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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"You have a compact belt, too?!" I never saw his riem before so I was shocked.
"Yeah, so do Boomer and Brick. But they don't know how to use it. They don't even know that I do." He laughed and and explained when we need to pretend to be enemies and when not to. But something still worried me.
"What if they recognize you? Just like I did, u could be recognized."
"Buttercup, even though u recognized me easily, they can't. The reason why is because u are my counterpart. The other girls aren't my counterparts. They're my brothers' counterparts."
"That's new. So, who do u think will be...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
I walked into the apartment with Miyako and Momoko. They were holding their sleeping bags, pajamas, tomorrow's clothes, and their backpack. We went into the kitchen. My mom was cooking dinner.
"Hey, mom! I brought Miyako and Momoko over for a sleepover." I told her.
"Ok, Kaoru, Miyako, and Momoko. avondeten, diner will be ready in ten minutes." she replied. We zei our thank-you's to her and went to my room. My vrienden set their things on my bed.
"So, what do u want to do?" I asked them. They shrugged their shoulders. My mom came in the room.
"Kaoru, I invited the new girl to kom bij u three. Is that...
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posted by KenKitazawa
Time to wake up Da Wan! perzik said
Alright Peach.Ken zei wile getting out of bed
They had breakfast and went to do chemistry until
the klok, bell rang it was Kaoru Ken let her in.
hallo Ken!she said.Why are u looking at me?
No i am not!he said
Ok! ok! dont need to get mad!she zei lowdly.
Kaoru zei let's go play soccer!
alright! Ken said
After playing soccer Momoko came shouting MOJOJOJO
perzik zei Powerpuff Girls Z we need you!!!
--Hyper Blossom--
--Powered Buttercup--
--Rolling Bubbles--
They beated mojo and went to the lab but Kaoru
was injured.
What is going on here? Ken said
Kaoru is injured! Bubbles shouted
Where? Ken asked.On her leg Blossom said.
To be continued