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 Victoria's Snivy
Victoria's Snivy
It's been a while since I've done that contest in Accumula Town. I was so proud of myself! But I lost...No big deal! There's always one in every town so I'll stick around for the volgende one! "Snivy! Vy!" Boy, do I love hanging out around my friends. Including Pokemon! ^^ "Don't worry Snivy! I'm not upset about losing the contest. All I have to do is try and try and try again!" I see Snivy's head and she smiles with glee. Grinning back at her, I giggle. "That'll teach u to be a better Pokemon!" Huh? Who was that? "Uh-oh. That can't sound good." I say to my partner. "Vy!" She probably just agreed...
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Okay sorry this took so long but first of all school is coming up for me and I was just unmotivated to do this. So yeah lets get started.So door the titel you're expecting me to favoriete one character over the other and wine about the other.Well too bad!! boi were U WRONG HAHAHA!! (odds one out reference totaly should watch dis guy)Okay back to the point so what is the problem well if u went around the pokemon fanbase you'll notice that well there is alot of wars over which one is better ash of red I will admit I personaly like ash as a character meer than red but I swear to GOD I hate that...
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