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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"Oh poor Buttercup. Seems like you're trying to hide the truth!" He was right. I'm hiding from it. Him is right about who I am.
"Why can't u just leave me alone?! Is that too much to ask?!"
"No, my dear niece. Your power is too valuable. u are the dust of light. The bron of good."
He sent his black dust towards me. I tried to get away from it, but it kept on following me. When I flew into the kitchen, my leg was stinging with pain. Turns out that I cut it pretty badly. From this wound, I didn't have the strength to fly, and would be limping while running. I fell to the ground hard, spraining my ankle on my other leg. I hid under the table.
"Maybe I'll be veilig in here." I relaxed a little, until I heard the dust come near the table.
Then I heard Him's voice say, "Come out now, my dear niece, of I'll destroy your friends!" I couldn't let Him do that! I came out from under the tafel, tabel and let his dust grab me.
"Fine choice, my dear little Buttercup!"
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
I was walking into Annie's when I heard giggling. I turned to see Miyako and Minoru holding hands. Then they noticed me. "Hi, Kaoru!" They shouted.
"Hey, u two. Where's Bu-er, I mean Katsou and the reds?"
"They are meeting us here. Don't u just love mind talk?" They giggled. I seriously think that Minoru is the only boy that giggles like a girl.
"Hey, u guys!" We turned to see the reds and Katsou running towards us. "Did we miss anything?"
"Nope. We just met up, too." I answered. Then all three of us girls heard our belts beep. "We were supposed to meet to say what we should do later."...
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