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Okay so ima tell u now before u read this.......This imagine is rated R so if u ain't about that life don't read this then talking bout some I'm nasty.....because u can't say I didn't warn u if u want an rated R imagine about u and your favoriete MB boy leave me yo name and the boy u want! ENJOY! :)

Prince:*throws Lana on the bed*

Lana:*giggling* Ooh u A Supa Freak

Prince:Ya Damn Right *starts kissing her neck*

Lana: *moaning* Princee ...

Prince:*takes off all her cloths still kissing her neck*

Lana:Oh Yeshh *giggles*

Prince: *spreads her legs wide open and licks his lips* This finna taste...
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posted by rayrayandroc
name: princeton( real name: jacob emannuel perez)
born: april 21,1997(taurus)

Jacob was born in LA, Califoria. when he was young he would appear in alot of tv commercials and muziek videos. so he was kind of famous already when he was a kid. when he got older when he was about 13, some people were trying to make a boy singing group. there were millons of boys there. when they started auditioning jacob met a boy named trey. later that dag around midnight a boy named randy auditioned and made it and met jacob and trey. and when the people found a boy named craig on u tube they brought him in from philidelphia and he made it through. when the boys finally met craig, they came up eith their name and started making music. now today princeton(jacob) is meer famous than he was before.
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I hope u love this video & please put commentaren & please no bad commentaren & thank u & have a nice day!!!!!!
mindless behavior
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Nia stayed home pagina from school.... Cause of what happened in the last part..... Anyway she was calling her friend bre.
" bre !!"
" hallo girl!!!"
" hallo me+my girls is double dating with our men!!! U wanna come and bring Ryan???"
" sure" answered bre
" cool"
" y aren't u at school???" Asked bre
Bre fake coughed." Because I'm sick"
" o. Well I'll text u later!!!"
" bye"
Nia hangs up the phone.

After school, silver,Mia,and Noah went to the doctors office.
Silver was shaking.
" u k silver??" Asked Mia
" yeah. Just nervous... Wat If they say the baby didnt make it."
" it's gonna b fine" zei Noah
The doctor...
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posted by avanzant12
 My outfit
My outfit
updates Jacob finna get sme play of not .there a new character in my artikel it my bms mindless swagg and there is Gna be a lil Chang up in the love connection lol . So sit bck and relax an enjoy the artikel .

So last we left of Jacob was kiss on my ear and feeling my body . Lego me"stop Jacob u Gna fine my spot and I am get weak in the knees." Jacob well I wanna see u get weak in them knees." Lacey walk "big sissy can I sleep wth cus I am scared of the dark " me sure "pudding pop so she hop into the bed wth me and Jacob ." Lacey I feel meer safety bigg sister kiss my forhead ." We'll I...
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