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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"See you after the bell." Valeryia said, passing out again once more right next to Eadlyn. The teacher's didn't even bother waking her up anymore, as they knew she wasn't getting up and as they were slightly afraid to mess with the giant woman at this point. They knew of her ice abilities quite well.

Belial shivered a bit as she wrapped onto him, the look she was giving him making him harden into her hand as he started to throb a bit. As he did not want to waste any of his seed, he took her hand away before lining up properly with her before he dug into her sweet sweet area of her's, moaning as he felt her soft warm and wet fleshy inside's begin to wrap around him, making him moan again before he started to hungrily make out with her while going a bit faster and harder now, changing up the pace completely.

"Oh I just don't like the idea of being called tubby. When I was a kid I used to get bullied because I did and still do have chubby cheeks." Naomi said quietly, poking them as she thought 'Am I really fat?' to herself.

As Sora mentioned their date tonight Takao's face flared up in anger, holding it in before the phone was hung up. "MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! FUCK FUCK FUCK BITCH FUCK!" Takao said as he punched a hole straight through his computer monitor, his entire face red before it started to turn back to his regular color. "Okay....Riza. Get Akiro and another man for the bank heist. Your first mission will be in two days. You will be robbing a bank with Sora's men." He said before rubbing his face. "Get six set's of body armor as well as two AK-47's, two shotgun's, a revolver and an Uzi and put it in that locked dumpster we have in the back. I'm going to start setting up the bank heist now." He said, regaining his calm before pulling a map of the bank he had off of his wall, beginning already to plan the heist.

Hei grinned a bit before chuckling awkwardly. "I'm proud to have reminded you that I love those feet of yours that much." He said with a chuckle before he pulled his tentacles away and just laid there with her, his pants bulging. "Although I love every little bit of you." He said before leaning in and kissing her.

"I know you're my slave. But whenever we touch, just know that I am your slave." Virgil said before he got his member completely covered in her juice's before putting her on her back and straddling her, placing his member right in between her breasts before he grinned, seeing how gracefully his erect members tip rested on her chin. "I'm going to give you something you can eat, Daliyah." He said with a wink before he took her beautiful hands and pushed them against the sides of her breasts, keeping them nice and together before he started thrusting a bit, making him member slide through her breasts, clearly enjoying it from the amount of moaning he was doing. "I would be...your slave completely...if you sucked on my tip as well." He said with a slight moan as he held all his seed in.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn chuckles softly and rolls her eyes. Geez, not even the teacher bothered to wake her up. No one dared logically. Even if she was her best friend she would get frozen to the bone if she disturbed her friend's sleep. So intead she payed attention to the teacher. Well, half of her was paying attention. The other half was day dreaming about a certain Japanese hotshot.

Cecilia moaned in delight as he pushed his long hot shaft into her. This feeling would never get old. Not even after millions of years. It just felt too good. She moved against him at the same pace and she continously moaned but those were muted by his lips, passionately claiming hers. Gladly she responded with her own fierce kisses as she runs her hands through his hair. "Oh Belial~" She moaned louder against his lips as he hit a rather sensitive spot.

She had been bullied for having chubby cheeks? Yumi found that absolutely ridiculous. Why would anyone bully the other in the first place? She had been lucky she has been spared the horrors of school. "They are not that chubby. And besides, who cares, you look good the way you are now."

Riza's eyes widened as Takao exploded like that. Now she was really worried. She had already started to worry while hearing parts of the conversation but seeing Takao this agitated.... That man must've had something up his sleeve to blackmail him and she kinda could guess what it was. At his orders she nods and stands up. Normally she would be excited to finally go on her first mission, but not now, there was a rather dreadfull feeling in her stomach. So with a small bow she follows his instructions, putting the gun and armors in the safe and locking it before walking to Akiro, the person she would rather not talk to at. Especially not since his bitch was still clinging to his side. Both of them glared at eachother before she spoke. "Akiro, Takao has ordered you to come on a mission. A bank heist in two days. Participating is not optional." She said in her usual voice.

Sora could almost do a dance to celebrate it all but instead of making himself look like a complete utter full he only jumps up and loudly says. "Yes!" Quikly he texted Louisa on the phone he gave her, telling her about the arrangements and telling her to go prepare herself but that the exact heist date will follow soon.

Kierra softly kissed him back, blushing at his words. "I know you love me." She said quietly before poking the oh so clear bulge in his pants with a wide teasing grin. "This here is more than enough prove to me, darling."

Daliyah's heart raced faster as he placed her on her back, curious what he was going to do. What he did both suprised her and made her blush extremely much. This was not a thing that people would normally do to her but strangely enough the expressions and sounds Virgil were making were so damn erotic that her stomach did strange flips and the aching down there got incredibly worse. "As you wish." She breathed out before taking his tip into her mouth, almost moaning at the sensation. Skillfully she sucked and licked him to give him as much pleasure as she possibly could but at the same time she was desperately rubbing her legs together. God, she had never felt such an aching, it was almost burning her alive. She truly wanted to beg him to pleasure her as well but first she would please him, after that he can decide weither he wants to please her or not.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa sat in class, not able to pay attention, doing her work with her left hand while her right hand was holding up her phone to read the text she had gotten. "How delightful..." She said quietly to herself, loving the idea of having a Yakuza boss under her nail now. Her legs rubbed together a bit as she thought about the bank robbery, almost excited. Actually it wasn't almost anymore. She truly was excited.

Belial moaned from the euphoria, throbbing quite a bit more as he heard her delightful moans. After a bit, he reached over and gripped her cheeks, opening them a bit more as he started ramming her hard, getting closer and closer to finishing by the second. "Ah Cecilia~" He moaned as he started going as hard as he could, wanting it to be as pleasurable as it could before he then finally finished, practically exploding inside of her, moaning the entire time as he let go of her and fell back before he even more slowly pulled out, making sure all the seed was in there before he closed and opened his eyes a bit, almost passing out from it all while still panting.

"Thank you.." Naomi said, blushing just a tad as she sat up again, smiling. "So, who taught you everything you know?" She asked curiously, seeing how Yumi was all smart and all. She assumed it was Sora, but it could have been Akira too. Or a mixture of both.

Akiro raised an eyebrow a tad bit before nodding his head. "Understood." He said, sounding a little bit like a soldier, not asking any questions. "Is that all?" He asked, wanting to know if there was anything else she needed to tell him.

"...Are you okay?" Seth asked from the couch, seeing him all laughy and looking like he was going to jump up in the air for joy. "Not that I am okay. I'm not. Not at all. Very not so." He said with an eye twitch, laughing in unison with Sora for a bit before he heard a bang from the bedroom door. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Akira screamed from the bedroom, getting woken up from all the laughter. "And Sora, come in the bed too!" She said, her voice a little softer while she talked to him loudly trough the walls.

Hei moaned a bit as he poked his raging hot rot, his pre-juices soaking through his pants a bit as he bit his lip. "It sure is..." He said quietly, unzipping his pants and taking it out, playfully patting it against her hand. "Please love?" He asked with a smile.

Virgil let out shaky moans as she so skillfully pleasured him, never having felt something like this before as he tried just to hold on and enjoy it before he couldn't hold on any longer, moaning as he came, his seed of course pouring into her mouth. He pulled away afterwards, seeing her mouth filled with his seed before he went over to her and stuck himself inside while he grabbed her breasts, ready to pleasure them both. " You're so amazing.." He moaned out as he thrust.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia gasped a bit before her moans became louder as he began to ram her harder. Her breathing quikly turned into panting as she tried to keep up with his extremely delicious pace. Oh dear, this was truly cloud nine. Tension began to build up to the extremes till she couldn't hold on anymore. "Belial!~" She moaned out her lover's name loudly as a wave of euphoria shot throughout her body, making her body go limp. Slowly she moved to lay beside him, one arm draped across his chest as she panted. Softly she traced small circles on his chest as a very content and happy smile grew on her face.

Yumi smiled as well as she proudly said. "My parents did ofcourse. Both of them. They both had their own specialties and they both wanted to teach me different things. So who I am now and what I have learned I must thank them for that." It was clear how much she loved her adoptive parents.

Riza was quite pleased that Akiro listened like that. He truly have had millitary training. "No, that was all." She said, not even sparing Moira another glance before leaving. Now to find another soldier to come along. But just as she thought that her mind wandered off to Yurichi. She wondered how he was doing now... Before realizing it she stood infront of the room he was in. She hesitated a bit, not quite sure why, before softly opening the door and peeking inside to see if he was still asleep.

As Riza left, Moira frowned a bit in worry. Her ears had caught up on most of the conversation between Takao and whoever the man might have been as she did not like it at all. The man sounded powerfull, in control, bearing a secret no one knew yet. No she wasn't spying, her ears were just that good. And she was glad they were or else she wouldn't have heard the things she should worry about. This man could really endanger Akiro's safety... Without even noticing she held Akiro's hand a bit tighter.

Sora did not care about Seth's words or that he joined in his laughter though when he heard his sleeping beauty turn into an awake witch he quieted down immediatly. Though he knew she wouldn't be angrey for long. "Coming honey." He says before giving Seth a warning glance, warning him to keep himself calm and quiet like a good boy before he walked into the bedroom. With a wide grin he smugly walked over to the bed. He leaned down and kissed his gorgeous wife before saying. "Guess who just forced the Yakuza boss to let us join the heist?"

Kierra chuckles a bit and rolls her eyes. Her husband could be so needy. He truly could not get enough of her. "Very well." She said before slowly wrapping his hand around him and teasingly slow began to stroke him. Yes, she was going slow on purpose just to see him squirm and beg her for more.

Daliyah simply swallowed as he came, even happy she managed to pleasure him this well. She opened her mouth to speak but only a loud moan came out as he pushed himself in, immediatly relieving the ache a bit but heating up her body even more. Her hand held on to his shoulders as she arched her back a bit, her breathing already coming out in short pants. "Oh Virgil~.... I am yours. Truly completely yours. I will give myself forever completely to you but I am begging you, please, just take this ache away and free me from the longing for you." She said inbetween her moans. Never had she experienced this much lust or longing. But now it was so much that she felt it would burn her alive if he didn't help her cool it down by giving her what she needed.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial had a small grin on his face, glad he had pleasured his woman as he pulled her up closer a bit to snuggle. "I'm sure a couple out of the millions I just poured into you should make you some little pup's." He said as he gave her lips a kiss before he closed his eyes a bit, nuzzling her face a bit. "Who's my sexy fox queen?" Belial asked playfully while kissing her neck. "Tell me." He said with a small grin.

"Is there anything in particular you remember learning from either of them that you always think of?" Naomi asked gently with a smile, genuinely curious about hearing things about Yumi. After all, Yumi was her only friend.

Yurichi remained asleep, muttering some things in his sleep as he went through his drugged dream world. "Ah..Riza...no..no.." He said before smiling a bit in his sleep, clearly dreaming of her. Suddenly, a hand was placed on Riza's shoulder. It was above average height man with greyish blue eyes, who had silvery blonde hair to match it. He was skinny, with a very defined jaw. He had muscle, but it was natural and it didn't show much. What defined him most though was his slightly thick German accent, and it made him stand out quite a bit in the clan. "Hello, Riza." He said, his eyes while beautiful also looking strong. "I heard there was an opening for the heist. Would you allow me to join?" He asked with a small little smile. This man was a recent addition to the ranks as well, perhaps only joining a half year ago. His name was Bertholdt Shultz and he was as hard working and diligent as he was strong and prideful.

Akiro squeezed her hand a bit back, giving her a kiss before smiling at her. "Everything alright? You're not worried about me going on the bank heist, are you?" He asked while rubbing her shoulders a bit. "I'll be fine, just trust me." He said quietly so his voice wouldn't hurt her ears.

Akira smiled as she gave him a kiss before raising an eyebrow, having a fake surprised expression on her face. "What? Who?" She said in a tone that clearly said she knew who did it before she grinned and gave him a kiss. "Goodjob handsome." She said with her grin growing.

Hei grinned as she started to touch him, although that grin turned into very lewd facial expressions the more she stroked him. He squirmed a bit inside of her, his member throbbing hard into her hand as it begged for more. "More...please...god I'll do anything at this rate.." Hei moaned out, begging for her to do more.

Virgil listened, grinning a bit as he went on. "Well who am I to leave just a lovely lady like you to burn up?" He said with a small smirk before he started to go even faster, ramming into her rather hard as sweat dripped from his forehead, him knowing that he'd be exhausted after he came this time. "You're so good Daliyah~ I'd never want this with anybody else~" He moaned out loudly as he continued to thrust into her, pleasuring filling his whole body.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
[Name] Berholdt Schultz

[Nickname/Title] N/A

[Faction] C.R.F

[Age] 19

[Gender] Male

[Race] Human - German

[Power] Electricity - Bertholdt, because he is a tenth generation electric mage is extremely skilled in his magic. He can channel his energy through his weapons and in rare occasions is able to make a shield of pure electrical energy to negate magic that could be potential fatal.

[Biography] *To be explained*

[Relationship] Takao- Boss. Riza- Acquaintance.

[Extra] link
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
The thought of pups her stomach, growing right now as they speak, made Cecilia feel so giddy and happy that her tails began to sway and her ears perked up. She giggles as he kissed her neck before holding him tightly and burying her nose against his neck. "I am." She said happily. As she smiled up at him. Feeling happier than she has felt in a long while. "And I forever will be." She adds.

Yumi thinks back to the times her parents were teaching her, the memories bringing a smile to her face. No, there weren't thing in particular that the taught her that she reminded and kept close but.... "They showed me that you can be happy, in whatever circumstances, when you are together with people you love." She says quietly, remembering so many times of problems in the bunker that they had to fix. Or every time she complained that she couldn't go outside. They always showed her they could be happy like this. And they truly worked hard for it to make it true.

Riza frowned a bit as she heard Yurichi mutter. It was clearly about her but he was saying No and smiling at the same time. What in the world was he thinking about? Her whole body tensed as she felt a hand on her shoulder and she quikly turned around, knife already in hand, but then sighed in relief when she saw it was just Bertholdt. With a smile she puts the knife away. "Has no one taught you not to sneak up on a woman?" She asks with a grin before blushing a tad as she looked him in the eye. Yes, she was not going to deny it, Bertholdt was quite the looker. "And yes, there is still an open spot. I will put your name on the list." She says, not even hesitating to bring him along. He was strong and he always worked hard, two things she truly admired in people.

The kiss did manage to take the frown on Moira's face slightly away though the dreadfull feeling was still in her stomach. "I will always worry for your safety." She says with a soft smile before leaning up and kissing him return. "Promise you will return to me." She asks quietly, really not liking the idea of him going anywhere, especially not when she couldn't come along.

Sora simply chuckled as she acted suprised. As if she didn't know who already. He moans softly as she kissed him, loving her sweet lips. "I know I did a good job." He says with the smuggest grin. "We can almost keep all the money and armory and after that we can go do our thing." He says, meaning ofcourse the experimenting and soldier making.

Kierra bit her lips as she watched his expressions. Dear god, he could look so lewd, which strangely turned her on a bit. "Anything?" She asked with a teasing grin though quikly decided to just give him what he was begging for, changing the pace to faster with a firmer grip. "Like this?" She asked as she started to kiss and suck on his neck.

Daliyah almost screamed out in pleasure as he gave him what she wanted though luckily she managed to bite her lip in time to stop the scream from coming out. She softly dug her nails into his shoulders, not to deep though, as the pleasure intensified even more. Her breathing was coming out in heavy pants as she pushed her hips back up against his, trying to keep the same pace as him. His words warmed her heart. Was he truly meaning that or was it just because of the pleasures? She truly hoped for the first. Her walls tightend around him, signaling that she was about to release. She held on as long as she could but then she moaned out his name loudly as she finally released, causing her walls to tighten even more around him.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial grinned a bit, kissing her cheek before rubbing her ears. "Yes you will." He said while rubbing her ears even more before he playfully grabbed on of her tails, not getting it move before letting go. "Come on guys, get to work." He whispered to her tummy while rubbing her stomach. "I want you to get another child so badly.." He said with a small gentle smile.

Naomi smiled a bit, not understanding the concept of being in a place with people you loved. Sure, her mother was there, but her attention was always focused on the other kids and her father. The only person she ever had was Akiro, but he eventually was gone. "Do you think that those people who love you....might love me as well one day too?" She asked with a small smile, not thinking that she was already loved at all.

Bertholdt didn't flinch in the least bit when Riza pulled her knife out. knowing she was skilled enough to stop before he was hit and confident in his own abilities to know that he could stop it if she didn't. "My mother did all the time actually, or at least she tried to." Bertholdt said with a small chuckle, thinking back to his mother's lectures. "And thank you, for letting me in." He said politely, actually happy to be going out on this mission. "I'll be seeing you then." Bertholdt said quietly before leaving, never having been too much for conversation. That's what kept him interesting. In Yurichi's sleep he muttered 'Oh kiss me more Riza' He said, which clearly showed now what he was dreaming about.

"I promise I will return." Akiro said with a smile before kissing her cheek. "I'll be fine, trust me." He said as he flapped his wings a little. "Don't follow though when I'm on the mission. It could be bad, you could get hurt and it'll be very loud." He said before squeezing her hand a bit. "Promise me you'll stay at home when I'm on that mission." He said quietly.

"Ah, why I don't know how you work these miracle's." Akira said with a small little grin, forgetting that Alexander got most of the blackmail for them. "Later though, I have a little present for you for that." She said with a small smile before she nuzzled Sora a bit. "And Lady Louisa? Is she still fine?" She asked, making sure Louisa wasn't suspicious of their intentions yet.

Hei just moaned continuously as she started to stroke him harder and faster while she kissed and sucked his neck. Her voice itself turned him on even more, making the pleasure all the more good as he bit his lip a bit. "God yes~" Hei said while moaning as he throbbed hard into her hand, signalling he was about to finish before he did, moaning quite a bit as he sprayed her hand with his seed, feeling shivers go up his spine as his eyes almost rolled back into his head.

Virgil kept going at it, tiring out a little bit as he felt himself build up pressure, almost finishing but managing to hold it in just a little longer before he felt her tighten and finish, making him finish inside of her hard before after a little bit he slowly got out of her and cuddled with her, his eyes closed as he rested his head on the pillow she was using, his face almost against hers as he kicked the covers off, letting them both cool as they rested.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia closed her eyes as she enjoyed the way he was rubbing her ears. She even let out a small yip as he playfully grabbed her tail. As he whispered to her tummy she blushed softly, her heart warming at the thought of her husband talking to their yet unborn child, just like he did with Shiomi. "Me too." She says quietly before kissing him sweetly. What had she done to deserve such an amazing man? Well, probably nothing but she wasn't going to question it.

Yumi was a tad bit suprised at the strange question but she quikly understood and smiled softly. "Ofcourse Naomi. You are family to us now." She says before standing up, finally being able to stand thanks to the food being digested. "Come, let's go back home before they start missing us."

Riza chuckled a tad bit as well, liking his sense of humor. Honestly, she just liked him overall. The way he looked, the way he spoke, his karakter. He was one of the few people she didn't mind having closer. "No problem, Bertholdt. I'll see you then." She says as she waves a bit as he walks away, knowing he never really talked that much, another thing she liked about him. But then she heard something she did not like. Oh. So that was what he was dreaming about. With a frown she walks into the room and pokes him a bit. "Wake up." She almost growls out, not allowing him to stay in that lewd dream of his.

Moira smiled as he promised her that but then pouted at his other words. That actually had been her plan, to follow him. It was flattering and a tad bit frustrating he could look straight through her. With a sigh she runs one hand through his hair. "Even though I do not want to, I will promise that as well." She says, ofcourse going to keep her promise but not liking it very much.

Sora himself grinned as well, making a mental note to thank Alexander for being such an easy helpfull puppet, though he was still wary of the man. "I will gladly accept that present later." He says, already thinking he knows what it was. "And no, she is not onto us yet. In her mind we are still the people who will help her on her royal crusade. And we will be those people till we don't need her anymore." He says as his grin widens.

Kierra couldn't help but grin as she saw her husband being in such a state of euphoria. She grabbed a towel from the nightstand, having them their on purpose, before cleaning her hand and the rest up. "My my, you didn't really last long this time. Was I did good?" She asks teasingly before kissing his cheek.

Slowly Daliyah's panting calmed back down to normal breathing. God, she felt rather tired now and she was sure she was going to be sore later. But she didn't mind. It had felt like heaven. And cuddeling with him like this felt like being on a cloud as well. Their bodies were sticky from sweat but she couldn't care less. She loved this closeness with him. A soft smile was on her lips as she lazily rubbed his chest with one hand, nuzzling her nose playfully against his when she suddenly came to a realization, making her smile dissapear. She shouldn't do this with him. Because there was something happening to her that she shouldn't allow. She was getting strong feelings for him....
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial grinned a bit, feeling like this time he had done it. Like he had properly gotten her pregnant finally. "I feel like it is the one this time though. Everytime I seem to whisper to them it works the magic." He said with a smile grin, thinking back to Shiomi. Ah how excited they were for her.."If you can help me out in advance please make one of you guy's a boy please." He whispered to her tummy, showing how much he wanted a son as well before he cuddled up against her again. "I missed this bed." He said a bit, having slept on this bed for hundreds of years.

"I mean I am literally family so it is a bit of a dumb question but thank you for answering." Naomi said with a small smile, nodding her head in agreeance as she took Yumi's hand and quickly left, not paying before she took rushed her back to the bunker. "I forgot I had no money on me." Naomi said quietly as she hurried. "Shitty yes, but I don't wanna wash dishes for the next eight hours." She said quietly.

Yurichi groaned as he woke up, hearing Riza's voice. Wasn't he just dreaming about her? He thought. "Argh....what?" Yurichi asked while stretching, looking up at her with a small smile before seeing the expression on her face. "What'd I do?" He asked quietly.

Akiro smiled a bit, rubbing the back of her head and kissing her forehead as his gaze met hers. "I already know how you think, babe." He said as his smile turned into a grin before he booped her nose. "Ooooh. Work is almost over." He said as his grin grew bigger.

"I wonder if we should kill her or keep her as a 'pet' when that time comes..." Akira said quietly before winking a small bit at Sora while rubbing her face a little. "Ah, some of these perverted thoughts that enter my mind should be shaken off." She said with a slight shiver before looking up at him. "So dear, what do you think of it all?" She asked with a grin.

"Your hands are pure magic.." Hei said quietly before kissing her cheek, totally tired out from finishing. The euphoria had tired him down. "You know how to pleasure your man. That's all I'll say." He said with a slight smile before kissing her cheek again.

"Hey, what happened?" Virgil asked as her smile disappeared, making his go away as well. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked as he cuddled up against her a bit, trying to see if he could comfort her. He honestly didn't know what was wrong and her smile fading away had been completely out of the blue.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia giggled softly as he once again whispered against her tummy. As if requesting for a boy was going to help them get a boy. Though she wished for a boy as well, mostly because her husband clearly wanted a son to take care off. "Let us hope for it." She says with a smile before cuddeling more against him. She had never slept in this bed before she thinks, or perhaps maybe once when he resurected her from the death, but boy this bed felt good. "Can't we move this bed to our room?" She mumbles softly.

Yumi smiles a tad bit but then her eyes widened as they hurried out of the place. Wait, why were they in a hurry? Was someone following them? At Naomi's words she simply chuckles and shakes her head. "So this is your solution? Run like the winds?" She asks with a grin though she had probably done the same thing as well.

"I think you were having lewd dreams about me. Don't dream about me like that." Riza said, frowning a tad bit more before folding her arms and sitting down on the chair next to his bed. Though her expression softened a bit as she asked. "How are you feeling now?"

And once again it seemed like Akiro could just read her mind. Moira pouted and rubbed her nose with a small groan as he booped it before smiling at his words. Finally. She couldn't wait to get back to the place they were living in now. It was nice and cozy and this work is just rather boring. She prayed that it wouldn't be like this every day. "I am glad it is." She says as she kisses his lips softly.

"What I think about keeping Louisa as a pet or what I think about your perverted thoughts?" Sora asked her with a teasing grin. "Honestly, I like both ideas. Your perverted thoughts a tad bit more though. We could keep her as a pet but she might be too dangerous to keep around." He says, keeping it realistic.

Kierra trows the towel down before putting her hand on his cheek and kissing his lips. "Years of practice taught me what my husband loves the most." She says with a wink, happy to pleasure her man as much as he wanted.

Daliyah immediatly shakes her head, not wanting him to think he did anything wrong, but at the same time as he tried to cuddle closer she puts her hands on his chest and pushes him slightly and gently backwards. "You did nothing wrong. Quite the opposite. I havn't even known you for a day and already I just.... " She sighs a bit for continouing, hating the words she forces out of her mouth. "I feel strongly for you already. And I forsee myself falling for you even more in the near future. But I can't allow that. I am a genie and you are my master, nothing more can be between us and I am afraid what will happen if I allow this to continu..."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial grumbled a bit being too lazy to want to actually pick it up and drag it to another realm. "We could..." Belial said quietly before yawning, loving the bed and the person who was on it next to him. "Daww. You're so beautiful." He said before kissing her cheek, nuzzling against her as he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm so glad I'm with you." He said with a satisfied smile as he put his head down on the pillow next to hers.

Naomi nodded a bit before she grabbed Yumi, giggling loudyas her four wings and her kakuja mask appeared as she jumped up and began flapping her wings, actually able to fly quite a long distance as she managed to land in a park near the bunker. "How was the flight?" She asked with a small grin.

"I'm sorry." Yurichi said, remembering now what he was dreaming about before he blushed a bit, having the idea of actually wanting to do those things deep in the back of his head before his expression softened a bit as well before he smiled. "I'm...I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking." He said while looking back at the ceiling. "How're you doing?" He asked with his slanted red eyes looking over at her and his white hair nearly falling over his eyes.

Akiro chuckled a bit as he pouted, rubbing her face with the back of his hand as he smiled. "Awww, don't pout." He said with his smile before his expression brightened as he saw hers. "I am too." He said before kissing her back softly placing his hand on the back of her head and rubbing it a bit as he held her a bit while kissing.

"True, but I feel like I could make her completely turn a card with that vicious attitude of hers. Trust me dear, after I would be done with her she would be doing this all day." Akira said motioning her hand and putting her tongue against her cheek to symbolize a blowjob before giggling a bit. "But besides that, you better be ready for tonight." She said with a smirk.

Hei shivered as he saw her wink before he gave her a kiss back and laid back a bit more in bed next to her, yawning as he looked over to the clock. "School is almost out soon." He said, thinking of Ichirou.

Virgil's expression fell as she pushed him away, a little surprised before he started to listen to her, making it fall even more. "I'm not just your master.." Virgil said quietly. "If I was just your master, I would have used my final wish already. But I'm not going to. I want you here Daliyah. I want to be happy with you here and vice versa." He said quietly while rubbing her arm. "I'll figure out a way to free you, okay? Don't worry about me dying before you. With that in mind, why is it so bad for you to fall for me?.." He asked quietly with a somber expression.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia giggled softly as she heard him grumble. She knew exactly that he wouldn't do that because frankly, he was just too lazy for it. And she was not going to do it for him. To bad then. With a small blush she cuddles closer into his arms, wanting to be as close as she physically could. "I am glad too." She says as she closes her eyes to simply just enjoy his embrace when a thought hits her, making her open one eye. "Weren't we here to visit your family and not your bed?" She asks with a grin

Yumi raises one eyebrow as Naomi suddenly grabbed her. "Hey, what are yo-AH!" She shrieked out in suprise as Naomi suddenly took flight with her in the small girls arms. She was truly praying she wouldn't be dropped. When they touched down on the ground again her eyes were wide, her hair a mess and her heart was pounding. "Geez.... Warn me next time." She mumbled out. her legs feeling a tad bit wobly.

Riza was glad he apologized and the fact that he was feeling okay made her relax a tad bit in her chair. Good, she would hate it if he was in pain thanks to protecting her. "I am fine." She said, not telling him ofcourse about her worries about the phone call and the mission. That was between her and Takao.

Moira blushed softly as they kissed, loving the soft feeling of his lips against hers but as she heard people whispering about them she gently puts her hands on his chest and pulls back. "Too many people." She mumbles a bit embarresed as she looks to the side. Yes, she was used to being the main focus of the room and the one people talked about but not like this.

Sora chuckles, wondering if they really could bring Louisa to her knees and whip her into an obedient dog like she should be. Though at what his wife said next he grinned alot. "Oh, I will be ready. May I politely ask what you have in store for me?" He asks as he leans in and softly began to kiss and suck on her neck.

Kierra immediatly looked at the clock. Oh, it was already rather late. She stretches her muscles a bit with a soft groan before sighing softly. "I guess I should start making dinner soon then. Lots of mouths to feed now." She says with a small smile.

Daliyah had been already afraid he would be thinking those things. Being happy together. A way to free her. But she has lived for too many centuries to believe in that. It were just things that could not happen. "Virgil.... It just can't be... There is no way for this to work out. And with that in mind, I just can't let myself fall into decenia of heartbreak and loss...." She says quietly as well, looking down since she just couldn't meer his eyes.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial grumbled loudly as Cecilia reminded him what he was there for before sighing. "It was but..." He spread out on the bed comfortably. "It's so comfortable being in here with you.." He said while wrapping an arm around her. "Plus, they'll come to see me if they wanna see me." He said with a yawn, knowing how his siblings were.

"But it's more fun by surprise." Naomi said with a small giggle as she patted Yumi's back, giving her a small hug to calm her down before looking towards the bunker. "Come on. I almost got us home and we got free food." She said with a small grin.

Yurichi smiled and nodded at her, happy she was okay. He was paler than usual and there were dark circles under his his and he was drenched in sweat. Even with Hei's fixing, he still wasn't that great. "Thank you for checking up on me..." Yurichi said quietly as his eyes began to droop, the drugs taking over once more. "I won't dream lewd...Goodnight." He said with a small and tired smile before he went back to sleep.

Bertholdt came in again, this time pulling up a chair and sitting next to her. "I added myself to the list for you, so you wouldn't have to do it." He said politely before looking over at his then her. "Are you alright?" He asked.

"Mmmm....okay..." Akiro said with a small blush before looking over at her. "Are we gonna do more naughty stuff?" He asked with a whisper, knowing she'd hear it even if he was whispering quietly. "Last night felt amazing.." He said quietly.

Akira moaned quietly as he kissed her neck before she grinned a bit, wanting to show him what he had in store. "Well first, you're going to get my nice and tight behind." She said with a small grin. "Then, I'm going to give you this." She said as she pulled a pill out. "I made this in my spare time. I have one. It increases the production rate inside a mans balls exponentially. You're going to bath me in your seed." She said with a grin.

Hei groaned a bit as Kierra got up, not wanting her to know but knowing she needed to get started on dinner. "What are you making tonight honey?" He asked with a smile.

Virgil bit his lip just absorbing everything she said before he silently pulled the covers over himself, depressed, not saying a word in response although in reality he was very sad now. And slightly ticked at her for not doing this sooner before he got attached. "Why.." He said quietly to himself.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
"I agree on that this feels very comfy but it is still not why we came here in the first place." Cecilia said with a small smile before blushing a bit at the thought of his siblings just bursting into the room to see them. "Uhm.... I hope your siblings don't come in. Or atleast knock." She says as she looks down at their naked bodies, only covered by the covers.

"You almost gave me a heart attack!" Yumi said in complaint before sighing a bit and hugging the girl back. "Fine fine. But next time please, I beg you, to warn me." She says before smiling and walking into the bunker with Naomi. She didn't see her parents though she knew they couldn't be too far away, though she did see Seth, but she ignored the strange rock lover and sat down on the couch.

Riza smiled a tad bit as he thanked her, which he didn't really need to do, she would've checked on anyone. But now that he was back asleep she couldn't help but notice he didn't actually look that good... She was deep in though when Bertholdt walked in, causing her to smile a tad bit more. "Thank you for that." She says, happy he did that even though it would have a small thing for her to do. At his question she simply shrugs. "As alright as I can be." She says honestly before grabbing a washcloth and putting cold water on it. Gently she wiped the sweat off of Yurichi's face and neck to freshen him up a bit.

Moira blushes softly at his words but her blush quikly deepens as she thinks back about last night. She clears her troath a bit before looking at the side. "It did.... And perhaps we will." She said, almost not believing herself that she just kinda agreed on doing more dirty things with him tonight. Strangely it got her excited but a princess shouldn't have these thoughts and stuff.

Sora grinned widely but then he raises one eyebrow curiously as he takes the pill out of her hand and examines it. It didn't look special or so. Though at her explaination his eyes widened a bit. Serieusly? She had really made a pill for that?! He couldn't keep in his laughter before kissing her hard on her lips. "You are such a naughty woman you." He mumbled against her lips before playfully biting her lower lip.

Kierra shrugs, she never really thought much about what she would make for dinner. Normally she just looked at what was left in the fridge and made dinner from that. "I think just rice, fish and vegetables though I do need to go to the grocery shop." She says, knowing she didn't have enough food in the house for Chidori's whole mini army.

Daliyah's heart clenched at his response. This silence was absolutely the worst since she knew she had just hurt him alot. With a sigh she gets out of the bed, knowing he probably didn't want her close now. Her expression was sad as she gathered her clothes and put them back on. She was quiet, not knowing what to say. "I.... I'll be in the bottle when you need me." She says, not being able to just be in the room when the air between them felt so heavy. So she kinda fled back into her bottle, pink mist surrounding her before it went into the bottle.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial chuckled a bit before rubbing her ears a bit. "Oh silly. I already locked the door." He said with a grin before kissing her cheek. "Nobody is going to be disturbing us unless I want them to." He said as he snuggled up against her before he rubbed her tummy a bit, enjoying cuddling up against her and being warm. He ran his fingers through her tails as well, his fingers touching every fine hair as they went through.

"I will." Naomi said before following, going into the bunker with her. She was glad Seth was in the corner sleeping so she could be on the couch. She sat down on the couch next to Yumi, leaned her head against her shoulder and went to sleep letting the drowsiness from the food set in.

Yurichi looked rather discomforted in his sleep until the wet rag touched him, causing his face to soften a bit. The worst case scenario could have been happening and that was that he got an infection and was fighting it off. Bertholdt nodded, taking his leave yet again as he saw Riza begin to tend to him.

Akiro blushed a little bit, surprised she was even considering it before he leaned in and kissed her cheek. "Sounds great." He said as a grin formed on his face. "I'm just slightly excited." He said quietly into her ear with a whisper before he started playing with her hair.

Akira giggled a bit, knowing what she was before she did a sexy cat purr as he bit her lower lip, surprised she she bit his back in return, winking at him as she looked at him before letting go. "I've spent a lot of my spare time on this pill and yes, I know it works. I made two and Alexander was my test subject." She said before giggling. "He did it outside of the bunker by himself of course." She said, not wanting Sora to get worried about him doing it in the bathroom.

"Maybe Chidori could walk there and get groceries while I could watch the kid's. I'm sure she would like an escape from her little army." Hei said with a small chuckle, imagining the little girls really as a little army. And with another kid on the way inside her, which was her thirteenth kid, the bloodline wasn't ending anytime soon.

Virgil didn't even respond just laying in his bed in depression. He reached his hand under his bed where he stashed his pain killers and took a few, the nice rush setting itself over him before he relaxed, falling asleep rather quickly. He didn't want to admit it most of the time, but he would always turn to pills for help when he was sad.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia looks at the door as he said it was locked. Really? When did he do that? She hadn't seen it. But it helped her relax alot more. She purred alot as he ran his rough hands through the soft hairs on her. She simply loved that. Not many people were allowed to touch her tails but ofcourse her husband was an exception. "Do you already have names in mind?" She mumbled quietly as she looks down at his hand rubbing her tummy.

Yumi was suprised at how quikly Naomi seemed to fall asleep but she just let it happen. Instead of moving the girl off of her she simply puts the tv on and watches the news to see if there was anything exciting happening in the world.

Riza smiled a tad bit as Bertholdt left, he truly wasn't a man of many words, but then her small frown returns as she looks at Yurichi. He didn't look good at all and it got her rather worried. She really hoped this wouldn't get any worse. Gently she places a hand on his forhead and her eyes widened a bit. Damn, he was really burning up. Quikly she made the rag wet again before gently wiping it over his head and neck to cool him down.

Moira blushed softly as she bit her lip to fight off the huge smile threatening to form. Honestly, she was excited as well. "Only slighty?" She asks with a small pout as she runs a hand through his smooth hair as well.

Sora chuckled a bit as she bit his lip as well before raising one eyebrow. She was sure it worked? How could sh-Oh. It took him a few seconds to realize what that meant before he bursted out laughing. He could already see his lovely wife forcing Alexander to try that pill, without telling him what it was for, and then force him to pleasure himself just to test the damn thing. "You really are a fox." He says before kissing her lips again.

Kierra smiled, liking the idea. Chidori could use some time out and she could use someone to help her with groceries and perhaps even cooking. "Sounds like a plan to me. But try to keep the army in line, commander Nagachika." She says teasingly before kissing him.

Daliyah was walking in circles in the bottle, her hands nervously laying with one of her silk scarfs. Like she had said, the space in her bottle was actually rather big. It had the form of one great bedroom, ofcourse in arabian golden style with everywhere ornaments and a large bed in the middle filled with pillows. She sighs as she lets herself fall onto her couch, her heart clenchig at the thought of what she just had done....
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial rubbed his head a bit, wondering if he had actually thought of any names. "Uhh....no, actually. I was thinking we could just wing it this time and name the kids what our heart feels at the time." Belial said with a smile before giving her a small kiss. "Does that sound okay?" He asked while rubbing her ears a little bit, smiling the whole time. He was feeling truly blessed to be with her at the moment and was enjoying their time together.

On the news the manhunt for Seth had grown even larger. Posters in town were put up with a million dollar bounty on his head, dead or alive. Also as well, they were looking for a rapist who had critically injured a man and woman who could also have possibly been connected to a stabbing and as well as all this, a gang war had happened at a night club with over thirty causalities. The world was getting crazier and these days, Louisa's people seemed to be all tied into it in one way or another.

Yurichi's eyelids fluttered a bit as the cold cloth was put on his hot forehead. He looked like he was fighting something off and hard. He appeared to be getting worse, and worse and worse before gradually he stopped sweating, his heart beat went down and his color started to return to normal. He breathed out a bit before opening his eyes, looking over at Riza with his tired red eyes. "I had a dream about my mother...she was burning me with cigarettes with one of the men she brought home again, and again and again...." He said quietly. "That part of the dream felt too real...but then you were in it and someone the burns stopped hurting, and you held my hand and you looked into my eyes, and somehow I knew I had to make it through it." He said sickly while looking up at her, reaching his hand over a little bit. "I feel horrible...yet, okay..." He said quietly.

Akiro smirked a little before shaking his head, leaning closer to her ear. "Not at all. Very much so, actually. But I can't get too excited right now." He whispered huskily into her ear, nibbling on her earlobe as he pulled away.

Akira giggled a bit before kissing Sora back, knowing that he knew exactly what she did. "He never asked dear. So I never said anything." She said with another small giggle before kissing him even more. "He said he managed to do it over fifty times before it slowed down even a little." She whispered into his ear.

"I will, my dear wife. I will return after I come home from battle." Hei said before kissing her cheek. He went down stairs and explained what he wanted to Chidori, who of course had no objectives. As soon as Chidori left, the kids toppled Hei and pounced on him, jumping all around his as he screamed in horror. "I'M BEING RIPPED APART BY LITTLE CHILDREN." He shrieked.

Virgil slept more and more, the nice numbness the pills gave him flowing through his body. Not a worry in the world was in his mind. Just enjoying the numbness from the pain inside and outside.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia's ear twitched a bit as he touched them and smiles happily. Well, normally she would be rather picky over names, like most fox demons were, they always chose the names long time beforehand. But she really wanted to try this go with the flow thing, if her genes let her. "Alright, let us do that then." She says before nuzzling her nose against his neck when she suddenly though of something. "You said kids. As in multiple. You think you got me pregnant to more than one." She asks with a soft smile, the thought of more kids at once really exciting her.

It was hard for Yumi to see Seth as such a dangerous man though she guessed he truly was beneath all that crazy. The other news made her stomach turn a tad bit. This world was truly going to hell. She just knew so. But it was already twisted so why not let it go fully through the depths of hell. She sighs a bit as she changes the chanel, not wanting to see more news.

Riza was a tad bit relieved when she saw him quiet down a bit before he opened his eyes. Her stomach turned a tad bit at the story about his mother. She kinda had the gut feeling she truly had in real once done that which made her feel extremely angrey. Though her eyes widened as he mentioned she had been there as well, kinda being his lifeline... Gently she held his hand with one of hers while she also continoud softly wiping the wet washcloth one his face. "You'll be okay..." She said quietly.

Moira shivered at the sound of his husky voice but then she moaned, accidently, rather loudly as he bit her earlobe, causing her to blush furiously and bury her face immediatly in his shoulder. C-Curse him, he knows how sensitive her ears are! Though it did felt very good b-but not here!

A warm pleasant shiver went down Sora's spine as he grinned down at his naughty sly wife. This was probably the moest sexy part about her, her slyness. "Fifity times, huh? Hmmm, sounds like a long night of fun for us." He says as he grins more.

Kierra giggles as Hei left the room. She got herself more comfortable when she heard her husband shriek out his despair. She only laughed as she stayed right where she was. A brave soldier should handle the situation alone, she thought with a giggle, glad to be joking about war stuff instead of being in true wars. Never did she want to return to the front and this peace was truly a blessing.

Daliyah felt worse and worse each second that passed, tears forming in her eyes. Never had she felt like this before. She guessed many people would describe it as heartbreak. Though she guessed she felt worse for Virgil than for herself. She already knew her prison rules but to hurt Virgil like this.... The hope he had to be together.... The pain in his eyes... She buries her face in her hands as the tears began to fall. If she only had one wish to use for her own...
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial smiled a bit as he nodded, rubbing her ears a bit still. "Of course I do. Your very fertile as it is, but your fox genetics make it even more so and I have strong seed." He said while cuddling against her as well. "Besides, it's very rare for your kind to have only one kid. We've already had Shiomi, I doubt it's happening again." He said with a small chuckle.

Seth sat up, watching the TV with Yumi as he rocked back and forth. "You know, I used to be completely normal. Well, not normal normal but normal." He said before twitching a bit. "Do you wanna hear how?" he asked with a mad grin, not expecting to get shot down.

"Thank you..."Yurichi said quietly as he held onto her hand, his grip tightening a little before he fell back a bit. "I think...I..." Some red color came to his face as he looked over at her. He blinked a few times before letting out a quiet sigh. "I think I may love you.." He said quietly, almost so quietly that it could be barely heard before he fell back asleep quick, falling back into his bed as his hand still held hers. The drugs were very strong. The was a quiet knock on the door and it cracked open before something was placed inside the room before the door shut. It was a cup of coffee. On it said 'From Bertholdt. Pace yourself, make sure you don't get exhausted.' He said, sounding like he cared a small bit if she was stretched thin from taking care of him and wanting to make sure she was energized.

Akiro got a bit aroused as he heard her moan, smirking a bit before he rubbed her head a bit. "You know...our shift just ended a couple minutes ago." He said with his smirk growing before he looked at her hungrily. "How about you sign us both out for work and I'll go home and get out regular clothes out of the dryer." He suggested.

Hei shrieked a bit more before he let his true power unleash, tickling four of the girls with his tentacles, two with his arms, another with his feet and one more with his nose, laying down on the ground with him as he used literally every appendage to make the girls squeal for him to stop. He eventually stopped. only for him to get trampled on again, making him screech.

The bell rung and people started heading home. Raiden of course was on a different sort of mission. He was following the Zhang household home, using his static energy that surrounded him due to enhancements on his body because of the damage done to it to make himself appear as a glitch on the cameras he followed, staking out their neighborhood and finding a perfect place to hide until dark came. He made sure that he had his ski mask and knife packed with him. He always kept them with his as this was not the first home invasion Louisa had made him do.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia nods in agreement. It was true it was a miracle that the first time they only got one, which she was sure Rex was very gratefull for. But now, for sure, she had multiple kids in her. She smiles happily as she rubs her stomach, thinking about her lovely unborn sons and daughters. "I hope we get three this time." She says with a wide smile.

"No." Yumi said immediatly and clearly uninterested in his life. She didn't need to hear his sad or painfull life story. She was very not in the mood nor will she ever be in the mood to hear those things. She wanted to know and hear as less as she can from him.

Riza smiles softly as he thanked her but that smile slowly dissapeared as she began to realize what he had said. "Wait, what?" She asked softly, clearly suprised but he was already out again thanks to the drugs. She must've heard him wrong. He couldn't just have said that he loved her. No, that couldn't be. Because if he had really said them... She shook her head, trying to get those words out when she heard a soft knock and saw a cup of coffee being placed in the room. Gently she takes her hand out of Yurichi's before walking over to pick the cup up. A small smile graces her lips as she reads the note. How thoughtfull and sweet of him. It actually made her blush lightly as she sits back down on the chair next to the bed.

The way he was looking at her made Moira blush even more. God, even by just looking at her he could make her blush. "Okay, I'll do that." She says softly before kissing him. "I'll see you at home." She says before walking away to clock them both out. She was smiling the whole time, being happy the work day was over, before making her way over to their new house.

Ichirou was a bit reluctant to go inside of his house. Both because he heard the girls and did not want to be attacked and because he was afraid that somehow his parents had found out about him skipping class. But he couldn't stay outside forever. So with a deep breath he opens the door and walks in, finding his father under attack. He laughs a bit as he rubs the back of his neck. "Should I help or not?" He asks, not really wanting the attack to go his way.

Dequan was clueless, talking with Mei as they walked, while Fillian had a weird feeling in his stomach. His mind was screaming danger while he saw no one or nothing around. But he knew his senses were true. This was what he was a divine protector for anyways. So he stayed on guard till he heard Dequan say a certain name that tore him out of his concentration. "What about Annelise?" He asked immediatly.

Dequan grinned a bit at his friend. "I just said Annelise is a very nice girl. And judging by your reaction and interest in her you agree. It is actually very weird for you to be talking to just a girl in your class like that. Just not you." He teases, knowing exactly why his friend was talking to this girl even if he would not admit it. Instead Fillian just blushed softly and mumbled that Dequan should just shut up.

Eadlyn was walking home, almost skipping since she was so excited, together with Valeryia. Shiomi already was gone as soon as the bell rang, probably to go torment her new boyfriend, the strong leader of Cantenseel. So Eadlyn was walking alone with Val. Even though she was excited she didn't talk about it, not wanting Val to feel bad. She did quikly text Takao though. 'School is out finally. I hope you are just as excited for tonight as I am.' She sended with a smile.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I hope we get seven." Belial said optimistically, thinking that if she had seven kids at once that she wouldn't want to have kids for a long while, which would kinda benefit him but at the same time wouldn't because...well, seven diapers. "Actually...three is good." He said, backtracking a little as he rationalized.

"W....WHAT!?" Seth said, freaking out a little as his hair suddenly turned very frizzy and frantic. "What do you mean?!" He squealed out before a book was thrown at his head by Alexander, knocking him out before Alexander grumbled and went back to sleep, hating having his day naps disturbed.

Bertholdt pulled the locket out of his pocket, looking at it as it opened up to a photo of his grandmother, Felicia. "Mother.....I will figure out a way to save you.." He said quietly before closing the locket. "And no matter how much I want to see grandmother...I will hold myself together, for you. This is my conviction. That is my strength." He said quietly before he clocked out of work, heading home.

Akiro made it home and took off his jacket after getting in before going to the dryer and folding their clothes, making sure there wasn't a stain in Moira's pants from the night before. He put his clothes in the washer, including his singular pair of underwear and placed it in the wash, not wanting it to smell before he heard Moira come in. "Hey babe." He said as he turned around, flashing her. "I folded everything." He said with a grin.

Hei was too busy to talk to Ichirou as he came in. Instead he waved a little and said. "Hello son. Go to your mother before it's too late!" He said with fear, scared that the children would go after Ichirou next. He wrapped his tentacles around them and him, keeping them tight to his body as he yelled "Go!"

Raiden continued to follow, his collar up high as he stared from the bushes, being the stalker that he was. Because of his aura, beings like Fillian couldn't pinpoint exactly where he was. They could only guess, and guessing wasn't something you could work with Raiden on because by the time one would find him, it'd be too late.

Shiomi had already scampered off, getting on all fours and charging to her home. She opened the door, shutting it gently on the way in before setting her stuff in her room. She closed that door gently as well as she left before she came into Rex's office, smiling at him. "Helloooo boyfriend~" Shiomi said with a happy smile before blowing him a kiss. "How was your day?" She asked.

Takao smiled a tad as he read it, happy she was still safe before texting "I sure am. I'll make sure to get my best clothes for tonight." He sent with a grin before sighing a bit, still thinking about that chilling phonecall. Valeryia heard the text and instantly perked up a bit, curious. "What is that?" She asked.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia grinned widely at his words. He really wanted seven at once?! Honestly, she wouldn't mind at all! The more the better! And 7 might sound like alot but it was true baby heaven for her so when he backtracked she pouted. "Dawww, you meanie! You said seven so let's now really hope we will get seven." She says with an even wider grin, showing him he couldn't take back his words now.

Yumi opened her mouth to explain she frankly just did not care about his life when luckily a book knocked him out. For once she was glad about Alexander's presence. She shot him a gratefull look before continouing to watch tv.

Even though work was over and she could go home, Riza stayed right next to Yurichi. She would forever balme herself if she left and then something happend to her. But the silence did give her time to think which she wasn't really liking at the moment since the thing she was thinking about the most were his words....

Moira closed the door and was about to greet her when what she saw made the words stick in her throat. Her face turned a pure red as she even squeeled a bit in suprise and quikly turned around to face the wall. She was fanning her face with her hand to cool her burning cheeks though it was not helping. "I-Is walking around like this in the h-house an h-human custom or so?" She said, her voice a bit higher than before, clearly surpised and shy.

Ichirou laughed and waved as well before quikly heading to the stairs. "Thank you my brave father for your sacrifice!" He called out as he walked up the stairs, seeing his mother walk out of her room. He smiled before giving her a hug. "Hi mom." He said.

Kierra hugged her boy back before patting his head. "Hello to you too. Had a good day at school?" Yes, she did notice that Ichirou's cheeks flushed and that he got more nervous as he nodded but she decided to just let it be since she had agreed with Hei that he would talk about his skipping class at school. No need to bomb him with questions and lectures two times.

Fillian tried to find the source of the danger but quikly they already arrived home. The three of them walked in and he immediatly noticed Souji and Mina not being home yet. Guess they still had lots of work to do. So he sat down on the couch and started to watch tv. Yeah, maybe he could start cooking or so but Mina was way better at that and besides, he was lazy.

Rex accidently snapped the pencil he was holding when Shiomi walked in. No, it hadn't been because of her, but because of the stress he had as he read through the papers. It hadn't been a good day for him. But lately it was hard to find good days. With a sigh he trows the pencil away before rubbing his face a bit. "It was okay." He said, not even noticing what she had called him or that she blew him a kiss.

Eadlyn smiled as she read the text, happy he was putting effort in how he looked like for her, when Val's question made her blush a bit. "Just a text from Takao." She mumbles as she smiles a bit more, not being able to keep that smile off of her lips.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial shrieked a bit, terrified of her enthusiasm. "Fine. We'll hope for seven...." He said, his voice somewhat shaky at the end before he gave her a small kiss. "If you want seven babies, then it is my duty as your husband to give you seven babies." He said while rubbing her stomach trying to ignore that nightmare he felt he was about to delve into.

Takao sighed a little as he watched Riza, knowing nothing he could say would get her to come home right now before he left, going home and beginning to get ready for their date wearing a rather nice suit this time as he was going to a special restaurant this time. A European one to be exact. French, with of course, escargot.

Akiro chuckled a bit at her reaction, hardening a bit as he looked over at her. He poked his tip a little before grinning just a small bit. "No, it isn't but I don't have any underwear to wear." He said as he walked over to her, hugging her before leaning in and whispering 'I am more than just slightly excited now' huskily into her ear before he nibbled on her earlobe again, this time doing it a little longer before he pulled away, his manhood rubbing against her all the while.

Chidori finally came back, coming through the front door. All the kdis instantly flaked off of Hei, trying to act like they were being good as he panted. "Were they good?" Chidori asked with a small smirk.

"Wonderful.." Hei said while panting before he got upstairs tiredly. "Son we need to talk a little." He said as he came in through the door still panting.

Raiden walked up close to the house, placing his hand on the powerbox and having electricity travel up the wires that lead to the security system and turned it off. He knew how to do this from the blueprints of the home he illegally obtained. He then climbed inside the home, making sure nobody was upstairs before he sneakily walked through the upstairs, leaning over the rail to see Fillian watching TV with his ski mask on. Since Dequan was in his room and Mei was in the bathroom he decided to go into Mei's room, checking it out a bit, thinking that he'd like to mess with Mei later before leaving and going into Fillian's room. He climbed under Fillian's large bed and actually forced his aura to quit being detectable, having his heart beat as slow as possibly and barely breathing.

Shiomi look down a little and whined before she pulled up a chair next to him and leaned her head against his shoulder. "It's okay. Don't burn yourself out. Tomorrow always can be made a better day." She said gently, trying to make him feel better.

Valeryia smirked a little, having already known what the answer was. "Are you thinking about those lips of his?" She asked with a whisper, wanting to tease the hell out of Eadlyn for fun.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia giggled at her husband's despair as she ofcourse heard the terror , fear and regret of ever saying that in his voice. But she was going to push it a tad bit further. "How would six girls and one boy sound?" She teasingly asks with a wide grin, knowing what a hell it would be for him, and not in the cozy home hell kind of way. She softly kisses him before mumbling against his lips, giving him a way out. "You got one second to take your words back of ever wanting seven at once."

"Then maybe you should go buy more." Moira said quikly, still turned away from him as she felt his strong arms wrap around her. As he once again nibbled on her earlobe she moaned out, leaning more against him against she felt a certain heat rush through her body. He knew exactly what to do and say to make her feel like this. Softly she bit her lip though she didn't turn around to face him, to tease him and to hide her flushed face. "I can feel what you mean." She says, ofcourse feeling the way he was rubbing his hard member against her.

As Kierra heard Chidori return she lovingly placed a kiss on her son's forhead before walking to Chidori, helping her carry the bags to the kitchen. It truly was alot of stuff but no wonder with so many mouths to feed. "Thank you for doing to shopping." She says with a smile as she starts to cook though she knew Chidori was probably waiting for the oppertunity to leave the kids for a minute.

Fillian couldn't shake this weird feeling off of him. As if something was wrong. He looked up to the railing, thinking he saw somehting but it was empty there. He sighs as he shakes his head. Perhaps thanks to being stabbed yesterday his senses just were over sensitive now to protect him better. He was probably just over thinking things and feelings things that weren't there at all.

Rex stopped rubbing his face as Shiomi gently layed her head on his shoulder. It reminded him of the new relationship they were in. Thanks to all the stress and work he had completely forgotten the happenings from this morning but now he remembered and now he felt awkward being around her. What should he even do now that they were dating? This was his first time truly dating someone so he was rather uncertain. What were the boundaries? The expectations? The things he should do? Just another thing to add to this all. "I'll.... Try... But nevermind that. How was your day?" He asks, trying to be as casual and normal as possible.

Eadlyn blushes a bit and shakes her head. "No..." She was quiet before groaning and laughing as she blushes even more. "But now I am. Thanks alot, geez." She says as she fans her cheeks, trying to cool them down.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial gulped as he thought of the idea of six daughters and one son. That would be hell. When Shiomi first started her menstrual cycle she had kicked, bitten, scratched and burned him several times during her rather nasty ones in the beginning. When she gave him a chance he didn't blink, he didn't nothing. All he said was "Three kids please." At a speed faster than a fighter jet. "Please be three." He whispered to her tummy.

Akiro hugged her from behind as he kept her face hidden from him, laying his head down on her shoulder. "It's almost painfully hard." He said with a small chuckle as he poked her rear with it playfully. "Please? Just try to touch it a little?" He asked almost beggingly, almost feeling as if he was being tortured with every second that passed.

"You're welcome." Chidori said with a smile as she helped put this away, some how finding space for all of the stuff she bought when there had been no space there in the first place, at all. "How was your day?" Chidori asked with a small smirk.

"Argh...Ichirou..." Hei said while panting as he came into the room, shutting the door behind him. "I know about...you skipping.." He said, sounding authoritative. "I know why." He said as his voice softened a little as he placed a hand on his shoulder. "Listen son. I know you want to impress this girl that you like, and I know you probably didn't care at the time, but your future is important. I'm not mad son, I'm not, but just don't do it again, please?" He said with a smile. When he said please, this was the first time he'd ask. He'd be nice and polite. The second and third time however would be much different, with an actual lecture from him and Kierra.

Raiden waited quietly, ready to strike. He already thought out his plan. He was going to wait till nightfall, then 'ask' him to quit messing with Annelise, then threaten to hurt Mei the next time he was seen with Annelise. In his mind, it'd work.

"My day was good...just thinking about you most of it." Shiomi said with a tiny giggle as she closed her eyes a bit, feeling the warmth from his body. When she was like this, you could see how much of a delicate flower she really was. "Just relax..." She said quietly with her eyes closed.

"Oh you're welcome." Valeryia said as they got close to the house. "Totally tell me though if you do anything. I wanna know all the naughty little details." She said with a devious grin. "How long till he's here?" She asked.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Shiomi laughed happily at Belial's respons. Ofcourse she knew he would crawl back this quikly from saying he wanted seven kids at once. But perhaps they could get them later. Gently she ran a hand through his hair before kissing his forhead. "Don't worry. I won't put you through that nightmare." She says with a light giggle, already imagining the most dramatic situations with 6 girls.

Moira softly bit her lip as he poked her once again. Humans truly dared to be more physical in early stages of the relationship than Navidians. One part of her was truly shy and wanted to keep the distance but an other part of her was rather curious about all of this. About all of him. "Only a little bit then." She says softly before reaching behind her and carefully wrapping her cold hand around his warm pulsating member. It felt strange to say the least. Soft but hard at the same time.

"It was good. Me and Hei took the first day off in years and-" Kierra started but then she noticed Chidori's smirk, causing her to blush and punch her sister-in-law's shoulder. "D-Don't give me that look." She says a tad bit embarresed.

Ichirou had so prayed his dad would just walk past his room so he completely tensed as he walked in. Oh no no no no. So busted. So damn busted! He literrly began to sweat as he rubbed the back of his neck. How did he get out of this?! Not. Ofcourse not. But when he got off without a lecture he sighed in relief, knowing he just escaped a fire. "I won't do it again dad." He promised his father with a smile. Though he was suprised how accurate his father had been when he guessed the reason of him skipping class.

Fillian continoud to watch tv when he heard the door open, almost causing him to jump up but he relaxed when he felt the familiar aura of Souji. He smiled a bit and called out to them. "Welcome home! Time for dinner?" He asked as always. He could hardly wait for Mina's delicious cooking. It has always been the highlight of his day.

Rex couldn't help but blush a tad bit to those words. He knew she was always thinking about him but that didn't make it less awkward. Though as she told him to relax he simply sighs. She made it sound so easy while it was so hard to do so. "I kinda can't." He says honeslty as he rubs his side temple, budgets, problems and reports swirling in his mind.

Eadlyn blushed even more. T-They were not going to do anything naughty already!.... Probably... Glad to change the subject she quikly answers. "Soon I think. Though I guess this time I should inform my parents of my leaving. Don't want to make the same mistake twice." She says, remembering this morning.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial smiled a bit, knowing his wife didn't want to torture him like that. "Thank you dear." He said quietly as he nuzzled her back, kissing her neck a bit. "I'm excited to have more children with you." He said quietly as he rubbed her ears a bit. "I hope I don't get burnt or scratched again.." He said quietly with a whine.

Akiro closed his eyes and bit his lip hard as he felt her soft hand wrap around his pulsating member, causing it to get even worse. A little bit of juice leaked out of the tip and onto her hand, it practically melting in her cold hand. "It feels so different but good..." He said quietly while throbbing into her hand, moaning slightly.

Chidori giggled a bit as Kierra punched her, knowing exactly what Kierra and Hei did. "Trust me, my brother only get's that energetic after he's been moving around. And there's only three things he moves around for. The rough stuff, jumping around during his class and for feet. I know which one of those it was, considering I could see you walking a little differently earlier." She said with a small smirk. "Was it the rough stuff?" She asked.

"Thanks son." Hei said with a grin before sighing. "Please tell me that you got something out of skipping class with this girl. Like a number or something." He said, hoping that Ichirou had gotten something that he wanted out of skipping.

"Hell no we're not making dinner." Mina said with a completely straight face before she grinned and started giggling. "God your face! I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding, don't cry!" She said to Fillian while giggling even more, having to get down onto the floor in a ball to contain herself.

Shiomi frowned a little before nuzzling her head against his shoulder a bit. "I'm sorry....." She said quietly she made one of her poofy tails go into one of his hands. "Squeeze it. You'll feel better..." She said quietly, wanting him to decompress a bit.

Valeryia nodded, not wanting to hear her yelled at by her parents early in the morning all over again. "You should get ready, Eaddy." Valeryia said with a small smile as she hugged her. "I'll go finish my homework, okay?" She asked with a smile.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia closed her eyes and purred softly as he rubbed her sensitive ears but then she giggled and rolls her eyes. "Oh honey, you will get burned and bitten and scratched. That's inevitable with fox babies." She says, knowing no way he was going to go through the years unscratched.

A shiver went down her spine as Moira heard Akiro moan. It was strange how much a single touch had such an effect on him. He even was already leaking fluids. Deciding to see how much further she could take the she softly began to move her hand up and down his length. "Different in what way?" She quietly asked him as she concentrated on feeling him and pleasuring him.

Kierra blushed fiercely. Chidori had noticed and figured that out by just looking at the way she walked?! Did she walk that differently? She thought not but in the car it had been rough indeed so maybe... She blushed even more before punching her shoulder once again. "You are a terrible sister-in-law!" She squeeks out, more out of embaresment than actually meaning it ofcourse.

Ichirou laughed sheepishly as he rubs the back of his head and blushes even more. "Well.... I did get her number.... A-And we might've...." He gulped before blushing even deeper. "K-Kissed." He shyly squeeked out, finding it awkward to admit to his father.

Fillian's complete face fell at Mina's words. Wait.... No food?.... But when he noticed she was joking he looked rather annoyed and folded his arms. Yeah, very funny. Souji on the other hand did find it rather funny but still he gently picked Mina off of the ground. "No teasing the poor boy so much. Come, off to the kitchen you go." He says while carrying his wife there.

Rex did find her tails rather soft but he also find it strange to just stroke her tails as if she was some kind of pet. Even though he did see Belial do it all the time to his wife so he guessed it was just a normal custom for fox demons. Softly he ran his fingers through her almost silky white hairs, finding them indeed incredibly soft.

Eadlyn smiled and nodded before hugging her friend back. "I will, and good luck with that." She says before walking to her room and getting herself ready. This time she decided on an elegant emerald dress and puts her hair up in a classy but messy bun, just to let it be a bit playfull. Though now came the hard part. Relectuntly she walks to her parents room and takes a deep breath before knocking.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial sobbed internally, knowing that he was going to go through a world of pain that no man could bring to him. The only people that could do that to him were his own children, as they were his weakness. "The only people who can bring this pain to be are my children...." He said quietly before sighing. "Why do kids like beating up on me so much?" He asked with a frown.

Akiro bit his lip and moaned some more as she actually started to rub him off now, feeling completely dominated by her hand. "It's like....pleasure times ten because it's not me doing it..." He said with a small moan. "Your hand is really soft..." He said quietly, looking down at her rubbing him and throbbing into her palm, leaking even more onto her.

Chidori giggled as she got hit, knowing she embarrassed Kierra. "Oh it's not my fault I know what people are like after the do." She said with a small giggle. "Come on, you think I haven't done it enough times to know?" She asked with a small smirk. "I know all the works Kierra. You won't be able to ever hide what you do from your sister in law." She said with her smirk.

Hei stood silent for a moment, blinking a little before he chuckled a bit, sitting down on the bed and patting Ichirou's back hard with his tentacles. "Good job son!" Hei said with a grin, laughing all the way. "You have your old mans charm, totally." He said with a grin.

Mina giggled loudly, getting lifted up to the kitchen, pretending to try and fight it as she was set in. After being set in, she gave Souji a kiss on the cheek and started to get to work, feeling as if something was off about the energy in the home but not thinking about something it could be directly linked to.

Shiomi gave a satisfied smile as he ran her fingers through her tails, closing her eyes as she kept her head leaned against his shoulder letting out small purrs as he ran his fingers through her tails. "How does it feel?" She asked as her other tails swayed happily.

Joseph opened the door, wearing just his bathrobe loose. In the bed you could see Fayline, laying there naked but covered up. "You look....beautiful." Joseph said with a quiet sigh before smiling. "I assume your going out tonight?" He asked with a smile.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia gently and lovingly rubbed her nose against his neck before smiling up at him. "I don't think they 'like' beating you up. It is in a fox demons genes to be a little bit rough against their father to show off their own fierceness. I did it all the time to my father as well, earning me some beating and growls in return." She says with a giggle, the small fights of dominance being a happy memory. "Though you as a Royal Demon are ofcourse different so you handle it different and maybe that is why you get the feeling that Shiomi liked beating you up or that she doesn't love you at times."

It truly made Moira happy to hear that she was able to give him so much pleasure. Dear ancestors punish her, she even wanted to do more things to him even though it was a forbidden concept to do these things to one if now pledged to the other yet. But this wasn't Navidian. And she already broken enough pledges and rules. So one more wouldn't hurt. Finally finding the courage she turned around so she could see what she was doing to him. She softly bit her lip and she held him a bit tighter and moved faster before suddenly kneeling down infront of him and taking him in her mouth, wanting to give him even more pleasures.

"I know you know how it all works." Kierra mumbles as she folds her arms, still embarressed by the whole situation. "And that you are my sister in law is EXACTLY the reason why I don't want you to know these kinds of things. I am married to your brother. I am doing those things with your brother so it is just weird to talk about." She says as she quikly continous cooking to distract herself and hopefully Chidori would leave to be with her little army.

Ichirou's eyes widened and he sweared he felt his back almost break in half as his father 'patted' his back, which felt like a sledgehammer going down on his spine. Geez man, his dad truly didn't know his own strength. "T-Thanks?" He said, slightly unsure wether having his fathers 'charms' was a good or a bad thing. Though he understoud the compliment.

Souji gave Mina's stomach a loving rub and kissed her cheek in return. The simple act of rubbing her stomach just sended such a huge wave of happiness through him. "Call for me when you get nauseous or so and I'll take over." He said, knowing he was a terrible cook but not wanting her to overwork herself already. He walked to the living room and sat down next to Fillian. "Something is off, don't you think?" He asked with a smile as if talking about the weather.

"Ah, I knew I wasn't feeling it wrong." Fillian said as he changes the chanel of the tv. "Have been feeling it since walking home from school. Strange though, I can't place it. But I am sure we will find it soon enough." He says with a shrug, not feeling the presence of immediate danger yet but still something was there that made them uncomfortable so he should be on guard.

Rex couldn't help but admit to himself that it was rather cute when Shiomi was like this, quiet, laying on his shoulder, purring softly like a kitten. It was truly the opposite of what she sometimes could be. "Very soft. But that is only logical since you groom them to perfection every day." He says, knowing about Shiomi's need to groom her tails into perfection which was surely a fox demon thing.

Eadlyn blushed softly at the compliment given by her from her dad, making her smile as well as she brushes a piece of lose hair behind her ear. "Thank you dad. And yes I am." She replied, nervousness now setting a bit in her stomach as she twirls a piece of hair around her finger. "Is it... Okay if I go? He'll be here soon so it'll be rude to call him off so..."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial sighed a little, knowing he didn't have those instincts inside of him to realize what they were doing. "I know...it's just...I don't want to hit them back, because of how strong I am." He said, terrified slightly of what his own power could do to his children. He was a beast when it came to fighting and when he was unchained he was no longer himself anymore. He was mindless demon, and he would never hit his children because he knew what could happen. "At least they're cute when biting me so it's okay..." Belial said quietly with a small chuckle before kissing Cecilia cheek. "Plus, I know their mother will make it all better." He said with a grin before he snuggled up against her.

Akiro moaned the entire time she pleasured him, closing his eyes and just enjoying the sensual feeling of her rubbing him, which brought his great pleasure. As soon as she turned around and faced him, he smiled, throbbing into her hand as he saw her expression as she rubbed him before he gasped a little as she took him in her mouth, melting inside of her mouth as he felt the greatest pleasure he had ever felt before in his life. "This feels amazing~" He moaned out as he felt her tongue rub against him, making him throb even more. He was so close to finishing, but he wanted to hold on and he did, holding back against the relentless pleasure coming from her mouth.

Chidori giggled a little, knowing exactly what Kierra meant. She was going to respond, before she heard her kids begin arguing with each-other. She of course stepped in and stopped them before she started playing with them as well, keeping them concentrated to one area of the room only.

Hei nodded a bit before sighing, rubbing his face with one of his tentacles before looking over at Ichirou. "So when are you going to bring this girl over to meet your mother, me, your aunt and all your little cousins?" He asked, wanting Gilford to meet the whole family first before he gave any sort of blessing.

Mina smiled a little as he rubbed her stomach before focusing on dinner a bit, feeling and odd presence in her home that she didn't like. It seemed bad, and it worried her a little. Actually, it worried her a lot. "Hey Souji, is it alright if we have Mei sleep in our room with us tonight?" She asked loudly, knowing Fillian and Dequan could handle themselves pretty well if anything were to happen.

Shiomi gave a soft smile as she swayed her tails slowly, nodding a little. "Of course..I wouldn't feel right in the morning if I didn't." She said gently with her eyes closed, continuing to purr after she stopped talking. She just seemed to enjoying being with him and on him, finding it one of the most comfortable things in the world for her. After all, she did love him.

Joseph was silent for a little while before sighing a bit and smiling before leaning in and kissing her cheek. "Yes dear." He said before hearing a knock at the door. "Honey I'm going to meet her date!" Joseph said to Fayline quickly, taking Eadlyn's hand and shutting the door lightly before he walked with her to the front door. He opened it, seeing Takao. His slicked back black hair and tattoos that came from his neck to the bottom of his jaw screamed Yakuza. At least however one could see his face quite clearly. "I presume you are the man trying to court my daughter." Joseph said with his eyes narrowed.

"Yes, sir." Takao said with a bow. He was wearing his best clothes as he said, which was a nice grey suit, a white and crisp dress shirt with an onyx colored tie, a nice watch and black dress shoes. "And Hello Mr.Bordeaux, I am Takao. Takao Sesshoumaru. I'd love to stay and chat, but we have reservations at one of the fanciest French restaurants in town, and I may miss it if I stay. However, if you wished, I'd love to set up a time for me and you to meet and get to know each other." He said with a smile.

Joseph thought for a moment before nodding his head, his mouth not even moving. "You do that. Think of a time and text it to Eadlyn so she can tell me." He said before looking over at Eadlyn. "Have fun." He said with a smile before kissing her cheek.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
"I know darling." Cecilia said as he explained about not wanting to hit them. She deffinantly understood that and she found it very endearing that he cared so much for their child and future children to never even dare trying that. As he snuggled more against her she held him tightly, her tails swaying happily back and forth under the sheets. "Exactly, and I will be here for you forever." She said with a big smile.

What Moira was doing was actually making her rather nervous and a tad bit unsure but as she heard Akiro voice his pleasure she knew that she shouldn't be unsure of this. She was pleasing the man she had fallen in love for and it was more than worth it. Encouraged by this she began to suck him harder and move a bit faster as her hand pleasure the parts her mouth couldn't reach.

Kierra sighed in happy relief before smiling and continouing her cooking, happy to be freed from Chidori's questions and talks about the weird subject.

Ichirou's eyes widened a bit. B-B-Bringing her over to meet his entire family?! Oh, he could already see the distasters happening. "I-I'll think.... Not yet?" He said, not wanting to say no to his dad but deffinantly not wanting to say yes already. They just knew eachother! He didn't already wanted to sadle her up with this crazy family. He loved them but still not this soon!

Souji and Fillian glanced at eachother. So even Mina was feeling uncomfortable. "Ofcourse honey." Souji called back towards his wife, not minding it at all and even feeling better knowing his little girl would be safe with them. Fillian and Dequan could protect themselfs.

Rex softly continoud to pat her soft tail when he felt the stress he had been feeling being replaced by exhaustion. Now that his mind wasn't on his work his body relaxed but it also showed how much he had tired himself out. He rubbed his face with his other hand to keep himself awake but still he felt his eyes droop a bit. But he couldn't go to sleep yet. They hadn't even gotten dinner and there is still so much to do. But still he couldn't stop himself from gently laying his head against Shiomi's and slowly closing his eyes.

Fayline just said a soft 'Okay' at what Joseph said while Eadlyn's eyes widened alot and her heart pounded faster. H-He was going to do what?! As they walked to the door she tried to come up with an excuse for them not to meet, she really didn't want this to be distasterous. But then the door opened and immediatly she calmed down, though her heart was beating faster for a different reason now. Nervously she watched the exchange between the two man and to her relief it was short and polite. "Thanks, bye dad." She said quikly, feeling so much relief as she gently took Takao's arm and quikly walked to his car. When she got in she sighed alot in pure relief before smiling at him. "You handled that pretty well."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I know." Belial said with a small satisfied grin before kissing Cecilia's cheek. "It's all worth it because of that." He said quietly before he sighed a little and cuddled against her. "I really don't wanna get out of this bed..." He said quietly before stretching a bit. "I suppose we should say hello to my siblings...and my father..." He said while rubbing his chin. "Oh and mother too! I forgot she's still around. She reads too much for me to know these days." He said, barely ever seeing her anymore.

Akiro continued to moan, feeling like he couldn't hold it in much longer. After a little bit of feeling her mouth and hand combined, he tried to pull away a little, still getting some on her mouth but mainly getting it around her mouth and down her chest a little bit, moaning still the entire time as his eyes almost rolled back into his head before he actually had to sit down on the floor, completely drained. "That...was..amazing.." He said quietly with a small pant.

"Huh, why?" Hei asked, a little surprised Ichirou didn't wanna show his awesomely crazy family off. Who didn't want to see a bunch of crazy ghouls and two Draki. Actually, the more he thought about it, the more he realized how much they'd probably scare the poor girl away. "Actually, never mind." Hei said before smiling a little. "You know, you should say hi to your aunt. She hasn't seen you all day." He said quietly.

"Thank you! Mei! You're sleeping with Mommy and Daddy tonight!" Mina said loudly, almost screaming. You could hear a loudly 'Yay!' come from the upstairs, making Mina giggle a small bit while cooking, finding her daughter adorable and making her wonder a bit what her next child would be like, hopeing they would enjoy and live life like Mei did.

Louisa stood in her room, staring at herself in the mirror a bit which for some reason was a little bit more cracked than it had been yesterday. It was most strange to her. "Best to ignore it.." She said to herself before going over to her music player and putting on music. It was triumphant orchestrated music. As the violin's started blaring, she began dancing, using her years of ballet training somewhere out of her school. Oh yes, this was only for special occasions. Like her victory against Fillian.

Shiomi was slightly surprised when Rex's head laid against hers, but she had no problem with it. She was quite happy. She smiled a little, her tails swaying a bit more as she transferred her heat with Rex. Her purring continued, although it was very quiet. "Do you want me to make you some food?" She asked very softly, hearing his stomach mildly growl.

Takao grinned a bit as they walked to the car, knowing he had been successful. As he laid back into his seat, he chuckled at her comment, nodding a bit. "I've been forced to make nice with people at gun point Eadlyn. This is nothing new, although I could feel your dad shooting daggers into me." He said with a small chuckle before he started his car and started driving. "You'll be happy tonight." He said with a grin. "Do you like French food by any chance?" He asked.

Joseph watched until they left before sighing a bit, walking back to his room. He couldn't believe his baby girl was going on dates now. He was feeling old. Renald and Ivanka were getting older, Rex was in his fifties, Rex's mother was even older now. Rex's brother Hei, was middle aged and now Vasilia Romanov herself was an old woman. The last generation of warriors were becoming old, and he was no exception. He sighed a bit, thinking about Tiras and the woman he had kids with before rubbing his face as he walked into him and Fayline's bedroom. He laid in the bed with her, snuggling a bit before kissing her cheek a little bit, being quiet for a little while. "You know...I think I want to finally contact Tiras's children.." He said quietly. For years he had often wanted to see them, but was afraid. He didn't want to be reminded anymore of Tiras, but it had been nineteen years now. He needed to move past it, and he wanted to do it soon before they became too old to care.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia chuckled a bit before softly leaving light butterfly kisses across his neck and jawline. "We should get out of the room and just see them. That's what we came here for in the first place." She said inbetween her kisses before smiling up at him. Honestly, she didn't want to leave the bed either since it was rather comfortable but they should really get out of the bed to see his family.

Moira didn't understand why he suddenly pulled away, wondering what she did wrong but she quikly understood as he sprayed his seeds once again over her. With a blush she wipes some away from her mouth, still thinking about how her planet would've damned her for this but as she saw Akiro like this, panting from pleasure, she didn't care one bit about her planet's customs or her title as a Princess. She won't be may to return anyway so rules be damned. Atleast that's what she was trying to convince herself. Still her stomach felt a longing for home and a voice in her mind screamed of the forbideness of this all.... To wipe away those thoughts she crawled over to Akiro and actually began to kiss and suck hungrily on his neck while her hands roamed his body. "Please, touch me as well." She almost begged him before she softly bit his earlobe.

Ichirou was glad his dad understood before smiling and nodding. "I will." He says as he walked over to the door but then paused and looked back. "I also will invite her here to meet you. But not yet. We just met and... It would be weird to already let her meet you." He says with a smile before walking to where he heard the commotion of the little army, knowing Chidori would be there. "Hey Aunt Chidori."

Souji chuckled a bit as he heard his daughter's happy voice. She was sort of grown but still she was such a sweeet child in her mind. Not that he minded or so. He loved her like that. "I'll be right back." He said to Fillian before walking up to his own room and opening one of the drawers of the clothed. What he took out was something he hadn't used in years. His scroll and pencil, used to give life to everything he drew, a power blessed by the gods. He put on one of his cloaks before neatly hiding the scroll and pencil away, hidden, like he used to wear them. It gave him a nostalgic feeling, back to the war. But luckily these were better times. But still the feeling that something was going to chance was still there. Long term and short term.... Quikly he made his way back down towards the kitchen where he curiously looked into one of the pots as the delicious scents filled his nose. "Is it almost done?" He asked with a soft smile.

Strangely enough, Shiomi's presence and purring was so soothing and calming that Rex almost began to fall asleep. Her presence now feeling quite the opposite of the whirlwind she could be. So when she spoke he softly shook his head. "No, the cooks are already buzy making dinner." He mumbled quietly as he felt his body go heavier, hinting him that he was about to fall asleep rather soon.

Eadlyn giggled a bit at his words. Oh yes, her dad had deffinantly been glaring daggers. Takao had been lucky there weren't actual daggers involved this time. "I guess that is something a Yakuza boss must master." She said with a small grin before blushing at his words and nodding. "Taking a French girl to a French restraunt, a very safe thing to do to make sure I actually like the food." She says, appreciating his way of thinking before her smile softened a bit. "You look good in that suit by the way."

Fayline smiled softly and kept her eyes closed as she felt the comfortable warmth of her husband return in the bed. Napping had actually helped to calm herself down after the whole biting incident. And the naughty things they did after that helped for some distraction as well. Even though she was still not happy about the things that had happend.... She was laying comfortable in the quiet when Joseph's words broke the silence and suprised her. After all these years he had finally admitted it. Honestly, she had the thought of him wanting to meet his adoptive son's kids for quite awhile but ofcourse she never dared to ask since it was a rather touchy subject. With a soft gentle smile she rolled around to face him before caressing his cheek. "That is a very brave thing of you to do. You never told me but I know what you've thought about it and... I think you should go to see them. They probably would want to hear more about how their father was and it will be tough on you for sure but... Perhaps those kids will turn out to become close family." She said encouragingly before softly kissing his lips.

Renald had finally arrived home from work. Later than normal. Training the new rookies had been harder than previous days since they had to go through a few physical test, pushing their own boundries, while he tried to push them even further. But he wasn't tired. Quite the opposite. He was excited. This day was finally the day he was going to help his daughter start a new part of her life. With a smile he looked at the small decorated box he carried as he made his way over to Valeryia's door. Gently he knocked on it, knowing he would get screamed at if he didn't. "Val, it's your father. Open up please."
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Belial smiled a bit and nodded before kissing her cheek and getting out of bed, stretching as he stood up before getting his clothes on. "I'm sure they'll all be up when we get out." He said as he got his clothes on, getting his hair all fixed before he waited for Cecilia to finish. After she was done, he took her hand and led her out to the main hall that went towards his father. Two lines of his siblings stood, stretching out from the beginning of the hall to their father, standing in perfect formation. All these siblings of Belial were of course from his mother and father, so they all looked like him in their own ways. It was about forty children in total, but they all had their own unique characteristics. Lucifer stood at the end, next to Satan, being the black sheep due to him being the only one born of Satan's first wife. Belial's oldest siblings who was a year younger than him, Abaddon, stood next to his mother, who sat down in a throne next to Satan. As they walked, each one of Belial's siblings bowed before the got to the end, to Satan. He was old. Much older than he used to be. He looked like he was dying. "Hello son....hello Cecilia." Satan said, his voice quite loud in the quiet room.

"Hello dears." Belial's mother, Bellila said with a smile.

"Greetings, brother and sister in law." Abaddon said.

"We're pleased to have you here back with us." All of the other siblings said.

"Enough of the formality's already! This isn't a meeting with a king, this is just your brother coming here! Get the alcohol out, get the food the servants have prepared for us! The demonic symphony shall play us music to dance to! Have fun my children, do not hold back your indulgence!" Satan said before smiling a little. Suddenly, all the siblings scrambled, pulling out carts of food, breaking out champagne and getting in demons with instruments in. Suddenly, the whole room erupted in music as a party literally was thrown in the grand hall of the royal palace. "Now that they all are distracted, how have you two been?" Satan asked, rubbing his beard a little.

Akiro panted a little more as she got on top of him and moaned quietly as she kissed and sucked on his neck. As she asked, he started touching her, sliding her panties off and rubbing his fingers against her sensitive areas as he sucked on her neck back as well, making sure to leave small hickies on the side of her neck. "How does that feel?" He asked, whispering huskily into her ear and nibbling on her earlobe a bit.

Chidori smiled a bit, waving over at Ichirou. "Hi Ichirou." She said with a smile before getting her army off of her and walking over to him, pinching his cheeks as she made all sorts of childish noises. "Oh who has chubby cheeks? You do! You do!" She said with a playful tone before pulling away and booping his nose. "How was your day?" She asked.

"Oh not just yet." Mina said before grinning a little. "I put something special in the oven for you tonight when you were upstairs. You're just going to have to wait a little extra longer, okay?" She said before kissing his cheek and smiling, brushing her hair out of her face once again before finally just putting it in a bun.

Shiomi nodded a little, simply saying "Okay.." Before closing her eyes back. She didn't move when he started to fall asleep and in fact, she didn't either. She fell asleep with him, wrapping her tails slowly around him lightly to keep him nice and warm as they both fell asleep.

Takao chuckled a bit before nodding his head, glad she exactly saw right through him and got what he was thinking. At her compliment he blushed lightly, smiling a bit before looking over at her. "Thanks, although I should be it to you." He said with a small grin as he looked over at what she was wearing. "Beautiful clothes for an even more beautiful woman. You look very nice." He said as he stopped at a red light.

Joseph gave Fayline a soft smile as he listened to her supportive words, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her cheek after she finished. "I know...i'll call them later tonight. Their mother. So I can set up a time." He said quietly before rubbing her stomach a little bit. "Will you come with me?" He asked quietly.

Valeryia was listening to her music while doing her homework, wearing a light green tank top and compression shorts with her hair tied back to stay out of her face. It was a nice look on her. When she heard a knock on the door she turned her music off and opened it, looking down a little and smiling at her father before giving him a bit of a hug. "Hello daddy." She said with a smile as she looked at him. "Is everything alright?" She asked, a bit of her British accent coming out as she asked him.
 Belial smiled a bit and nodded before kissing her cheek and getting out of bed, stretching as he stoo
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia quikly got out of bed and fixed her clothes and hair as well, wanting to look good when she once again saw her family in law. With a smile she took Belial's hand as they walked to his awaiting siblings. Her family was big but this was truly an army of family. 40 Siblings. Even in her mind that was a bit too much. Even though she loved children was was not going to put 40 onto the world. It all felt a bit formal in the beginning so she was glad when Satan, being the always happy man she knew, proclaimed they should have fun. Immediatly the air in the room changed to somehting lighter and she couldn't help but smile more. "We have been great." She answered with a large smile. Well, great if you didn't count the things with Tomoe this morning. "Oh, and we..." She blushed a bit and cleared her throat before gently laying Belial's hand on her stomach and leaning her back against his chest. "We are actually trying for more children. You are going to have more grandchildren very soon."

Moira gasped softly as his fingers fully touched her down there. Yesterday it had been rubbing through her pants but now he was touching her without the barrier and it felt soo much better. She felt her body starting to heat up as she began to yearn even more for him though she wasn't sure for exactly what more. As he also bit her earlobe she moaned even louder and began to rub herself more against his hand, her body begging for more. "It feels... Amazing." She said between her moans. Though it also felt like a sin.

Ichirou groaned as his cheeks got pulled. Even after so many years this will never stop. Heck, he was sure this would even happen if he was married with kids. "My day was fine auntie." He quikly said as he rubbed his poor, now red, cheeks. They weren't that chubby in his opinion and he did not like them being pulled at all. "How was yours?" He asked politely in return.

Souji was very tempted to go to the oven and see what his lovely wife had in store for him but as she said he had to wait he pouted. Daw, he really was curious now. But as a good husband, he was going to wait patiently. When she started to put her hair in a bun he pouted even more as he playfully slapped her hands away and began to undo her bun. "No doing that. I want it lose." He said a tad bit childishly, showing her once more how much he loved her lose hair. Especially since he was the only person, besides the kids ofcourse, who was may to see her like that.

Rex smiles softly as he felt something warm wrap around him, allowing her to fully drift into a nice sleep. And he could've slept for a rather long time. If one of his maids had not knocked on the door. With a groan he opened his eyes and sat slightly upright, carefully not to move to much to let Shiomi lay. Then he noticed that that comfortable warmth was from her tails, making him blush a tad bit before clearing his troath. "Come on in." The maid opened the door and bowed politely saying "Dinner is ready, President Rex." before leaving again. Rex sighed a bit before gently shaking Shiomi. "Shiomi, wake up."

Eadlyn blushed a bit at his compliment. Yes she knew the dress looked good on her, ofcourse, that's why she had picked it. But it felt good to hear him say that as well. "Thank you. " She said with a smile as she elegantly crosses one leg over the other. "So how has your day been? Mine has been ofcourse a standard boring school day but I guess your day must have been more exciting." She asked, not knowing at all off the troubles Takao had encountered throughout his day.

Fayline was truly very proud of Joseph that he finally dared to take this huge step. She snuggled even closer to him before kissing his lips. "Ofcourse I will come with you honey. If you want me there then I will be right besides you." She said with a caring smile.

Renald smiled a bit more as she hugged him and nodded at her question. "Everything alright. Though I have a bit of a suprise for you." He says as he walked into her room before closing the door. He walked to the chairs in her room and sat down on one and waited for her to sit down as well before continouing to talk. "I have told you before right that I was the first in two hundred years in my family to be finally be gifted with the ability to see and capture spirits, right?" He asked, though knowing the answer was already yes. "So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see and feel that you were bestowed with this power as well besides your mother ice powers. I know you can't see spirits yet or only sometimes but I can feel that you can learn to see. It is rather dangerous to enslave spirits like I have told you so I waited a long time for you to be grown up but I think it is time I should start teaching you." He said with a wide smile as he opened the box he had in his hands. Inside were beatifull lace female gauntlets. They were quite the opposite of his own leather gauntlets since these were clearly made for a female but the purpose was the same, to keep enslaved the caught spirits inside. "These have been gone through many generations of our family, worn by woman with the same abilites as us. So, are you ready to learn?"
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Satan grinned a little as he heard that they were trying for more grandchildren, looking over at Bellila, her too smiling. "I'm glad. I'd like to see them before I.." He coughed a little bit before looking over at them. The look in his eyes said it all. He was dying. He was getting old. "Anyways.." He said, moving from that topic. "How many younglings do you two plan on having?" He asked, looking over at his army of forty.

Akiro moaned a little at her response, enjoying her kisses on his neck as he continued to play with her, sticking the tip of his middle finger inside of her before pull it out and rubbing a little bit harder than before. It felt like a sin to him too, but a good one. He liked this sin.

"Oh you know, just dealing with my army." Chidori said jokingly as she looked over at her kids who all looked pretty tired out. "They're so energetic and crazy sometimes..." She said quietly, smiling as she saw them all tired. "They're really cute too when they're like this.." She said, watching them with a big smile.

Mina giggled a little before playfully growling as her long flowing hair drooped over her face. "I can't see with this giant forest in my face!" She said pushing her hair behind her shoulders all the way to her knees. Yeah, she tended to cut her hair sort down there. Any longer and she would have tripped, and she had no intention of becoming the Chinese Rapunzel. "I'll leave it down though." She said with a smile while finishing up the food she had on the stove now, letting the food that was baking stay in there.

Shiomi whined a little as she woke up, her tails pointing a bit before she looked at him and pouted. "Why'd you wake me up?" She asked with her adorable pout, her tails swaying tiredly. She was really enjoying her rest too. It felt nice, and warm. And touchy. Very touchy, and she loved it.

Takao chuckled a bit before shaking his head, pushing the bad stuff far into the back of his brain. "Just a regular day honestly. I didn't have to do too much." He said before shrugging. "I suppose there was a stabbing today, so that was interesting but besides that, it was good." He said before smiling and looking over at her. "What do you plan on doing after school?" He asked.

"Thank you love.." Joseph said quietly with a smile as he snuggled up against her and gave her a kiss back, almost a little excited to meet them. He always wondered if they'd be successful, if they'd be like their father and....and if they'd know anything about him. Their grandfather, technically. "Oh yeah, Eadlyn's date. Super tattooed but polite. What do I make of it?" He asked.

Valeryia was curious as to what her father was doing before she shrieked a little. It was time! The day had came that he'd finally train her to be like him. The gauntlets were so beautiful to her. They looked liked all of her hopes and dreams, put into one piece of clothing. At her fathers question she nodded her head, giving a wide and broad grin as she smiled in excitement. "Yes father. Teach me how to be just like you." She said with a grin, almost bouncing.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia's smile fell a bit and her ears drooped down as she saw the look in Satan's eyes. Something she had hoped she wouldn't see in atleast a hundred years. To believe that part of Belial's family, her family, his father, would be gone soon. It just pained her alot. She glanced at Belial, wondering how he felt but decided not to ask it here but later. Trying to be as normal as possible she smiles as she looks back at all Belial's siblings. "Not forty. My body and Belial's sanity won't have that." She says with a light chuckle and a shrug. "We never really discussed how many kids. But I would like 15 or so."

Moira bit her lip in suprise as she suddenly felt one of his fingers go slightly into her, her body feeling dissapointed and screamed for even more as he pulled it out. So that was what her body wanted. She just wanted him inside of her. Her breathing became a bit more ragged as he rubbed her even harder, causing her to moan louder as well as she ran her hands through his hair.

"I like them the most when they are like this." Ichirou said jokingly as well as he looked at his now quiet cousins. Yes, he prefered them quiet and not jumping around and climbing on him like little monkeys. But he adored them all the way. They were just so cute and adorable. Though when looking at them a slight pain crossed his heart as the picture wasn't complete. There were two people missing...

Souji laughed lightly as she complained about her own hair. It was her fault for keeping it that long though he was certainly glad she never cut it. It was beautifull like this. "Thank you love." He said as he wraps his arms around her from behind and nuzzeld his face against her neck, his hands on her stomach. He could get a tad bit more touchy now sinds the kids weren't in the kitchen.

Rex smiled a bit apologetically as she obviously did not wanted to wake up. He had prefered not to wake up as well but he couldn't let the food go to waiste. "The cooks have made dinner. We should go eat something." He said before gently pulling her to her feet.

Eadlyn's eyes widened a bit at his words. A regular day for him was a day where stabbings happend? That actually got her a bit nervous. What if he got hurt? Yes, she knew the dangers of his job but hearing these kinds of things made them more real. Though she guessed at the Yakuza boss he does know how to protect himself. That calmed her down a bit but still the worry wouldn't really leave. At his question she simply shrugs. "I don't exactly know yet. I have actually wanted to go to France to live there for awhile and see where the wind takes me. Though I do think it will be something in fashion and jewerly design." She says with a small smile.

Fayline could see the small excitement in his eyes but also the nervousness. She understood it though. He was finally going to meet his, technically, grandkids. Who knows what they were like. At his words about Eadlyn's date she raises her eyebrow a bit. Super tattood? That didn't sound like someone Eadlyn would normally hang out with. But perhaps she was looking for someone with a bit of an edge? "I don't have a clue honestly. Perhaps he is faking to look tough with the tattoos. Or perhaps he was faking politeness?" She says with a light shrug. "But I am sure if Eadlyn hangs out with him then he is a good person."

Renald loved the excitement he saw in his daughters face and pulled her off of the chair into a hug. He was so excited for this as well to finally start training her though it will not be easy. "Very well." he says as he puts the box with the gauntlets on her table. "Don't think it will be easy. It will be alot of mental training before you can actually learn how to catch them. It has some dangers and things you should be carefull with but I will all explain that to you. But not today. I'll make a shedule for us to train. We will start very soon but till then don't put on the gauntlets yet. They do have some powers and I don't want anything to happen yet." He explains with a smile.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Satan nodded a bit before looking over at his wife and chuckling a little bit at there number, seeming to have a conversation with their eyes that nobody else could understand. "Oh I remember those days..." He said quietly before stroking his beard a bit. "Me and Bellila were only planning on having ten children together at first....now look." He said with a small chuckle, seeing his army of children dancing around and partying over in the distance.

Akiro was quite pleased by her moaning, feeling himself get aroused again as he rubbed her. Again, he slipped a finger in but this time he put it in all the way. He started moving his hand back and forth, panting a little as he looked up at her, sticking it deeper inside again.

Chidori noticed Ichirou's expression as he looked at them and knew what he was thinking. It was painful for her too, but she couldn't show it. She couldn't do anything. She had to take care of them. They were her life now. Akiro was grown up and Naomi was far too mature for her own good. That was it. She couldn't think anymore about it. "Kiera whatever you're making out of what I bought smells good!" She said with a grin.

"You're welcome dear.." Mina said with a small smile as she felt him hug her from behind, making her sigh quietly as she decompressed. She liked being in her husbands big arms. He was the only man who really could make her feel small and like it. She reached behind her and caressed his face a bit, smiling softly. "I love you husband.." She said while turning around and looking back at him, kissing his cheek.

"Okay..." Shiomi whined as she was gotten up. She held the door open for Rex with a tail, waiting for him to come before she followed him to the dining hall, her tails drooping a bit tiredly. "It smells good....." She said quietly as her nose twitched, her tails rising a bit behind her. Good food would always wake her up.

Takao nodded a bit as he listened to her ideas, smiling a bit afterwards. "Well that sounds wonderful." He said as he saw the restaurant in the distance. "I'm sure you already have decided what you're going to eat." He said with a grin as he stopped at another red light. He thought for a moment, wondering if she and him ended up dating if he'd be moving to France.

Joseph narrowed his eyes, thinking that he'd murder him if he was faking his politeness. "Perhaps the first..." He said quietly with a small growl. "I still don't like that she's dating..." He grumbled, still not used to the idea of his baby little girl dating someone. It just displeased his body and mind very greatly.

Valeryia nodded, understanding completely. "I won't put them on father." She said with a smile before looking over at him. "Thank you." She said, hugging him tightly, accidentally cracking his back. "I can't wait to tell mom!" She said accidentally loudly.

"I already know dear I'm just in the shower!" Ivanka yelled loudly from her room, making Valeryia break out in laughter.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia's heart warmed a bit as she looked at Satan and his wife. That was true love right there and she truly hoped that in so many years that Belial will still look the way at her like Satan looked at his wife. She chuckles a bit at his words. "Well, I could handle so many kids but let us hope for your son that we don't end up with forty." She says with a giggle. Oh god, Belial truly wouldn't live through forty kids.

Moira held on to his shoulders and tightend his grip as his finger slid inside of her. Never had she thought something like this would feel this could. But it did. It sended her body to a realm of pleasures she had never been before. She now understood why these things were forbidden to do on her planet before marriage. Something like this could easily get addicting. "Oh Akiro~.... What are you doing to my body." She moaned out before kissing him deeply.

"I hope it does! It is almost done!" Kierra called back from the kitchen making Ichirou smile as his stomach accidently growled. Yes, he was almost starving. He really craved for food and he was not ashamed to let people hear that.

Souji felt the way Mina relaxed in his arms, making him smile more, glad that she was still so comfortable and happy with him. He had heard about horror marriages where people got divorced and he was so glad they weren't one of those people. Without her he truly would have no purpose anymore in life. He would truly die. "I love you too my lovely wife." He says softly before nuzzling his nose against her head.

Rex looked at Shiomi's tails a bit in amusement. He found it funny how you could read her mood simply by looking at her tails. It sometimes came in really handy. "It does smell good." He said as they entered the dining hall and sat down. Butlers immediatly brought out the food, it being a traditional Japanese meal. Though Rex frowned a tad bit. Japanese cooking wasn't a thing his cooks were very familiar with. Was a new man hired? Though he shrugged it off as it looked incredibly good. (A cookie for you if you can guess the cook)

Ealdyn could deny it, but it was true so she couldn't. She blushed a tad bit though. Was it that obvious or was he already getting to know her better and better? "Well, I am sure you knew what you wanted to eat before walking into that Japanese restraunt yesterday." She said, trying to cover it a bit up when she noticed he suddenly got a deep thinking look on his face. "Hey, what's on your mind?" She asked sweetly, wanting him to share his thoughts.

Fayline couldn't help but chuckle. Yes, she wasn;t very fond of the idea either but Joseph looked like he truly wanted to keep their baby girl locked away in a dungeon so no man could ever get to her. He would've done that if he had a dungeon nearby for sure. "I know honey. I know." She said as she softly kissed his lips and rubbed his cheek. "But she is growing up. She is already 24. Be glad this didn't began when she was 16 or so. You raised her well. She knows what she is doing."

Renald's eyes widened as he heard his back crack a bit. Oh god. Though strangely enough his back did feel a bit more loose. He chuckled along as Valeryia laughed before patting his daughters head and giving her forhead a kiss. "Ofcourse your mom already knows. I had to ask her for permission." He said with a grin. "Now, do your homework and come get something to eat with us. I'll have our training shedule ready tomorrow, alright?"
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Satan simply chuckled and nodded his hand, squeezing Bellila's hand a bit as he looked over at Belial, knowing that Belial didn't have the patience for forty children. As he looked at Belial, his smile grew, seeing how much Belial truly looked like his mother.

Bellila squeezed Satan's hand back in return as she looked over at Cecilia, smiling. "So how is Shiomi?" She asked softly, her red eyes looking over at Cecilia. Belial's mother was quite beautiful with her pale skin, red eyes and long flowy white hair. Every single piece of hair on her body was white, even her eyelashes. It was easy to see why Shiomi and Belial were albino.

"I was about to ask you the same thing..." Akiro said with a small moan as he got even harder, continuing to finger her as his member laid against part of her sensitive area's, rock solid now. "The real thing would feel even better in there though." He whispered huskily in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe a bit roughly.

Chidori's stomach growled a little bit too, having been to busy with her little army to actually eat today. "Don't eat it all." She said teasingly while poking Ichirou's stomach, knowing how teenage boys could be.

Mina closed her eyes as he felt him nuzzle her, smiling as she just enjoyed being with her husband. She was incredibly happy this had worked out, for both of them. Souji had saved her, and she was sure that without him she wouldn't have made it as long as she did. She loved him for it, she loved him for him and she loved him for the beautiful children he had given her, and nothing would have changed it.

Shiomi's tail perked up completely along with her ears standing up as she saw the food coming in, reminding her exactly of the foods fox demons ate. She howled a bit, asking if there was another fox demon in the house before sitting next to Rex happily, her tails swaying, brushing against his back as they moved. "Thank you Rex." She said happily for getting her dinner, genuinely glad to be eating it with him.

Takao rubbed the back of his head, biting his lip a bit. "I was just...I was just thinking about if me and you..hook up, if you would have wanted me to go to France with you." He said a bit awkwardly as he pulled up at the restaurant and turned his car off. "What do you think about that?" He asked with a small smile.

Joseph sighed a bit before kissing her lips back happily, looking at her as she had her hand on his cheek. "I know...I understand that..." He said quietly before frowning a tad. "I just don't want my baby girl going, that's all." He said with his frown before sighing. "But she has to, and I know it." He said with a smile before bringing her closer into a cuddle. "All I need is my beautiful momma vamp to be here with me though and I feel much better." He said before kissing her cheek and grinning.

Valeryia smiled a bit as he kissed her forehead, feeling small before she nodded, giving him a light hug and getting back to her homework. As Ivanka came out of the shower, naked, she looked over at Renald as he came back into their room with a smile. "How did she take it?" She asked with a smile.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia smiled as well, the mother of her husband reminding her so much of him. "Shiomi is doing great. She is getting rather good marks at school and she finally gotten together wit-" But then she quikly swallowed those words. Well, she had gotten together with Rex, Shiomi had told her in the language of howling, but she hadn't told Belial yet.... "S-She's doing great." She says with a light nervous chuckle.

Moira softly bug her nails into his shoulders, not cutting him though, as she felt him become a tad bit rougher, giving her even more pleasures then before. "Then what are we waiting for?" She asked a tad out of breath. She knew she shouldn't be doing this yet. It went against everything she has been told. But this felt too great to stop, her mind was clouded, and the though of getting even more pleasure like this send her body yearning like never before.

Ichirou blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head with a smile before walking over to the kitchen and already sitting down in advance. A few minutes later the whole table was set and the food was on the plates. "Dinner is ready!" Kierra called out to the whole household, praying they would come quikly since Ichirou looked ready to devour everything on every plate.

Souji stayed like this for awhile, simply enjoying their embrace, till he felt his stomach rumble a bit in anticipation of food. Looking into one of the pots his mouth couldn't help but water. "Is it almost done?" He asked with a smile, knowing he wasn't the only one in the house waiting eagerly since he felt Fillian literrly peek around the corned of the kitchen door.

Rex noticed that Shiomi has gotten more touchy, with both her tails and just in general. But he guess he should have expected that. And besides, it was a normal thing, right? He raised one eyebrow curiously as she howled, wondering why she did that since Cecilia was out of the house. "You're welcome. Why did you-" His eyes widened a tad bit as he heard a fox howl in response. It didn't sound like Cecilia, it sounded male. Which was rather strange.

Eadlyn blushed a tad bit at his words. To believe he was already thinking about their future together made her warm up a bit. It meant he was truly serieus about dating her. She cleared her troath a bit before brushing a piece of hair out of her face. "Well... If we do end up as a couple... I think France will be out of the picture then. You are a Yakuza boss, you can't just leave whenever you want. They need you here. And if we end up dating I won't leave you either." She says with a soft smile.

Fayline nods as he pulled her closer into to cuddle. "Yes has too indeed. I already heard plans about her going to France and study there. So wether she end up dating that man or not, she will leave the nest one day, sooner than we want." She says before lightly kissing his lips. "But like you said, I'll be here with you." She adds with a loving smile.

Renald couldn't help but let his eyes roam over her beautifull body before walking over and wrapping his arms around his petite wife, not caring she was still wet from the shower. "How do you think? Ecstatic like expected." He says before lightly kissing her lips. "How was your day?"
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Bellila narrowed her eyes a bit, knowing exactly what Cecilia had been going towards but not saying anything, seeing how Belial seemed oblivious. "That's good." She said before she got up, hugging Belial. He grinned happily, hugging her tightly before moving over to hug Cecilia. "You should tell him." She whispered quietly in Cecilia's ear before pulling away. "Well you two should go party. There's no need to bore yourself with us old people any longer." She said with a small smile.

"Nothing now." Akiro said with a small grin as he got ready before he grabbed her cheeks firmly and went in slowly, moaning as he went in carefully, feeling something akin to the warmth of her mouth but also somehow different and more moist, as if this was meant perfectly to fit around him. "W-Wow.." He said, sounding as if he was trying to hold his moans in.

Quickly, the army ran to the kitchen, trampling Ichirou as they all found their seats, arguing about who would sit near who. Hei was already in his chair and Chidori sat down in her's, her seat having been saved by her two youngest children. "So dear...what'd you make?" Hei asked with a loud stomach growl, taking his pill so he could digest human food as he looked over at her.

"It is done now." Mina said with a smile as she pulled away reluctantly and got her oven mitts out, pulling out over twenty Chinese mooncakes she had baked. On each one of them, there was the Chinese character for either 'Love' or 'Family' on them, making her smile before she pointed at one for Souji that read 'Great Husband' She had of course also made wanton soup to go with it, hence what the pot was for. "I know it's a little bit early for our anniversary, but I just wanted to give you something that would remind you how much I love you." She said with a smile.

Shiomi jumped up a bit as she heard the other fox howl, having never heard another fox outside of her family before. She howled back, asking what their name was before looking over at Rex with a huge smile. "There's another fox here and I'm not related to them!" She said with a grin. "I've never seen one outside of my family before. Do you know how excited that makes me?" She asked, her tails swayed quite a bit faster as she happily bit into her food.

Takao listened to her, nodding before he smiled, sighing quietly. "Look..lately, I've been thinking more and more about passing the leadership of the clan to my adoptive daughter. I've been doing this most of my adult life and honestly...it's taken it's toll on me. So..if we do end up together...I would gladly move there with you, if you'd wish." He said with a small smile before getting out of the car, opening the door for her. You could smell the food scents all the way from out here, and oh were they delicious.

"Plus, with little one on the way, we'll be occupied more than enough." Joseph said with a smile as he rubbed her stomach, giving her a light kiss. "I'm so glad you're okay now Fayline. For a little bit there, I was really terrified and now...all I feel is just relieved. Relieved and so so happy." He said while nuzzling her a bit.

"Well, I think I have taken knitting up as a hobby." Ivanka said with a shy smile as she looked over at a blanket she knitted in Renald's favorite colors. "I made this for you." She said while walking over and picking it up, her features jiggling a little as she bent over to get it before handing it to him. "And you've done good today with Valeryia." She said, standing up on her tippy toes and kissing his cheek. "I should reward you.." She said quietly with a wink before she brought him into a kiss, pulling him down a little.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia was actually quite relieved her husband was so obvlious, though keeping this a secret did not make her feel good, even if she knew she would tell him tonight so he wouldn't freak out of trow a fit infront of his parents. But when Bellila whispered that she should tell her ears flattend a bit and gave the woman an apologetic smile before quikly leaning up and kissing Belial's lips . "Let us do that." she said with a big smile.

Moira's heart hammered in her chest when she saw and felt him push himself in. It started out good but then she suddenly felt a rather sharp pain, making her gasp and groan a bit as her grip on his shoulders tightend. She had heard of this pain before. It always was painfull the first time but she just kept her breathing calm and quikly she felt the pain subside and being replaced by a small pleasurable feeling. Though when she moved a bit, causing him to move in her as well, she gasped in suprise and moaned as the pleasure suddenly increased.

Kierra leaned down and gently kissed her husband's cheek before sitting down in her own chair. "Nothing extraordinary. Just spagetti. It's easiest to make for such a large group of people." She said with a smile as she already saw Ichirou digging into his plate.

Souji's heart warmed up as he looked at the cakes, reminding him once again why he loved her so much. These simple things, which seemed small in other's eyes, made him love her more and more each day. Sweetly he kisses her lips before running his hand gently through her hair. "You remind me each day enough already." He said with an adoring look on his face before calling out to their kids. "Kids, dinner is ready!" Quikly Fillian walked in, as if he hadn't been waiting around the corner and a few seconds later Dequan came down from his room and sat down.

Rex couldn't help but smile as well as he saw that huge grin of hers. Yes, it was easy to see how excited she was though he never would truly understand how happy it made fox demons to be along others of their kind. "It looks like it makes you very excited." He says as he picks up his fork when he heard a knock on the door. "Come on in." He says, expecting it to be Joseph with Fayline or perhaps the Silvius household, so he was suprised to see a male with white long hair walk in. His ears obviously telling him this was the fox demon Shiomi had heard.

"Excuse me for intruding on your meal but as the new member of your chefs I thought it would be polite to atleast introduce myself. And besides, the lady there asked for my name and howling the whole time to eachother would be strange if I just could come to see you." Tomoe said politely with a smile before bowing slightly. "My name is Tomoe Mikage and I will be honored to be working here for you, President Rex." Rex nodded in aknowledgment before Tomoe shifted his focus to the other fox demon in the room. "And I guess you are Cecilia's daughter. You do really have some of her features. I know your mother rather well."

Eadlyn was a tad bit suprised to hear he was planning to give away his function as the Yakuza boss though she could imagine how much of a toll it had taken on him. Being a Yakuza boss was deffinantly not easy. His other words warmed her heart alot though, making her even blush. She took his hand as she got out of the car. "You truly would do that for me? Leave Cantenseel and come to France?" She asked quietly, suprised he was already willing to give up so much for her....

Fayline blushes softly as he rubs her stomach and she couldn't agree more. She also felt so relieved. After all this time she finally told him the secret of her illness and now they didn't need to worry about that anymore. She could truly look ahead now. "We don't even know if I am pregnant yet." She says with a light giggle.

Renald raises one eyebrow. Knitting? Like in making blankies and mittens and scarfs? He truly did not see his wife doing the hobby of a 70 year old. But when he saw the blanket, after getting a full good look of her stunning behind as she bowed down, he was actually suprised at how good it looked. And it felt really soft. It even was in his favourite colours, deep greaan and deep purple. He truly loved it. Gladly he leaned down and accepted the kiss, putting one hand on her behind to pull her closer. "The blanket is already reward enough, but you can always give me more." He said with a light grin.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial grinned a little bit and took Cecilia's hand before going down to the party. In the party, all of his fellow albino siblings were dancing around, laughing. Lucifer was in the corner, getting drunk off of heavy liquor by himself, feeling alienated. He was truly the blacksheep of the family, and he knew it. And he hated it. "What do you wanna do first?" Belial asked before lightly flicking her nose. "And no alcohol." He said, knowing what that did to babies.

"Feeling better now?" Akiro asked as he sat inside her for a little bit before he started going at it again, seeing lewd expressions begin to form on her face as he pounded her softly before he went a little harder, moaning all the way as he felt like he was actually melting inside of her.

"You know how much I love your spaghetti though." Hei said with a grin before kissing her cheek and digging in as well, following the lead of Ichirou and the little army around him, who all were eating rather quickly as well. Being a slob with your food clearly was a trait from Hei's dad, because Chidori did not do that, as she was more like Akira.

Mei skipped down the stairs jumping up and down as she waited for food. Mina started dishing everyone up, setting bowls with the mooncake on the side on the table for everyone before she sat down, smiling. "I'm sure you all know what those mooncakes say. Today I made those for you, because you all are what make up my loving family. Yes, you too Fillian. And I just wanted to remind you all that I love you." She said with a small smile before reaching over and squeezed Souji's hand a bit.

Shiomi jumped up as she smelt the fellow fox come in, gasping a bit as she saw that he looked like her, with his similar albino features. When she heard that he knew her mother, one ear pointed down and the other pointed up in surprise, making a confused howl. "You know my mom?" She asked, her tail lightly wrapping around one of Rex's hands as she became even more confused.

Takao nodded his head as he lead her inside of the restaurant. "I would." He said simply before the French waiter came over, complete with the mustache, beret and really bad taste in cologne.

"Bonjour! Do you have a reservation?" The waiter asked in a clearly fake French accent.

Takao narrowed his eyes a bit at the man, shooting daggers into his soul. "That fake accent isn't going to fool anyone. And yes I do. It's under Takao." He said, not even bothering to say his last name. He was the only Takao he knew that was going to a French restaurant.

Joseph shook his head, sure she was pregnant. "I never miss my mark dear." He said, kissing her cheek before grinning. "Unless you want me to try again?..." He asked smoothly, scooting a bit closer to her as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Hmm....what sort of reward should I give you?.." Ivanka asked with a small grin before she went down on her knees, slowly unzipping his pants and pulling them down as she looked at his already semi-hard member. "You must have enjoyed the view." She said with a small giggle before she grabbed it and licked it up and down. "Think about what you want while I do this." She said, rubbing her tongue in circular motions around his tip before she licked downward again, taking his balls in her mouth as she let his member rest on her face, making her giggle a little bit as swished him around a bit in her mouth, making slight moans before she let him out of her mouth and started pleasuring his member, taking all of him down her throat as she gripped onto his cheeks for a nice grip as she quickly bobbed her head up and down, wanting to pleasure him greatly before she placed on hand on his member and the tip of it on her tongue, pleasuring him with her tongue and hands as she looked up with him with her beautiful blue eyes, begging him to finish.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia smiled as she lookes at all the happy people dancing and drinking though she couldn't help but notice the poor Lucifer sitting there all alone. It must feel horrible to be part of the family but technically only half.... She was pulled out of her thoughts as Belial flicked her nose, making her groan a bit and her ears flattend as she rubbed her nose with a pout. "I know no alchohol. No baddies for the babies." She says as her smile returns and she shrugs. "I don't know. You decide."

Moira nodded as her breathing became ragged and the pleasure started to cloud her mind while taking over her body. Oh dear ancestors, she understood why this was forbidden. This was truly sending her conciousness into an other realm where pleasure was the only thing that mattered. She began to push her hips back up against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. "Oh Akiro~... More, please." She begged him.

Kierra sighed a bit as her two monsters devoured their dinner, almsot taking the plates with them. But she had learned to live with her sloppy monsters. She was glad the other side of the family ate polite atleast. But hey, maybe that just meant they truly loved her food which was good. With a soft smile she began to eat as well.

Souji squeezed her hand lovingly back as Dequan and even Fillian smiled in affection. They truly were a close family, even if one of them technically wasn't family at all. "Yeah.... Enough affectionate sappyness and goo goo words. Let's eat." Fillian said with a wide grin, trying to look like his tough self to hide that he had been truly touched by Mina's words and gesture.

Tomoe smiled a tad bit more as he saw how confused the girl looked. It looked like he was the first person outside of her family to know her mother. Which could be true since he was the only person outside of the family she, or he back then, had been close with. "Yes, I do. I am only three years older than her and I have actually grown up with her so I've known her for a rather long time. We have been out of contact for quite awhile though but honestly, I want to be part of her life again and I want her in mine so that's why I am here." He quikly realized that may sound wrong so he quikly adds. "In her life as the brother I once was. And now also once again as her cook." he says with a chuckle.

Eadlyn's heart beated faster in her chest as she thought about his words. He truly would come to France with her... Though she was pulled out of her dreamy thoughts by the waiter's terrible accent, making her eyebrow twitched in pure annoyance. If there was one thing she hated it were people trying to have a French accent. Luckily Takao already shot the waiter down or he would've gotten way worse than that.

Fayline raises one eyebrow before smirking at his words. "Oh really? You never miss your mark?" She asks him sarcastically. "Well, I can remember one hell of a drunk night of yours when you first couldn't get hard and then managed to miss every single time you tried to put yourself in." Oh yes, she frequently used this story when he was being way too cocky again.

Renald's grin widened as he saw her go down on her knees infront of him. "Ofcourse I enjoyed the view. How can I not?" He said a bit huskily in anticipation of what was about to come. When she licked him he sighed a bit in delight. "Only thing I'll ever think about is you." He mumbled out, saying the complete truth. Never would he think of something else but her. Even now, as she licked and sucked him and teased him so greatly he only thought of her. Her sounds. Her body. Her expressions. Everything. He looked down at her as she did her job, arousing him even more as he started to groan from pleasure. As she gripped his cheeks he couldn't help but chuckle though, her hands feeling adorably small on his behind but quikly he returned back to his moaning and groaning. He felt himself trob harder as the pressure began to build up. He wanted to hold on but when she looked at him with those gorgeous piercing eyes he released the pressure, shooting his seeds into her awaiting mouth. After he finished he dropped down on his knees infront of her, barely being able to stand, before pulling her closer and nuzzling her neck with his nose. "Oh babe... You are so great and generous to me." He panted out, a bit out of breath.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Well there's a food cart over there...." Belial said as his stomach growled, hinting that he wanted to go eat the food. On the cart, there was all the royal foods and....a chocolate fountain with a bunch of foods on the side that had sticks stabbed into them so you could put chocolate on them.

"As you wish.." Akiro said with a small moan before he started going harder, gripping her cheeks firmly as he started to go harder, much harder, slamming against her hips each time he went in, moaning loudly. This was a world he had never entered before, but now that he was in, he never wanted to leave.

Hei continued gobbling his food down, looking up after he was finished, a string of spaghetti still hanging out of his mouth. "Thank you for dinner dear." He said before looking over at Ichirou still eating. "Still not as fast as your old man." He said with a slight chuckle.

"Be careful before you choke." Mina said teasingly before she started to eat, smiling as she watched all of her family happily enjoy their meals. "How does it taste dear?" She asked quietly as she squeezed Souji's hand.

Shiomi narrowed her eyes a bit as he said he wanted to be part of her mothers life again but then softened them as he corrected himself. "Well...that's nice." She said with a smile before sighing a bit. "This is great and all, and I'd love to talk to you some other time but I'm kinda with my boyfriend right now and I'd like some privacy." She said with a smile, although the look in her eyes said 'I will eat you if you don't leave'

Takao and Eadlyn were seated right before they were given menu's and an appetizer of French bread. "Well, what do you think your are getting?" He asked, slightly curious as he looked around. He hadn't been near many French things in his life but as he looked around the restaurant, he was convinced that they were beautiful things.

"I thought we agreed to never bring that up again..." Joseph said with a grumbled as he felt his ego get crushed. He sunk into his blanket and sobbed internally, knowing she'd never forget it. Ever. "I hope I don't have to hear that for all of eternity...." He sobbed out.

"I know." Ivanka said with a small giggled as she nuzzled against him back, feeling a nice warm feeling in her stomach from his seed. "But you're very generous to me too." She said as she picked up the knit blanket and put it around him. "Daww, you look cute." She said with a small smile.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia blinked before she quikly puts her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing out loud. She shakes her head a bit, not believing he was actually already hungrey again. "You glutton, we just came here after we ate at my parents house." She says while now fully laughing but then she blushed a bit as she realized they did have some uhm.. Physical activities that could have gotten him hungrey. "But yeah, we'll eat." She says before dragging him to the chocolate fountain, grabbing a strawberry and dipping it in chocolate before moaning in delight as she ate it.

Moira gasped as he went harder, giving her even more pleasure which she had thought was not possible. And oh god, the sounds were driving her mad. The sounds of their hips against eachother. His moaning. Just everything. Her walls tightend around him as she felt something build up, what she wasn't sure but it felt damn good.

Ichirou finished his food only 5 seconds after, causing him to groan in defeat. "Aw man, next time for sure I will win!" He says with a big grin. This has been a race for the both of them ever since the time Ichirou understood was a food race was. Since then he truly turned into the sloppy eater he was now, much to Kierra's dismay.

Souji was happily munching away on his personal mooncake when Mina asked him that. "Very good." He says with the biggest grin before continouing to fill his already happy stomach. Fillian looked like he enjoyed it as well, trying to eat politely but still shoving everything in as fast as he could while Dequan ate in silence but with an amused grin on his face as he watched his friend.

Tomoe blinked once, twice, before bursting into laughter. Oh dear lords, the look that girl was giving him looked exactly like how Cecil would look at him at some times, smiling but his eyes telling him he would rip him apart if he didn't listen. "You truly are alot like your mother. But very well, I will leave you two alone now. Again, sorry for intruding." he said while bowing and leaving the room with a grin on his face.

Rex watched as the new for demon left the room. That man was.... Interesting? It felt like their was more to this man than what he was showing. And if he grew up with Cecilia it meant he was rather old as well, meaning he truly had lots of life experience even if he looked young and uncaring. He should keep that man in his line of sight for awhile.

Eadlyn didn't even had to look at the menu to know what she wanted but just to pretend she didn't already know she picked up the menu and pretended to think. "Hmmm, I'll guess I'll just go with escargot." No, she was not exactly like her father. And no she was no adicted/ She mentally told herself. "You can any idea of what you are taking or is being in a French restraunt a new thing for you?" She asks as she leans her chin in her hand, noticing the way he was looking around.

"I never agreed on anything." Fayline retorded with a grin as she saw her husband crawl back into his memory of misery. "Well, a couple of days ago that was a no. But now I am immortal as well so I will have plenty of time to remind you of that day." She says as she grins even more but ofcourse she didn't want her husband to be too miserable for too long. "Even though I remember that day all too well, I do remember other days as well." She said seductively as she stradled him and started to kiss and suck on his neck while her hands roamned his chest. "Days where your hot rod kept pushing me over the edge over and over again. Days when you made me scream it out, begging you to give me more. Nights where your husky moans haunted my dreams and a single touch of yours could already get me dripping wet. Oh and your delicious body." Just for the effect of it she moaned lewdly in his ear as she began to grin her hips against his. "You have no idea how much affect your godlike body and touches have on me." There, she knew that would skyrocked his ego right back up.

Renald blushed a tad bit at the compliment she gave her. Normally no one would dare to call him cute nor would he allow it but only for he made an exception. He smiled lovinly before giving her lips a soft peck as his breathing calmed down. "Thank you my dear. I will really treasure this blanket forever." He says as he pulls it a bit tighter around himself.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Glutton is a sin you know, and I am the son of Satan. Of course I am a glutton." Belial said with a small chuckle before he was pulled by his wife, making him shriek a bit. As he saw her reaction from eating, he grinned a little bit before doing it himself making him moan a bit himself.

Akiro continued to go, feeling a buildup of his one preparing. He would have pulled out, in fear of her getting pregnant but it was too good right now and he wasn't thinking. So, he kept going and with a loud moan, he finished hard, his eyes rolling back into his head before he laid back, feeling limp and he loudly panted, unable to breath properly enough to speak.

"We'll see about that." Hei said with a grin before saying 'You'll need to try harder than that next time' teasingly in Japanese, making Chidori narrow her eyes a bit, knowing exactly what he said before chuckling. He only spoke in Japanese when he was saying something that would possibly cause Kierra to get mad at him.

Mina happily hummed to herself as she ate, much like Mei would. She was very happy with her family, even if sometimes bad things could happen. They meant absolutely everything to her, and would be dead without them.

While Rex was thinking, Shiomi playfully rubbed him with two of her tails to get his attention, smiling. "Rex your food is getting cold." She said before she raised her hand above the food and created some blue flames for a split second before moving her hand away. The food had became just as warm as when it had came it. It was terrifying to think about what her flames could do to an actual living being with the heat they produced.

Takao rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, smiling sheepishly. "No, sadly this is a bit of a new thing to me." He said with a small chuckle before he looked at the menu. "The snails interest me but there is this goose liver on here that well...it looks good...which should I get? Or both?" He asked, being indecisive.

Joseph perked back up, grinning as he felt her suck and kiss on his neck while complimenting him. "You sure are a good wife, you know that?" He said with a grin before he gave her a light kiss. "You know already what I think about your touches...and that beautiful body of yours...and that great rear that plagues my dreams.." He said, sliding his hand and rubbing her rear. "You're everything I ever wanted, and more." He said with a grin before giving her another kiss.

Ivanka smiled softly before she laid on him, getting comfortable against the blanket and him. "Love you dear." She said with a smile as she nuzzled his chest a bit with her head.