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posted by Choco7
The Red POV

I sighed as I watched Boomer and Butch play Call of Duty Black OPS.Man,our life took a huge turn in the last few years.Man,they heve changed from the couple of years.Boomer hair has gone meer culer and he is much smarter than before,Thank God.He is able to make the best traps and bombs.Butch hair is meer spiky and a little longer,and natural wominizer.He is able to get his hands on the most effiecent and best weapon know to man.His hair sorta became longer then he diecide to cut it, for one I mess up in our mission and two he didnt want to be mistaken a girl again.Ofcourse he has...
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posted by Choco7
The roze POV

Blossom woke up to see sunshining in her face, she look at the alarm clock and groaned.She woke 30 minuten early again.

(sigh) man some things never change

She look at roze walls looking at her education awards hanging from the walls. Her eyes kept scanning her walls blankly her mind going back with memories.When eyes stumbled on Professor picture, it was a picture before everything went wrong.

"Okay,girls.Lets hurry, we don't want to be late",exclaimed Professor.We were just called to the Mayors' for meeting and he wanted everyone to come.I was sitting in the front listening to the...
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Narrator: .........(is gawking right now)

Blossom: .........

Brick: ***thinking**: what. did. i. just. do? She looks like that was the totally wrong thing to say. Grr, u blockhead, brick!

Blossom: **thinking**: (in shock)...?.. he loves me?..but how does that have anything to do with his powers?

Blossom: Do u really LOVE me? Did u mean that??

Brick: well, i, uh...(**thinking**: i should just admit it already, huh? Wait, I already did that.. Well, two times couldn't hurt.)..Blossom, I gotta be honest with you. Yes. I do. I want to know right now if u feel anything for me still.

Blossom: But.....
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