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lilacs96 posted on Dec 09, 2009 at 12:47AM
!♫How to Cosplay as Rachel Berry♫!
Many people wonder how they can take their favor towards Rachel to a deeper level, and even use her as their role model! The steps to doing so are simple, but exact and are written descriptively below:

Rachel Berry is a strong, talented, confident character that shares little in common with other people. So how do you be like her?

1.) Smile: Rachel Berry carries around a confident, sun-shiny attitude that no one can resist. Make sure to smile whenever you are around other acquaintances and friends.
2.) Superiority: One of people's many mottoes is "Expect Excellence in Everything". However, this simply won't cut it when cosplaying as Rachel Berry. The correct motto, as she would put it, is "Expect Superiority in Everything". For Rachel expects nothing less than perfection, and won't be displeased.
3.) Style: If you are one of those fashion know-it-alls, than you may have to make a few sacrifices to completely perfect the Rachel Berry personality. She possesses a very unique style that is totally different than others'. Apparel such as short skirts, cardigans, leg warmers, leggings, and minidresses are things to expect from this character.
4.) Makeup: Rachel carries a very natural look. Feel free to exaggerate your eyelashes with a black mascara, and pump up your lips with a girly lip gloss! However, too much more than this can defeat the natural look that you are supposed to be demonstrating.
5.) Confidence: Rachel Berry never has doubts of things going well. Feel free to go overboard with confidence and determination when playing this character.

Please reply with your opinion on this Forum, and feel free to add anything you think I may have missed. =)
 !♫How to Cosplay as Rachel Berry♫! Many people wonder how they can take their favor towards Rache

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