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Narrator: Well seems like people are falling in love today....wait a minute...who are they?!

(A guy with black hair and pale skin is walking towards Townsville Junior High with a guy with scaley green skin and green hair)

Nick: This town looks weird...

Evan: The people look weird

Nick: I wouldnt be talking, snakeboy!

Evan: *sarcastic laugh* hahaha shut up!
so whats this place called again?

Nick:....Townsville i think

Evan: why would Mr.Creeptan choose to live here?

Nick: i dont know..he zei something about how we can relate to some people here..


Nick: Really..

Evan: and we do we have to...
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Interviewer: Our volgende segment with Blossom in this special interview will focus on her hobbies, hopes & dreams. Besides fighting bad guys & an occasional monster, what are some of your hobbies?
Blossom: I enjoy reading books, learning, fashion & make-up, and boys.
Interviewer: Boys?
Blossom: Oh, u know *Blushing* Dating.

The interviewer was surprised, but continued on with the interview.

Interviewer: u zei u liked reading books. Do u have a favorite?
Blossom: There's a lot to choose from. If I had to choose one, I'd have to say The Little Engine That Could. I read that with my...
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*note:ppgs and rrbs are 13 years old*

Brick:*thinking* I always told Boomer my stuff cuz i knew he wouldnt use it against me and would actually try and hellp me......unlike Butch...plus i dont think itd be such a grat idea to tell Butch i have the hots for his girl...

(Brick opens the front door to Mojo Jojos lair and finds Boomer and Butch playing a video game in the living room)

Butch: HAH! I totally whooped your butt,BOOM-JOB!!

Boomer: Shut up.....BUT-JOB!!

Brick: HAHA good one!

Boomer: hallo Brick! Did u get your fight?

Butch: fight? what fight?

Boomer: oh Brick wanted to fight with someone so...
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As the tittle says, I'll do it! I enjoy drawing, especially on photoshop!!! If u want me to draw u one, just ask! Please leave this information though.




overhemd, shirt of DRESS AND THE COLOR OF IT:






vacht, bont COLOR:






OTHERS(like a kraag of something):


vacht, bont COLOR:





OTHERS(collars and such and such):

Yeah! :D :D :D :D :D :D
 Bee kitty! (for PowerPossible)
Bee kitty! (for PowerPossible)
 Me kitty!
Me kitty!
 Tomboi kitty! (for Tomboi)
Tomboi kitty! (for Tomboi)
 My cousin Leah as a kitty!
My cousin Leah as a kitty!
 (for Puffed_Bubbles)
(for Puffed_Bubbles)
 Bella (for Bella-Utonium)
Bella (for Bella-Utonium)
posted by GwenRocks11
Narrator: Today we'll be meeting another powerpuff girl, Brooklyn
Brooklyn: just call me Brooke
Narrator: so tell us what are u like
Brooklyn: I'm a punk/goth/tom boy girl, I'm almost never afraid!
Narrator: what do u hate?
Brooklyn: *pulls out a list* snobs, pink, skirts, people who are-
BC: if u keeps this up, we'll be here forever!
Brooklyn; *rolls eyes* whatever
Narrator: isn't she cute?
Brooklyn: WHAT DID u JUST CALL ME!?!?
Blossom: I would start running if I were you
Narrator: Ok bye! * runs away*
Brooklyn: GET THE HELL BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!
(At the school)

Tangled: Wooooooooow, I didn't know that school is so boring

Buttercup: Pretty much, but teachers are the worth, trust me

Tangled: Agreed

(After Lesson)

Buttercup: K, it's time to leav guys, let's go!

(They climbed up the ladder on the roof and went down slowly)

Buttercup: Wohoo! We're outside!

Bubbles: So what are we gonna do here?

Buttercup: Let's go back to home, and buy some candy

Tangled: Great! Who has got the money?

Bubbles/Buttercup: .....

Bubbles: I guess I forgot to take them

Buttercup: u dummy! What do u think we should do now?!

Bubbles: *crys*

Tangled: Owh come oon, there's...
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Song: link

Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards door an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of...
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posted by ppgFireball
-the Rowdyrock Boys come in the portal-
Blood (red boy): WE'RE GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU!!!! -has a pocketknife-
-everyone panics except for Buttercup, Butch, and Butch Z-
Buttercup: so....what do we do?
Butch: don't worry Buttercup, i'll save us!
Buttercup: -facepalm- here he goes again.
Butch: -walks up to the Rowdyrock- why don't u dorks go somewhere else, you're freaking everyone out!
Bomb (blue boy): -hits Butch with his toilet-
Butch: ow!
Brick: let's get outta here!
-they teleport back to the PPG's house-
Butch: all right Buttercup and anime me, let's reason with these...
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 the powerpunckgirls
the powerpunckgirls
The new puff named Brooke part two

Chapter two What the yellow

" HELP !!", yelled Bubbles .

The monster was putting Bubbles closer , and closer to his mouth . Then a strike of red , blue , and green light coming near the monster .

" Is that ..", Buttercup couldn't even finsh what she was saying .

" It's the powerpunck girls !", zei Bubbles .

Yes it was the powerpunck girls ! Berserk , Brat , and Brute . Brat made a cirlce around the monster . That made the Monster dizzy , and made him drop the powerpuffgirl . Berserk caught them , and sat them on the ground .

" This would go faster if...
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kardar:I LOVE YOU
kardar:oh cume on kevin is never going to like u give it up and verplaats on
kevina:well your problily right
kardar:probily? im right not probily right im right
kevina: well um what now -_-
kardar:oh dont worry >:)
2 hours later
me:ok time to open the door
kardar and kevina:making out
kardar:its time?
kevina:the door is open ok
kardar:so see u tommaro
kevina:yea ok boyfriend
kardar:ok shes gone' kevin your plan worked
me:ok so ill go tell chirssy and florenz about flor leaving
me:*fly to him's*
him:oh how nice to visit kevin come come in
me:yea just came to tell chissy and florenz about flor mooving
him:flor moveing thats weird because florenz is moveing to londen
me:flor moved to mexico witch londen is the opiset of it
me:flys away
me:well i wounder wats going to happen volgende
The girls arrived where the two men had parked their car. The bullet from Fuzzy's gun was still in the front window.

Man 52: Hi Powerpuff Girls. Glad u could make it.
Bubbles: What happened?
Man 96: We were just cruisin' down the straat when this bullet hit our front window.
Blossom: *Looks at the bullet* I can't quite make out the caliber, but judging door the angle it's in, it must have come from the north.
Buttercup: Where were u when the bullet hit your window?
Man 52: Just a few feet back.
Bubbles: Don't worry u two, we'll find out where the bullet came from.
Blossom: Exactly. Follow me girls....
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Song: link

Tom Kenny: After going through the trap door, the girls found their selves in a dark, underground hallway.
Buttercup: I wish we had night vision.
Blossom: Me too.
Bubbles: I can't see anything. I'm scared.
Blossom: It's okay Bubbles. I'm scared too.

Suddenly, a light turned on.

Blossom: If we keep moving forward, the lights turn on door their selves.
Buttercup: That's good.
Bubbles: Let's keep going. I don't like the dark.
Blossom: *Uses her X-ray vision to look for Fuzzy* I think I see him. Let's verplaats forward, then turn left as soon as we can.
Fuzzy: *Pulls out his gun* Don't fail me now boomstick....
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posted by ppgFireball
Don't taste the rainbow, kids
Boomer: time to see what the regenboog tastes like. -flies toward rainbow-
-rainbow fires out of Pinkie Pies party cannon-
Boomer: -is hit door the blast and falls-
Rainbow Dude: TASTE THE regenboog MOTHERF*CKER!!!

Butch is a brony
Me: Butch, wanna chocolate bar?
Butch: :D -eats- -goes crazy and sings mlp fim song-
Me: O_O I didn't know Butch was a brony. -flies away- oh well better get home pagina start watching ponies.

How to scare away Santa Claus
-there's a giant cake on the table
Santa: delicious! -reaches toward cake-
Rose: -pops out of cake- SURPRISE!!!!!
Santa: -screams like a girl...
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Him was at his place, upset with his defeat against the Powerpuff Girls.

A video was playing in the background: link

Him: *Dressed up in sweatpants, and a sweatshirt*

Song: link

The video stops, but a person in the video sings along to the song.

Him: *Doing jumping jacks*
Zephyr: Harry. .yrraH Harry, yrraH
Him: *Running*
Zephyr: Harry. .yrraH Harry, yrraH
Him: *Doing push ups*
Zephyr: Out of all the engines u could have come across, u had to pick the one.
Him: *Doing sit ups*
Zephyr: That is the most scariest when coming up behind someone at 60 miles, an hour. Harry Harry. .yrraH
Him: *Lifting weights*...
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posted by Shadowlove101
Brambles pov
I feel so bored! I mean mission Invasion is like taking so long!
Bells pov
I- I feel something not good is going to happen. I mean REAL BAD!
" Girly d-do u um... well feel something is b-bad going to happen?"
" I feel as good as a donught! No wait... TAQIOTOS!"
" he he! thank u girly! At least your here!"
Normal pov
The Shadowpunk girls were walking to Dr X's lair. There were three girls. Ballistic, Bramble and Brutal. Ballistic wore a red long sleeved, buttoned, overhemd, shirt a dark red waistcoat ( like her eyes) a black skirt, white long shorts and black shoes like bells.
Bramble wears a dark, dark blue( like her eyes) tank top. with a black rok with black boots.
Brutal wears a black t- overhemd, shirt with a white crospone skull on it. Also with a dark,dark green ( again, like her eyes) rok with high boots. They saw is lair and invaded... to be continued
(Blossom is playing Peggle) (Screen says 1 ball left)
(She has a blue peg in front of the oranje peg)
Blossom:I'm gonna wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!
(She shoots it at the blue peg)
(She loses)
(She throws the computer on the floor and breaks it)
(Buttercup and Bubbles enter the room)
(Buttercup watching the bubble episode of Spongebob)
Spongebob:(On TV) This is the teqhniqe, Squidward!
(Buttercup watches the teqniqe)
(She goes outside and breaks a car)
Brick:Hey, that was our car!
Buttercup:SHUT UP!
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are on the computer)
(Blossom clicks Hatsune Miku PoPiPo)
(Miku ends up at their house)
Miku:Where the (BLEEP) am I?
(They have a curse word battle and after Miku zei the N word she wins
narater:it cristmas at town
me:*singing jingul klok, bell rock to town*
christopher:i hate christmes
me:oh cume on whers your hoiday speret
christopher:i had one iv never gotin a present thats why
flor:thats because u pull the wors pranks on apil 1st santa is watching
flor and kevin:*sing you're a mean one MR GRINCH
buttercup butch:*sing wonderful christmas time
christher:humbug>:( i only care to play in the snow!*sings let it snow*
1 uur later
goust 1:whoooooooow i am chrismas gost 1 wen u were a baby u wher afrade of snow men 2 mor goust will vistet you
goust 2:wowowowwo!!! im am christmas goust 2 now u areint afrade of snow men now but u hate christmas 1 meer will tell u of your futier
goust 3:i am here to tell u if u dont be nice in chrismes volgende jaar u will be dead in your 30's
volgende jaar of christmes later
christother:i love christmes want to go outside!
 out side
out side
 kevin and kevina
kevin and kevina
narater:the town is geting disroyed door mogo go go
45 atemps to distroy town later
mogogogo:i got to try somthing els
54 minets later
mogogogo:i got it ill make a powerpuff but it will be a bad kind
ill call the pmf grandpa
mogogogo:*girly acent* um hi im a news reporter and im woundering how to make the ppgs
proffeser: well thats 8 cups of shuger some spice and evry thing nice oh and ad chemicul x
mogogogo:ok that will be all
mogogogo:now i get sweet *later* well i got sweet saice now spice *later* i got spicey chilly now evry thing nice *later* well these pillows are nice and comterbul?...
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posted by aldrine2016
Narrator: The city of Townsville, And, boy, it's nighttime already! [yawns] Well it's time for us to go to sleep, including our adorable superheroes.

Cut to the PPGs, dressed in their nightgowns, sleeping on their sides of their bed. Suddenly, crashing noises are heard; the girls open their eyes and leap down from their bed, exiting their room and tiptoeing down the stairs. The noise appears again.

Blossom: Bubbles, are u hearing what I'm hearing?
Bubbles: I think so, Blossom. How about you, Buttercup?
Buttercup: Yes, if I bet it's someone breaking into our house.

The crash appeared again, as...
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posted by Puffed_Bubbles
I see everyone is doing this so I could try. So I can draw u a puff. Fill this:

Hair color:

Hair type:

Eye color:

Outfit and color of it:


Something else:

See,everyone is doing this so I could try. Here are some pics I made from before. It tells me to write meer so: Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah . . . ............................................................................... ............................................................................... .............................................................................. .............................................. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!
 Me,Clicky as a child
Me,Clicky as a child
 Lilly,or lillymango1
Lilly,or lillymango1
 For daisylove
For daisylove
 For boomerlover
For boomerlover
 For Kookoooachoo
For Kookoooachoo
 For schnoodle11
For schnoodle11