Theres 4 men in one room. Doors are locked. No windows. A voice tells u to sacrifice one man to get out.

A nerd. A rich guy. A dumb guy. And the guy who was the ster on Barney. Which guy would u sacrifice.

-The nerd only talks about math.
-The rich guy only talks about money.
-The dumb guy talks about monkeys and bananas.
-The ster of Barney only talks about how much he wants to mMMMMMm you.

So which guy is it?
 zanesaaomgfan posted een jaar geleden
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EalasaidWooster said:

Well, I wouldn't like to sacrifice anyone, but if I had to it would be the Barney guy. Because:

-The nerd could help me pass my Maths exam.

-If I struck up a friendship with the rich guy he could help me out in the future if I had money problems.

-The dumb guy would be funny!

-So that leaves the Barney guy. He would be really annoying and creepy, the one I would definitely want to get rid of!!

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posted een jaar geleden 
good answer
archiejake1991 posted een jaar geleden
Yeah it is...
zanesaaomgfan posted een jaar geleden
Thanks! :D
EalasaidWooster posted een jaar geleden
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