that Bidof?" Calem asked.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(It sucks XP)
(Yeah it will XP)
"I do"Mordo replied

"Heck if I know"Sandra said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Is it breaking down? XP)
(I hope XP)
"Here you go, then~" Alexa said hugging him as well.

"Should we be worried?" Calem asked.

(Oops XP Ready for what? XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(No it's just bad XP)
(Pudding XP)
"Thank you"Mordo said smiling

"Nah she'll be fine"Sandra replied

(The Pokemon Leaf Green LP XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(How? XP)
(Me too XP)
"You're welcome," Alexa replied as Alexi came in.
"Oh, there are people hugging on my bed," he said.

"I wasn't talking about Sandy," Calem said.

(Well I'm studying now so not really XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(It's bad XP)
(Awesome XP)
"Is mom's fault"Alex said

"Then who ?"Sandra asked

(You're not studying XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Well I don't know how to help XP)
(Yup XP)
Alexa shrugged, "Guilty."
"Had already figured it out anyway," Alexi said.

"The Pokemon," Calem replied.

(Multitasking XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Ah well XP)
(Tired XP)
"Aren't you clever"Alex said

"Oh, no they'll be fine"Sandra replied

(You said you can't multitask XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Will you be okay? XP)
(Same here XP)
"And yet they say that I'm the sassy one," Alexi said.

"If you say so," Calem said.

(Everyone can multitask XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Yeah I'll be fine XP)
(Similarity XP)
"You are"Alex said

"Yeah don't worry"Sandra said

(You always contradict yourself XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Okay XP)
(It is XP)
"Well you are too," Alexi said.

"Aren't you gonna talk to her?" Calem asked.

(Huh? XP)