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posted by Hades_Shadow
Now over my course of study in the Harry Potter Realm of wand making, there are things J.K. Rowling based her ideas of how she could organize who got what type of wand. I have compiled a lot of her thoughts and a bit of my own to create a logical and mathematical way of finding the perfect wand.

First off it the wood type, Rowling has zei on many occasions at first it was completely random, and she really only specified Harry and a couple others wands, and later found under the Celtic wand system that was based on birthday, Harry's wand would still be Holly, and so she started incorporating...
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posted by dragonsmemory
In the mid- to late 1800s, thousands of pioneers traveled west in covered wagons. At that time, America had recently gained thousands of square miles of land, land ripe for settling.

The settlers used three types of wagons: basic, prairie schooners, and Conestoga wagons, each of which is described below.
Basic wagons were very simple, being nothing meer than a wood box, four wheels, and a tarp cover.
Prairie schooners were a little fancier, and were built to withstand the harsh conditions of the trail.
Conestoga wagons were the fanciest of the three. This is thed classic "pioneer wagon" image....
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posted by zaynluver687
Hello guys I would Like to start a role play where u are angels u can be any type of angel u want dark angel horse angel, heck just put angel at the end and that will make u an angel! Start like this

name: christa of chrisy

Type of angel: dark angel

Fav hobbie: making people do stupid things.

Least fav type of angels: anyone who is a dark angel

Best friends: No one yet

Fav thing to do: talk about how horrible school is

That's mine what's yours after every one has answered of just after u have answered we can start role playing! Oh and make sure that u call people door there role name!