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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


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Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I try to remind him that almost everyday- for better or for worse, he'll be remembered a very very very long time." Mina said with a sip of her tea before setting it down and widening her eyes. "Oh, speaking of which!" She reached into her purse and pulled out a very formally written letter with the Chinese Chairman's red rubber stamp visible on the letter. "My great aunt wrote me- she saidddd....that she wants to meet you which is super exciting!" Mina grinned from cheek to cheek. "That means we're doing something right because no other country has been let in since the Japanese occupation force left. I meant to show you a couple days ago but...well, youve seemed busy."


"Oh sweet empress, don't you worry." Tiras said before putting his fingers on her lips. "I'll have a chat with them. It'll be beautiful, everything will work out and they'll do a good job...don't even think about it." He spoke out reassuringly, smiling at her before leaning and kissing her forehead. "Anyways, enough of their nonsense." He said with his smile, telling her with his eyes that everything would be okay. "Did the doctors tell you how long till you can get up?"
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Yes. Mina did remind him of his importance to history. Every single day. Honestly, every time she told him that Rex smiled and said he knew but he would go working crazy after that as the importance of his work was once again brought to mind. Forcing himself to work late hours. When she pulled out the letter he blinked twice. "A couple of days... Mina, these things have priority! I am always buzy." He said as he takes the letter, hoping the chairman would not be insulted by a bit of a late reply. This was very important and huge indeed.


Loraine's eyes immediatly softend, just like she felt her heart do a small melt, as he called her that. Sweet empress. He was so endearing to her. She needed to get a bit used to it but it felt very good. She felt loved. He did managed to calm her down with his words, knowing that with him everything will be alright. "May I remind you that you that you brought the subject up so you made me think about it." She says with a slight grin, teasing him a bit before the grin turned softer again. "They said atleast a few weeks. Maybe to a month. Depends on how quickly I restore from the pneumonia. But honestly, I am feeling quite alright already. The medicine work miracles." She takes his hand and rubs it a bit, looking slightly nerveus all of sudden before looking up. "I love you too. I have not said it yet since you caught me off guard with your sudden proposal. And then you were up and gone and buzy so I had no time to say what I felt but.... I do really love you as well, Tiras."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Well she can wait a couple day's- she's like eighty Rex, she sometimes takes a week before even thinking about her letters." Mina said in her defense before fake coughing, taking the letter that was fully written in Chinese characters. "Dear President Breton, I am Zhang Hualing, Chairman of the United People's Republic of China. I have noticed your upstanding character as a neighbor and hope that we can reach a greater partnership, personally meet, help mitigate relations with Japan and-" Mina turned red, having not read the full letter. "- get that niece of mine out of her paperwork and maybe into a marriage already, for by the time she gets married at the rate of things I'll be in the grave." She sighed out before folding the letter, having read it all. She looked nearly ready to cry because of embarrassment and yet hadn't hid it, having too much integrity to withhold information like that from him. "God, she hasn't changed."


Tiras looked at her with a dead stare, feeling his whole body essentially numb from what she was saying. He looked at her hand on his and then hers before sniffling a bit and smiling now. "God, you're making me too excited to start our life together...these weeks will be tough." He admitted quietly. "But..now that we're here, I love you more than anything Loraine and I believe I've felt this way since our first conversation." His smile turned to a soft lip bite before he leaned down and gave her a kiss. "And also...I hope you're as eager to wed as I am for...many reasons." He slightly smirked. "There's been so many things I've felt since I met you."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex disagreed. That the woman was eighty was just another reason why it could NOT wait. What the chairman was saying in her letter gave him much about this meeting. He truly hoped a partnership could be astablished indeed since China had been helping so much. They would be great allies in everything. But then he raises one eyebrow as it suddenly was about Mina and marriage. His obvlious mind did not realize it might have been about Mina being married of to him. "Well. Let us send a letter back. Saying I am quite eager to here what she proposes and that I want to meet her soon." He said with a smile.


Loraine was a bit worried as he stared like that. Had she said anything wrong? But then relaxed quickly after as he got out of his trance. She smiles brightly at the thought of then getting wed soon. It could not happen soon enough in her opinion. Though then he smirked at her like that. And she knew him well enough to know where his excitement was also for. "I am very eager to wed you. Rather sooner than later." She said before poking his forhead. "Though I suppose you are not just thinking about what dress I would be wearing or the cake we would be serving. My grandfather always warned me to wear trousers instead of a skirt if a man gives me a certain look that you are giving me right now." She said with a slight grin.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Alright, I'll get on that now." Mina said before getting up to go write, leaving her seat and throwing the garbage from her lunch away and leaving. She exited out to her car, having her two guards assigned by Belial waiting out for her. While before they had black suits, they now we're wearing the uniforms Belial designed. A snow white jacket with a gear vest over it, with black pants and polished like mirrors black boots. On the back there was a black rifle firstly, then the actual vest the Cantenseelan flag and on the sides of their jacket they had patches for their service. Mina got into her car, sitting in the back and rubbing her face. "My office." She merely said to the guards who complied.


"I am thinking about those things." Tiras said with an eye roll before grinning. "Like how I'm going to take that dress off..and how I'm gonna eat your cake." He said suggestively while now rubbing up his arm, having that same gleam in his eye as they had when they'd met except there was no brandy involved now. "Bad advice if you ask me- trousers aren't fun to get off." He chuckled out, then pursing his lips and licking them after.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex raises one eyebrow as she was up and gone rather quickly. Had he said anything wrong? He hoped she didn't think he had been scolding her for giving the letter too late because that was what he wanted. He looks at Cecilia but she merely shrugs, not knowing either before she bit into her sandwich. "Okay then.... Well, I should be going back soon as well. Enough to do." As always.


Loraine could not help but chuckle as she shakes her head a bit. Trying to act like it did not move her too much and that she saw it as funny. But she was blushing. And her heart was pounding. No one had ever spoken such words to her or showed such intentions so clearly to her. And it was the first time she actually had such thoughts about someone as well. She remembered when they had first met, the nights after, it had been hard to sleep. Her thoughts wandering to him and his kisses and perhaps what more he could do. But she was a lady. So she replied, still with a slight smile and an own curiousity in her eyes of how he would reply. "Those are very indecent thoughts, emperor Tiras. And very wrong looks you are giving me. One might think you would be solely lust driven."
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een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"One may think..many things." Tiras said while raising his hand up up shoulder, sliding it down to her collar bone and feeling the outline of it lazily with his finger. "But not all of them are true. Lust...Lust is for dogs starin at a bone, smacking their gnashing incisors and thinking of how they can chew." He said while leaning closer now, speaking into her ear with his hot breath tickling against her earlobe in neck. "I am a man. A man who sees a lady so fine, I think of many things..like how to lick, or grab, or finger or.." He edged his hand near her breast before deciding to slide down to her stomach and rest his hand. "Many other things, my dear lady."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine's face turned to the reddest shade she has probably ever been. Her troath feeling dry all of sudden. She did not know how but his words were enough to make her want things she normally never dared to even think about. And he knew it. He knew it so well. He knew exactly what to say or how much to touch to make her yearn for him. Just as much as he yearned for her. It was working. She was so enticed by him that she hardly knew what to say. Which never happend to her. She ran her fingers over the hand he had on her stomach, needing to touch him as well. "What I would give for us to be wed right now..." She breaths out, looking a bit embaressed to the side as she realizes what she just said and how lustfull longingly that sounded. She never lost composure like this.
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een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Soon." Tiras spoke out with a soft smile, looking at her hand on his. It was gentle and small, with cute fingers that made him wonder how they didn't trip over each other while she played piano. He heard the music again, breathing out quietly before softly sliding his hand up with her hand on is, gently rubbing her breast a bit through her thin hospital gown. He bit his lip, really unable to say much as he spread his hand out and slowly rubbed her breast, feeling her nippele between each finger. He breathed out quietly, having his ears turn red while looked at her and bit his lip.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine's breathing hitched as he slowly moved his hand up and touched her. It was like she wasn't wearing anything at all as the hospital gown was so thin is was like his hand was on her bare skin. She had to bite her own lip not to voice out how good that actually felt. New but very good. It sended small shivers down her spine. Making her heat up even more. Having never been touched that way before she also felt nerveus but that only got her more excited for some reason. As if her body reacts on her own she pushes her chest more into his hand as if saying her could do more as her other hand gently takes a hold of his collar, pulling him towards her and locking their lips together.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras kissed her, feeling as if he was about to start sweating as while he made out with her, he reached his hand through the sleeve of her gown and having his bare large hand, rough with callouses on his fingers and his palm soft like a child's skin. He stuck his tongue into her mouth, grinding a bit against the side of the bed and grunt out hard. "Fuck yeah." He whispered out, continuing to do what he was doing.

Yasuda walked with Tsu, sipping tea. The man was old and yet he stood tall and proud, wearing his heavy armor which had survived seven campaigns into China when he went to crush their armies. The two didn't see eye to eye much- Yasuda being a very cold and heartless man except in one thing; his daughter and by extension her son. "I've never been more proud." He said while walking, the heavy armor not slowing the man in his early seventies. "Yet...this lady, I don't know much of...I was wanting him to marry that Mizushima girl." He grumbled out, shaking his head. "Do you trust this wench?...she isnt...Japanese."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine felt as if she was losing all the air in her lungs as he kissed her like that. Or that could be the lack of oxygyn thanks to the pneumonia from before they even started kissing. But she did not care. Didn't want to stop just because of that. Because his tongue in her mouth just felt too good, making her moan softly as well as she gripped his collar a bit harder. She did not know what kind of animal in heat she was being at the moment but his grunts gave her shivers. He was so different from the men she used to know. Very good different. He was just so... Raw. Wild in a way. And that made her just crave for him. With the little strength she had she pulled him more towards her. "Get on top of me, please. Do that against me." She mumbled against his lips before connecting them again.

This was probably the first time in a long time that they actually agreed on something. Tsu was very proud as well. And not because he conquered Britain. But because of the growth he was showing. And that he in this life found a woman to be locked in his heart forever as well. So he did not like it that Yasuda called the lady a wench. Such vulgar words for such a gentle soul. She was as pure as one could be. "The heart can not be forced into marriage. She is a perfect example of that. And I do trust her. She was willing to give up a throne, that safety, for Tiras. That shows me she would do anything for him. That is very valuable and hard to find. And besides that, she is a true lady. Raised up well. Prepared for a life like this but with a different title now. Empress instead of Queen. I think she will be a great fit for both Tiras and the imperial kingdom."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras kissed her more before standing up and breathing out. "Let me take off the heavy stuff." Tiras said before quick throwing off his armor, boots, robe and blades, leaving him wearing his black pants and a white undershirt. He got on top of her, grinding his erecting against her while he slid his hands up her robe, feeling along her body the whole way up while he went to her breasts. He began to rub her softly, breathing out as he got himself closer and began to kiss her again.

"Perhaps." Yasuda grunted out, then crossing his arms. "The boy has too much of the wilds in him for me to be stopping him- his mother did too." He chuckled, shaking his head. "I pressed, she ran away and then came back with a large belly." He admitted while walking with him. "I delivered him at birth and it did not set in until weeks...and I nearly killed the body, afraid of what he could become." He looked at Tsu with a tired look. "But it had been my fault the entire time, I suppose if he's happy that's what matters...." Tiras grumbled. "At least she's a noble."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine almost whimpered as he left her lips, not wanting to let go of him even for a second. When he took off his armor she could not help but stare at him. As if his movements alone were alluring enough to keep her interested for the rest of her life. Her heart beated rapidly in anticipation as he got on top of her and her breathing hitched as he grinded against her and began to touch her again. She moaned against his lips as she deepens the kiss to show her how much she was enjoying this. How much she wanted this. She runs her hands over his chest, feeling his muscles through his shirt.

Tsu had known that. He had been ready that day to intervene if Yasuda had continoud his plans that day. But luckily he had changed his mind by himself. "And she is well loved by the people as well. The people of Britain that is. It says alot about someone if she is that much loved without being in the position as Queen yet.And about Tiras, you really do not have to be afraid. Not about his happiness nor his reign. I am certain he will do fine."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras couldn't have his lips pried from her, feeling all over her as he enjoyed the sweet feel of them together after so long. He then pulled away, going into her gown and placing his lips on her breasts, sucking on them and circling it with his tongue. As he did this he reached up, running his fingers through her hair while he pleasured her breasts. "This is just a taste of what's to come. " He spoke out to her, looking at her with his big squinty eyes from the hole for her neck in the gown, unable to push his head through because of his ears which poked up on the gown.

"Well of course." Yasuda said with a grin through his long and stringy black hair. "I raised that boy, he's like me- he'll do well...he is doing well. God should be pleased, we have his world now." He chuckled out before smirking at Tsu. "And you too- my Sumiya speaks highly of you, you know."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine was confused why he pulled away and was going to beg not to stop yet when he suddenly went up her gown and used his mouth for other very pleasurable things. Okay, this was fine leaving her lips for. She blushed a fierce red as she balled her fist and puts it against her mouth to silence her moans. She knew she must look like some lustfull cat in heat but she couldn't care less nor could she even think about how she probably looked as she stared down at him. Her chest heaving a bit. "Can't wait." She breaths out as she stares down at him, wondering what she had done to deserve such a man like him. A man that loved her this much. A man that is so different of what she was used to but now she knew needed all this time. Someone who would fight for her. Who got her still heart pounding finally. And as she thought about that her lustfull eyes turned into something softer. Admiring the man looking up at her. "I'm blessed with you, you know that....."

Tsu would liked to disagree that Tiras was like Yasuda but that was not a conversation to be held vocally. So he kept quiet. "I am certain god is." But for different reasons then Yasuda thought. At the compliment he smiles a bit and nods. "Well, I am gratefull that she speaks of me like that. I take that as a great compliment."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras currently smothered in her breasts blinked a few times as she got emotion, making him try to pull out of her gown. His ears got stuck inside and he began to struggle pulling his head of her gown, grumbling before figuring an angle to get out without bending the cartilage in his ear very hard. He then came up and nuzzled her, looking at her with a smile. "We were blessed with each other, god is generous." He whispered out while putting his head under hers, feeling sleepy and at peace for the first time really since the war started.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine at first wondered what he was doing but then she noticed he was actually trying to get out. And he was stuck. Thanks to his ears. Stuck in her gown. She tries hard to keep it in but it was hillarious to see and it made her laugh out of pure joy. She didn't realize it at the moment but this was the first time she had laughed so whole heartedly infront of him. Probably the first time in years she had laughed like this without having to be polite or keep it in. She nuzzled her nose down into his hair as she held him. "I love you." She said, kissing his head a few times as she runs a hand up and down his back. "No, YOU are generous. With everything you do. You granted me this freedom. This love. Without you I would have had a very bleak cold life... You are my god." She mumbled into his hair. Not knowing why all of sudden she got so emotional but she did. Perhaps because now it was all beginning to sink in. That this was real. And she was his. And he was hers.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Me a god? Nooo." Tiras gave a happy smile with his eyes squinting happily. "I'm just a guy, without golden scales who sometimes does the right thing." He chuckled out, looking up at her with his eyes squinted up and his hair frizzed up. "Now my dad.. you never know- who knows, maybe god IS an elf hidING in a dragon suit who impregnated my mom and made me." He said with a straight face before laughing a bit. "You never know?"
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Loraine giggles softly and shakes her head. "I was trying to say something romantic to you. Show you how much you mean to me. You do know how to murder such a situation." She said though she was not upset, she actually looked very amused and lovingly at him. She brushes some of his hair behind his ears, softly stroking them because she had read that feels good for elfs. "But perhaps...." She reached down and actually pulled his upper lip up to look at his teeth, pretending she was actually trying to search for dragon teeth. "They do look a bit sharp. You might be partly dragon." She played along before leaning down and kissing his forhead.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Oh yes, quite fearsome." Tiras joked out. Afterwards, the rest of the night was filled with him being with him being with her and sleeping. The Japanese occupation force the weeks after began gathering refugees and making temporary fixes in roads so people could travel. Those that didn't leave with the emperor as refugees stayed with and continued building with the soldiers. Half stayed, the rest came home with the emperor and when they came home there was a celebration from one end of the island to the other before Tiras returned home.

A week after, Tiras made his first public appearance again and was caught up on what was happening with his neighbors. Due to being skeptical of Chinese peace relations, he set his soldiers on alert and began watching both his allies closely, not trusting either and not speaking to either. Bring away from Loraine who was getting much better and being able to stand made him feel sick and the only thing he could think of was being with her and still he had a duty.


"I think I'm going to have to cut ways here, Tiras." Hei said while coming up to Tiras who was standing outside with his feet in the grass, relaxing in the sun. "I don't agree with what you're doing, any of it. You've...changed and I can't say it's for the best."

"So be it." Tiras said to him. "My best wishes Hei."

Hei blinked twice, wondering why the emperor didn't care. "My lord-"

"Yes?" Tiras asked with a sigh.

"Why so easily?" Hei asked while pushing up his glasses.

"Because I want you to stop bugging me goddammit, I'll pay you at this point to stop disrupting my peace- I've been gone for over half a year, fuck." Tiras sounded exasperated and angry, pinching the bridge of his nose after. "Go. Please, go I'll find someone else- take Kierra with you."

"But..well, Kierra needs to stay. She has a blossoming thing with art and.."

"She will be taken care of if you be quiet, please. One thing though- tell your brother to come to my home, alone and soon." Tiras ordered before Hei left, looking at the emperor standing. He had his shirt off, revealing scars from battle on his chiseled body. He stood tall and proud, having his hair finally trimmed up to his back rather than to his rear like it had been. After months of no sun and fighting, he found pleasure in the peace. The wind, the gentle breeze like a mother's kiss against him along with the feel of his feet in the grass reminded him of his dreams of nature. He began to walk, seeing Cantenseel and sighing as he saw Chinese chips near it. He had inherited his grandfather's distrust of his neighbors and while he liked Rex, he feared he may be conspiring against him with the Chinese.


Sumiya walked in the occupation camp in Britain, having came to help his wife and to meet her. She smiled at the brick and mortar command post they had built, seeing that they were effective and smiled even more when she saw the black and gold banner of Archaeus. She began walking around seeing the samurai walking around in their armor though it was on less as it got hotter, looking for Loraine. Reconstruction was going well she thought and while things looked terrible, she had heard things were much worse initially. Sumiya walked around until spotted a petite brunette with some of the refugee children, making her smile and sit back until she seemed somewhat free. Sumiya wore a long black coat with white and grey wolf fur inside, having it contract with her raven dark hair and pale pearl colored eyes that the Seiken family had save for Tiras. She had a round head and a strong jaw, with soft lady like features. She was taller than Loraine and broad like her father, looking as if she herself could have been a warrior. Along with her broadens she also had large, stock hips and a large bottom that stuck out even in her large coat. She walked closer to Loraine, having the sound of gravel crunch underneath her leather riding boots which went above her pants so that the horses wouldn't chafe and bloody her thighs. "Loraine Seiken, yes?" Sumiya spoke out in her soft and calming voice. "I'm Sumiya Seiken, it is a pleasure to meet you."
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
"So, you are really leaving, huh?" Kierra asked when Hei was far away enough from the emperor so their conversation would not bother him. She had followed Hei as he looked troubled and heard the talk. She did not mean to eavesdrop but it just happend. "Well.... I am glad for you Hei. I really am. It is the best for you." It really was. She had seen how unhappy he was here and it became worse and worse each day since the war had started. The was the right choice for him. But she had to admit, she was going to miss him. Alot. So she had a bit of mixed feelings about it, even if she smiled for Hei's sake.


Loraine was smiling softly as she saw the workers do their best to rebuild the homes and roads again. It still looked horrible but she also saw something different. Hope from the people. They were not just sitting by. And that gave her hope it would all turn good. She had been supervising and helping ever since she had been able to stand. Even if the doctor advised her to start with calm work. Still, her weight was to normal and she felt healthy thanks to the medicine, food and she believed Tsu's prayers. When she heard someone approaching she turned around, not even needing to ask who this woman was. She smiled kindly and instead of a curtisy she gave a bow which was common in Japan she had read. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well as I have been wanting to meet you. Though it is still Loraine Hayes. Hopefully soon to be Seiken." She replied. They had not been wed yet so she didn't want to go ahead of things and claim the name already.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei held up a stiff upper lip like his brother had taught him and shook his head. "I'm not so happy about it." He admitted to her. "I'll miss you, Kierra. I'll miss you a lot." He said while speaking with courage, having for the first time done something that he believed in again someones wishes. "I love you Kierra, I have for a very long time but I don't want to hinder your dreams..I hope the best for you." He admitted before walking, not turning his back because it would be harder if he did. He thought that if he let her go, it'd be the best because he'd be an ankle weight on her dreams of being an artist. He pushed up his glasses and straightened his scarf while pausing for a minute, hoping that maybe he'd be worth more than her dreams but he decided he was selfish and continued to walk, holding a stiff expression on his face.


"My are you modest- as if anything would happen that could tear my sweet boy from you." Sumiya spoke out with a smile, walking closer to her to read the woman her son was going to marry. "You like to help people-" She said while walking with Loraine, looking around at the reconstruction. What once was a camp designed to destroy this place had now became the center of this reconstruction and she found it admirable that Loraine stayed behind to lead it. "-It's good, I certainly can tell you have no lust for power. As a noble lady, I understand greatly the things we must sacrifice for the sake of...certain things." She frowned. "So why my Tiras?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "You had a king, did you not? What did Tiras do to..inspire you to do what you've done, if you don't mind me asking?" She paused. "Remember, I too betrayed my duty when I had my son rather than marry the boy they wanted me too...so I may understand better than anyone."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Kierra had to admit she would miss him too. She had grown so used to him it would be weird not having him next to him anymore. His silly jokes. His smiles. The way he chuckled as she grumbled about not having had coffee yet. And she was about to say that when he said those words to her, making her shut up and blush furiously. And then he just walked away. Not waiting for her reply or anything. Which she knew he was doing for her. Reacting immediatly she went to him and almost tackled him into a tight hug. "Hei, I..... Will really miss you as well...." She did not dare say anything more than that.


Loraine smiles kindly as she brushes a piece of hair behind her ear. "They are my people after all. What kind of future empress would I be to then if I turn my back. Especially when the reason of this happening was partly me." She admits before smiling automatically a bit more as she thinks about Tiras. "Yes, I had a king. In name and in position. Not in heart. Tiras, he.... Just made me see what I was missing and secretly wanting in one conversation. I just....What can I say? I fell for him. His sweet words. His free thoughts. His strong beliefs and the way he stands for them. His entire being. Calix and Tiras are really not to be compared to eachother." She spoke truthfully as her eyes showed how much she admired and loved him.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei closed his eyes, putting his hands over her hands which tightly held onto him. He felt his heart pound hard, feeling the only person he had ever felt anything for behind him, telling him they'd miss him. He turned around and looked at her, his eyes tired from the war that he had not wanted to have been a part of. He had helped run a country for a man who cared little for the lives of those he ruined- given support so the man could murder thousands of people. That weighed on his heart harder than anything and while he looked at her he refrained from touching her, not wanting to start anything. "Please don't." He said quietly, looking into her eyes with his darkened black eyes, somehow darker than they had been before. "It will be easier with me gone Kierra." Hei whispered out, looking at the blue of her eyes which he felt that he had been in love with for a thousand years. "I only will hold you back from your dreams." He said before pulling away, seeming angrier at himself than anyone else.


Sumiya, nodding her head. "The right reasons then. I'm glad too, even if you're the reason I didn't see my precious son for over a year with his training and warring." She chuckled out, then sighing after. "You know..I'm not sure he's told you much of his father and not that he knows much but...he's like him in every way." She put her hands behind her back. "Many people think they know him but they don't- they assume his intentions. History remembers what they've done, but forget why they did it. They will remember the fire but perhaps what they will remember less is the compassion." She said while thinking of Archaeus, feeling her heart sink a bit. "I knew when he was born he'd be destined to change the world, it's in his blood. Please, for the sake of him and myself keep him on the right track...madness runs in our blood."
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
As he pulled away, Kierra simply let him go, seeing the look in his eyes and knowing he already had it hard enough deciding this. She folds his arms as she looks to the side. Feeling a bit torn inside. A part of her wanted him to ask him to stay but that would be selfish. Another part just told her to let him go as he had decided this path. He was thinking about her as well by doing this. Even if him leaving did hurt more than she thought it would.... Not trusting her voice and not knowing what she might say she just nods, giving the upportunity to walk away.


"He has only told me that he does not know who his father is." Loraine said before smiling and nodding. "I know what history will think of him. I am sure the books are being written now. This war he started will be portrayed by showing the bloodshed and the what the people think uselessness of starting this war. But we will make a difference in the coming years. And then the books will show how much Britain and the new World will florish under his reign. I have that trust in him. And i am sure in the future they will see the kind and compassionate heart he has. Even I at the moment think that what he has done is quite.... Drastic. But the why I really take to heart. I'll know he'll work to repent for the what. And I will make personally sure this won't happen again. I'll look after him."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Alright." Hei whispered to himself, now having no attachment back to this place. He looked back at the palace, seeing it like a prison he was leaving. He took one final ride with Tiras's chauffeur, bringing him to the airport. Soon he was home and the first place he went to was some dive bar in the southern district, figuring he might have some time to figure out what exactly he was going to do with his life. He was twenty but was strong and older looking like a man and so when he ordered a glass of vodka, there was so questions asked. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed three men go upstairs with a girl a bit too young to be in such an establishment. He shook his head, drinking more liquor.

"Come here often?" Vasilia Romanov asked as she sat next to Hei, recognizing Rex's baby brother.

"I didn't know they let councilwomen in these shit holes." Hei grumbled out, sitting back and drinking.

"Only on my off hours." She said with a smile, then ordering a drink. She was now her slender self once more, her youngest daughter Kimi having been born.

"Didn't know you guys had those." Hei laughed out, looking over at her.

"Just your brother is like that." Vasilia commented before hearing a scream from upstairs. "Oh lords, I think I may call the cops."

Figuring what that sound was, Hei sat up and finished his drink before putting it on the counter and running up to the room upstairs for "couples". He used the doorknob, finding it locked before he kiced it open and saw all three men brutalizing the young girl. He felt a knot turn inside him and his vision go red from rage and went over to the fire place, grabbing the hot poker and putting it inside. One of the men came over, naked and tris to swing at Hei but he was faster and left the poker in the fire. Another guy came, trying to put Hei in the corner. He kicked one, pushing him back but the other grabbed his leg and tried to twist it. Hei grabbed a snow globe from on top of the fireplace and smashed it against his face, causing his eye to split open and his nose to break. The third guy charged at Hei and he pulled out the hot poker, hitting the guy in the neck with it and burning it open, causing the man to scream sorta as he couldn't talk much anymore from the hot poker searing his throat.

The man he kicked got up and tackled Hei, getting to to the ground and punching him several times. Each blow felt as if it was a cinder block and yet to Hei it only got him more mad. He began to headbutt him, smashing open his forehead and breaking the mans face open before he grabbed him by the throat, got up and tossed him against the fireplace. He looked around and say two people very injured and a dead man and that meant nothing to him as he went to the rape victim and picked her up, brushing her hair from her face and comforting her as they went downstairs where the police were waiting. Hei set her down before the cops came closer to him with their handcuffs.

"Oh my god he's dead!" Someone screamed upstairs.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to stay calm. You're under arrest." The policeman told him as he was cuffed.

"For what?!" Hei barked out. "I saved her!"

"And apparently you killed someone."

"A rapist." Hei merely said before being taken out, not noticing as Vasilia quickly called Rex to tell him his brother was arrested for murder.


"A good woman, I'm truly glad then that you will be joining our clan." Sumiya said with a soft smile, placing her hand on Loraine's shoulder. "If you can keep to what you told me today, then everything will be fine. Let me tell you something, something you cannot speak to anyone else. This clan...this everything, it was created for the purpose of Tiras living a very good and happy life dear...and I think you may give him that. Just keep on giving him that, okay?"
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex had been in his office when he got the phone call. "Who did WHAT?!" He did not even wait for a response before trowing the phone back on the hook, grabbing his jacket and quickly getting to his car. He did not even wait for his driver as he drove to the police station where his brother was being held. He marched in, everyone quite startled from the president being there. "Show me to the cell." He said, not having to say anything more as everyone knew who his brother was. The officer opened the cell door where Hei was. "I want to speak with him privately. So cameras off and door shut." The officer was about to warn him it might be dangerous but the glare Rex gave him was enough to listen immediatly. He waited till he saw the camera light turn off before sighing and facing his brother. "Alright, now I would like to hear from you what happend. Why are you even in Cantenseel? Last time i checked you were still in Japan." He said, not sitting down yet as he folds his arms. Clearly upset.


Loraine nods her head as a way of saying thank you gracefully. "I will keep to it and I promise you I will make sure he has a happy life. I'll make is easier for him to live. Not harder. That's the least I can do for everything he has done for me. What he has given me. And I will prove that to you the second I get home to him. Even if it might still be awhile." She says with a smile as she looks around at the men working.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei stared at the wall, having seen so many cameras and having heard so many questions in the last hour that he felt his mind was numb. When his brother came in, his mood was lifted but it was clear he was very out of it still- blood dried on his forehead, his hair and fists. "I left. I refuse to work for an empire of evil." Hei grumbled out. He then sighed, sitting up and leaning forward to explain his story. "I began drinking my sorrows away when I saw three men walk in with a girl who was probably fourteen. It was weird but I thought nothing of it and drank with council Romanov until the girl screamed out. I kicked in the door, saw hr being raped and put a hot poker in the fire place in case things got wild. Short story is that I took out the two small ones and ended up killing the big guy with the hot poker." He said in a cold tone, looking very tired. "Are they putting me to death?" He asked, knowing the death penalty was well used for killers and sex offenders.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex listened to the story before sighing deeply and sitting down next to Hei on the prison bed, rubbing his temples. How was he going to get him out of this. Killing someone could not be talked right. He had no autority to do so. But he did it for justified reasons. Still he could not just let him out since the media would devour that if he lets his murdering brother out without repenting. "No. I won't let it get that far..... I guess the only way to get out of this without too much trouble if the girl tells her story and it goes to trial to judge you. Perhaps i can even put agent Akagi on it to find evidence for your case... I just can't let you go freely because you are my brother. Even if it was in my eyes justified." He said apologetically.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei felt betrayed by his brother, seeing how he was still in handcuffs trapped there. He looked at the chains on his wrist, breathing out before taking a deep breath. Tiras was now gone- Hei had left him. His father wasn't here already, meaning he probably didn't care to come. His brother sat here, looking into his eyes and telling him he'd have to stay. "I want you to leave." He said simply, seeming to feel more betrayed than anything else.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex felt a knot in his stomach as Hei said those words, knowing exactly what his brother was thinking and feeling. He saw it in his eyes. And he hated it that he was hurting his brother like that. "No, Hei. Look at me." He said as he puts his hands on Hei's cheeks and forced him to look him up in the eyes. "I am the President. There are things I can not just do. I can't ignore laws I thrive to be followed. The media would tear us apart and with the Chinese wanting an alliance I need to be carefull. This is crucial." He puts his forhead's against Hei. "But I will get you out of here. I am not going to let you rot in a cell or worse. I promise you that Hei. I will do everything I can. If I could have bursted you out right now I would have."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei began to weep, having his glasses slid down his face while tears dripped out. "I never did anything for myself in my life, Rex." He said quietly to him. "I always did things for people other than myself and it's cost me...everything." He whispered out, struggling to even breathe. "The love of my life, my freedom, my dreams...my future. I'm as good as dead anyways." He told his brother, feeling a deep despair inside him. "Don't tell Kierra, don't let her worry." Hei begged before the door opened.

"She's here." Belial said as he came in wearing his captain of the guards uniform, wearing his snow white flak jacket which had patches signifying his war valor and even had his medal of Honor for saving his men in the war pinned to his vest. He wore a black beret with the four swords of Cantenseel over a shield which represent the guard and had a saber strapped to his left side and an ornate pistol at his right. "Best not to keep her waiting."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex immediatly pulled Hei closer, letting weep into his arms as he gently rocked them from side to side. It pained him to see his brother like this. To hear him talk about his life like that. He frowned as Belial walked in, truthfully not wanting to leave him in such a state but knowing he had to. He let go, getting out a handkerchief and wipes some tears of Hei away. "Blow your nose." He said and after that was done he puts the handkerchief away i can. "I got to go..... But I will come back. You wont be in here long." He promised before getting up and walking to Belial. "I want you to contact Akagi and put her on this case. I don't care if it is not central intelligence level. I want her to solve this." He said before leaving the cell.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial left with his president, nodding his head. "I will. Sir, might I just warn you to try and stay away from this situation...it's already political wildfire." He commented to Rex before he cleared his throat. "Make a hole!" He barked to the crowd, pushing people out of the way to get to their car. He got in the driver's seat, getting on the closed roads and speeding. To accommodate for the chinese, half the city was essentially shut down to make them happy. He pulled up to Rex's manor, parking three blocks away from all the Chinese diplomats. He exited the car, going to Rex's door and opening it before sighing. "Fucking A."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex tried to ignore the screams as best as he could, keeping a straight face as he walkes through the crowd. As they drove his mind was on his brother the entire time. It broke his heart to see him like that. He would make it better. As soon as he arrived home he quickly got changed into a different suit with a red tie on it before walking down to the entrance hall. Belial was already there. And the chairman could arrive any second. "Where is Mina?" He asked urgently, this was too important for her to get too late. They needed her help to let this run smoothly.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Behind you." Mina said while wearing a tight, traditional Chinese dress with a white flower design on it. It went down to her hip and was slit on her thighs and her shoes were red flats. Her red hair was braided back towards a ponytail and she seemed sweaty, having been helping prepare. "Thank god you got here, she's just arrived." She said while things suddenly seemed to be quieting down while the doors of the manor opened.

Chairman Zhang walked in slowly, being old and frail. She had mostly white hair with red streaks in it and a horrific burn mark that covered half her body and went down almost to the bone in some areas as well as made her left eye completely white and almost gone. She breathed in, looking around and spotting Rex before smiling with her unburned side. She hobbled over, going to Rex and speaking some unknown dialect to him before looking at Mina with her one working eye.

Next to her was a tall and older man, about forty years of age with shorter dark black hair and a light beard which was uncommon for a Zhang. His skin was a dark yellow tint and his eyes were narrow, the color of gleaming pearls. His body was broad and strong unlike the other men there and he stood a bit taller than even Rex. His face was narrow, pointed like that of a dragon and it seemed his face was in a frown always with stress marks accentuating it. "I am Li Jun Zhang, son of Chairman Zhang. She understands your tongue but can't speak it. She wishes to thank you for hosting us."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex sighed and turned around to say something. But his words caught in his throat and he completely forgot what he was about to say when he saw her looking like.... That. Never had she worn something like that before and it looked very good on her. He could not deny that. He was even taken back a bit when the door opened, making him straighten up and face forward again, letting out a long breath as he now tried to control his nerves. The chairman was an old woman who has been through alot. That did not mean her position was any less and that she could not crush them if she wanted to. Making an impression was vital. He bows towards the two. "There is no need to thank me. I was honoured to hear about your letter and hear you wanted to meet. I should be the one thanking you."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
Chairman Zhang smiled and waved her hand, speak to her son who cracked a tiny smile. "That's unnecessary Mr. President, if you had not proven your worth yet we'd have stayed hidden. May we speak somewhere quiet with my cousin?" Li Jun said while looking at Mina with his cold eyes though his lips had a small smile. "So many...cameras in your country, it is...unnerving for us." He spoke out gently, his voice still having strength behind it.

"Very bright...everything. Tea? Quiet?" Chairman Zhang said with her voice- it sounding sweet, motherly and young like a woman half her age.
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
"Ofcourse. I already got it prepared." Rex said with a slight smile as well as he found the woman trying to speak English endearing. He really had to remind himself this was the chairman of China. He led the way to a room, keeping a slow pace for the woman, where everything was already sat up. A table full of tea and something to eat if they liked. And he made sure the chairs were the most comfy he could find. There were no camera's no anything. "If you would like to speak to your niece alone first I understand. Even if you are here for political reasons, I can understand that you havn't seen Mina in a long time and want to talk with her privately." He offered the woman.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"We are here to speak to you, she is here for business." Li Jun spoke out while looking at Mina, seeing her stiffen up and sit straighter. He sat down and waited for tea with his mother, hearing his mom and Mina have chatter about how things were while he looked around. He had always been quiet with an air to him that just made his surroundings cold like ice.

Hualing sat back and sipped her tea, looking at Mina with a small smile. "You like him?" She asked in Chinese.

"Well enough." Mina said with a slight red tone, speaking Chinese.

"Good. Marry him." Hualing laughed out.

"Aunt, I barely know him." Mina grumbled out.

"I'll talk to him."



Li Jun rubbed his forehead, shaking his head before clearing her throat. "I will be transparent about who I am. I'm Li Jun Zhang, but I hold my mothers last name. My father was Emperor Yasuda Seiken." He said with a slight tone of hatred in his voice his mother a but uncomfortable looking at the name. "I believe I will be elected chairman after her- she is very hopeful for things...I have reservations." He said while getting to business. "I do not want to make an ally Japan could easily swallow, not after what they have done to us."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex sat down as well, glancing at Mina and the elder woman as they spoke to eachother. Which he did not understood. But looking at Mina's reaction it was a nice conversation between family. He smiled slightly though then Li Jun asked for attention as he cleared his troath. At this sudden revelation he was surprised. He had not known. Probably no one knew about this fact. Emperor Yasuda had a son. This could be troublesome for Japan in all ways. "Who said we are easy to swallow." Rex said as he puts his cup of tea down. "I know we are not a big country and my reign has been rather short till now. But I did not have my eyes closed as Japan made their moves. I did take actions on that. Strengthening the millitary and defense forces for example."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"The way Japan treats you." Li Jun spoke firstly before sitting back, listening to the man speak and nod his head. "But I do agree. You did prepare and for that I'll say you're not a fool- you're fairly smart.." He reached over to his tea cup and then sipped it. "But that Japanese are cunning. They've tricked, and when they have tricked they've conquered and when that's done they come to destroy- anything to take over the world..just like they tried to us." He warned Rex before folding his hands. "War is not coming with them soon, that I know but perhaps making sure that if there was no other option...we be prepared, that'd be smart. We technologically are stunted yes, but we also have many resources and people." He looked back at his mother who spoke, looking over at Rex before clearing her throat and speaking more.

"I do..best for my China, my son. Poor..we are, but food is plenty." Hualing managed to speak out before smiling, having tried her best.

"So what we're offering is a trade- fix your famine you are on the cusp of, fix our technology...and after that, maybe more..we have much to offer-" Li Jun spoke before Hualing interrupted and asked him to say something, making him roll his eyes. "Oh yeah, she wants you to marry her." He grumbled out, making Mina attempt to bury her face though her aunt held her face, not letting it move to hide.


"Boy did the presidents brother fuck up." Belial said to Cecilia who too was at the meeting, sitting with some Chinese diplomats. He looked massive near the smaller men than him which looked like him as if he was a spirit or something. "He wants you to get him out of jail, a personal request of sorts." He grumbled before sighing. "Also I need you to figure out who this Kierra woman is- he asked that we not tell her and obviously the boy is in love with the girl...I think I'll help the sorry sod out."
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een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex knew to keep his eyes on Japan from the beginning. A fire could easily start with them if they were even a tad bit displeased. He had always known but this was just all the more warning. The trade Li Jun spoke of was something he had expected as Cantenseel was small but highly advances in technology while China lacked that at the moment. A fair trade after they work out the details. And after that goes well they could also indeed look further. But a wedding was not what he had in mind or expected. So they had been talking about him in the letter. His eyes widened a bit stunned. But quickly he clears his troath. "Food in exchange for technology sounds very fair as both our countries lack one and florish in the other. So i agree with that as soon as we work out the details. But an arranged marriage is not something I agree on. I do not think a woman nor a man should be arranged to wed unless they want to. It is not something political in my opinion and it will not be discussed as if it is." He declined as politelt as he could.


Cecilia nods, already having thought Rex would put her on the case as she was probably now one of his most trusted people in Cantenseel. But what a mess indeed. One she could solve but still. "That won't be a problem." She says before raising an eyebrow at Belial's personal request about the girl. "Is that a presidential order? If not, then I am not going to mingle in personal affairs. It is against protocol. And as the head, I am keeping myself to it." Belial often tried to pry more information out of her which she always scolded him for.
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It is...a formality, as she likes you too but she is shy." Li Jun chuckled out, seeing Mina and Rex blush at the same amount a knowing it was a match made in heaven. "We don't do political marriages, we broke the nobility system- we are servants of the people, for the people and elected to serve for life." He smiled. "Politicians in our country change as the wind, but marriage and love is eternal, you know?" He asked with raised brow. "If she didn't write so well of you I wouldn't mention it. Take her to dinner." He whispered out. "That's what my mom implores." He looked over at Mina, seeing her looking moreally flustered than he had seen I'm her life and seeing his mother grin, letting out a dry chuckle at the reaction of the fairly young woman.


Belial grumbled, shaking his head and holding himself up not to lie. "It is not, I'll find her myself." He grumbled before looking over at the Chinese diplomats, seeing how they spoke to each other with whispers. Their mouths smiled but their eyes did not- he wondered what kind of place they came from. He walked, looking around and going to Rex's office where he found the door unlocked. "Strange.." He commented, opening the door to find a shinobi, wearing a completely blacked out outfit and digging through his work. "Hey!" He barked out, ensuing a fight as the shinobi blew a smoke bomb. Belial took off running, hearing the direction he ran and in front of the diplomats, running faster than a man ever should and grabbing the man, tackling him to the floor and breaking his arm so bad that the back half of his forearm was sticking through the skin. He took out his cuffs and cuffed the shinobi, ripping his mask off to reveal a spy who looked at him, unable to even scream- his tongue was gone.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex felt his cheeks indeed heat up and he tries his best not to look at Mina as he probably was just as embaressed and uncomfortable at the moment as her. He took a sip of his tea, trying to calm himself a bit as he was quite taken back by this conversation. He puts his cup down. "If this is not a political matter then I would rather not discuss it right now. Like you said before, you are here for buisiness. So let us discuss that instead of our personal lives." He really wanted to change the subject as quickly as possible.


Cecilia could not help but grin a bit as he walked off grumbling. Sometimes it felt nice having the pants in the relationship. But then the calmth was interrupted as Belial chased down a man she only assumed had been sneaking around. She pulled out her gun but he already had the man down. She did not regonize the man from the most wanted list or any other case. "No tongue..." she mumbles, knowing that who ever he was working for did not want him to spill anything. It would be hard to interrogate then. "Good job, Belial." She glances at the diplomats, some shocked and some looked like they might trow up. "Don't.... Break bones out of skin next time though."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It truly wasn't my choice, the chairman insisted." Li Jun said before scratching his beard, seeming stuneed in conversation for a moment. "Okay. So say we reach an agreement- what is it you may provide, truly?" He asked with a motion of his hands. "Because right now we could drop five years worth of surplus on your shores, but what could you drop on our shores?" The man grimaced. "We need everything- we have not even a facility to produce electricity for our poorest, most vulnerable."


"After making me puff his stink cloud?" Belial asked before jabbing the man in the side with his steel toed boot, taking the wind out of him and making him nearly vomit. "I think not. We better not break his left hand though, something tells me he won't be talking much." He said with a sigh of frustration after before his boy came and scooped the spy up allowing Belial to continue his run dqn of the manor.
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Now they were really talking. Rex thougt about it for a second but his answer wasn't that hard. "Well, then electricity is the first thing you need, don't you? Honestly, your country is so closed off I do not know what more troubles you have but lack of electricity does sound concerning. A facillity like that would be an easy fix for us. We have the plans, blue prints, the knowledge, the workers and the money to make it work. Which all I am willing to give in return. Building multiple facilities like the ones we have here on Cantenseel will provide cheap long during and enviroment clean electricity for everyone and will open up alot of jobs for your people. And not to worry about the pay for them, we have enough money to help with that as well."
een jaar geleden IAMYOURENEMY said…
"That would be wonderful, but in our society our people do not require payment. We are communist- we provide and they work, and we take care and they recieve." Li Jun motioned with his hand. "Instead, let us figure out a way to clean pollution from the soil so we may have more food. Because of the weapons used in the war, our western half has became more desert than ever. If we could reverse this..well, with our large country, we truly could make food for everyone in the world and perhaps expand greater." He paused. "Also military. We have four tanks, four. We need advanced weaponry if we are to be able to hold our own again - our mystery has been our greatest weapon so far, but soon that will fade. When that comes, we must have the means for survival."
een jaar geleden Mirra1007 said…
Rex could hardly imagine how a communist country would work since Cantenseel worked so different. But he guessed he would learn soon enough. He ponders about the pollution. "We do have some great minds I could put up to the task." He says with a slight smile. They were not the most thriving in technology in the world because his people were dumb. "If there is a solution for the pollution then my people will find it. I will arrange a team right away. I am certain they would even be excited to help with such a task. And about millitary, we are still growing in that as well but we could look into that." He said though he was not that extremely eager to show their weapon technology to others. Especially since they were as advanced that they could make people like Belial. That he will surely keep a secret.