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posted by KenKitazawa
hallo u know that two weeks geleden i went to the forest and i saw a very cute rabbit my granny zei i could keep it for a few days it was great!Miyako said.Yeah and i was doing tennis until this
guy zei i was so good i could maybe go to a tournament and it is tomorrow!Kaoru said.

Hey Kaoru,Miyako u want me to tell u what happend to me monday week? Momoko said.
Yeah!Kaoru said.OK! Miyako zei

Ok so i was in a jungle and...WAIT! WAIT! Kaoru said.How could u be in the jungle if u where
at home pagina and doing your homework?.Well...um i was doing my homework...Tuesday! Momoko zei not sure of herself...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
I was walking into Annie's when I heard giggling. I turned to see Miyako and Minoru holding hands. Then they noticed me. "Hi, Kaoru!" They shouted.
"Hey, u two. Where's Bu-er, I mean Katsou and the reds?"
"They are meeting us here. Don't u just love mind talk?" They giggled. I seriously think that Minoru is the only boy that giggles like a girl.
"Hey, u guys!" We turned to see the reds and Katsou running towards us. "Did we miss anything?"
"Nope. We just met up, too." I answered. Then all three of us girls heard our belts beep. "We were supposed to meet to say what we should do later."...
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Powerpuff Girls Z Opening 1 with subtiles.
posted by KaoruBlackstone
Hey, Kaoru is letting me talk this time. And no, I'm not Katsou; I am Miyako. I think I annoyed Kaoru on accident door squealing too loud. I can't wait for Takaaki to come out of the hospital. Then I can try to make him vrienden with my friends. I am flying home pagina to eat avondeten, diner when Blue Bubbler came up to me.
"Oh, hallo Blue Bubbler. I haven't seen u since after school today. How are you?"
"Oh, I am fine. I just came here to give u something." He holds out a halsketting, ketting and a stuffed bunny toy. But the strange part is that I never told him that I like bunnies of necklaces with blue quartz for...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"Buttercup!" Bubbles cried out. "Why would u let yourself be captured?"
"I'm sorry. I just want u and Blossom safe." I passed out. When I woke up, I was chained to a table. Him noticed that I was awake.
"Good afternoon, my little niece." he zei slyly to me.
"I told u not to call me that, Him. And where am I?"
"In my secret lair, where I plan all of my amazing schemes!"
"I don't care about your plans, I just wanted to know where I am!" He started to unchain me. Thank goodness! Maybe he's going to let me go!
"Maybe this will stop your rudeness." Then he stopped.
"Why do u want me, Him?" That was a dumb vraag door the ADHD kid, me. Then he told me the reason, which was weird. I mean the answer, not that he answered. Out of nowhere, an electricity beam zapped Him, making him unconcious. The person came out of his hiding place. "Butch?!"
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