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Private1sCut3 posted on Jun 21, 2012 at 07:28AM
Here you can post your favourite Private quotes from the Madagascar movies and the tv series only. =) Have fun!

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een jaar geleden iloveprivate said…
In "When the Chips are Down." Private says to Mort: Yes, doomed! Doomed, doomed, doomed, because you're dumb dumb dumb!!!!!
XD Laughed hysterically at that part. I've never seen Private lose his temper like that! XD
een jaar geleden Private1sCut3 said…
^ Yeah, it's so funny to see Private lose his temper, but I guess no penguin is perfect and we can all lose out tempers sometimes. =3

I could probably name a huge list of Private quotes I like, but here's some for today: xD

"On the voyage of life, the best boat is a friendship!"

"Too much sugar, what does Skipper mean too much sugar? I like sugar and I'm the best recon man ever! I see a fire engine! Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh! Arrgh! I'm a pirate! Ooh, a caterpillar! Ha ha ha! My name backwards is Etavirp! What's a virp? Is it sugar? I love sugar!"

"I don't know, Skipper. Sometimes a good whistle makes me feel like a pretty little butterfly."
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een jaar geleden Skilene17 said…
" Ooh another brilliant deduction from Senior Pointy head!", laughed so hard during that episode XD