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Pokémon Do u Have meer Single Type of Dual Type Pokemon in Your Video Game Team(s)?

10 fans picked:
Dual Type Pokemon
It Depends
Single Type Pokemon
I'm Not Sure
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I Normally Have Equal Amount of Both
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 MCHopnPop posted een jaar geleden
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MCHopnPop picked It Depends:
For me It depends,because I've some cases where I've had all Single type Pokemon like in Pokemon XD and a close one in Pokemon Black where only one Krookodile (Dark/Ground) was a Dual Type but then again I've had others where I have had more Dual types like in my last Platinum Pretty much all of my Pokemon were dual types and I think in Ultra Sun too I had a majority of Dual Types except Flareon.
posted een jaar geleden.
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yui1234 picked Other:
For me,other
posted een jaar geleden.