What type of people do u dislike?

For me its:
2.People who don't know how to toon compassion
3.People who boast of their nationality like it's an accomplishment
4.Kids who disrupt every class instead of leaning and than whine "I don't have to be here, y'know!"
4.Conformists (people who only like of do something because everyone else is doing the same.
5.People who's favoriete movie changes whenever a new one comes out.
6.People who have been abused and decide to put someone through the same thing.
7.People who get angry when someone expresses opinions that differ from their own.
8.People who talk loudly to themselves when their are others in the room.
9.Apathetic people who's answer to everything is "I don't care"
10.Adult persons who say things like "your a kid, you'll get over it".
11.People who complain despite their unawareness of what real pain is like.
12.People who make light of serious topics such as suicide door using humorless jokes.
13.People who are promiscuous.
14.Desperate attention-seekers.
15.People who talk but have nothing to say.
16.People who probably aren't thinking when their mouths are closed.
17.People who swear superfluously.
18.Naive optimists who believe that no horrible event in life happens without reason.
19.People who care meer about vrienden they just met than the family they've known all their lives.
20.Adolescents who claim that they have OCD of ADD to explain why they never get any schoolwork done.

I'm sorry if this vraag has offended anyone, and i apologize to those who are weary of vragen like this.
 MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
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CourtneyGirl said:
9 11 and 17 mostly but hallo this quote sums it up right here.
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 9 11 and 17 mostly but hallo this quote sums it up right here.
posted een jaar geleden 
u say it like it's an easy thing.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
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cassie-1-2-3 said:
It kind of seems like you're disliking people who don't feel the same was as yourself...

I don't like to generalize and say "I dislike this type of person". I don't dislike any type. People normally have a large variety of qualities.

I don't dislike people who do this, but I dislike it when people generalize.
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posted een jaar geleden 
That sounds a little silly. There are allot of people with good qualities that i do not have, and they have nothing but my admiration. I just don't like people who intentionally make ad morale decisions.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
Well, i don't dislike those people, but I dislike it when they do that. I don't see what's silly about it.
cassie-1-2-3 posted een jaar geleden
It was just odd to assume that i dislke certain people just because they aren't like me. It was sort of like a "what kind of person do u take me for?" moment.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
sapherequeen said:
1) Judgmental People - The type of people that look at you, write something off in their heads, and leave it like that. of the people who assume shit about you.

2) Hypocrites.

3) People who evidently do not know the difference between being an asshole and giving constructive criticism.

4) Internet trolls.

5) People that fight in groups. Occasionally, I come across an argument where one asshole insults a person. Then when this person responds, the asshole has like three other people at his/her side yelling at the person.

I could go on about how pathetic and unnecessary that type of thing tends to be most of the time, but to summarize my point;

If someone wants to prove they're cool door pissing someone off, they can deal with that person's reaction ON THEIR OWN instead of being so damn dependent on other people to back up his/her ass. Get a goddamn backbone.

5) Judgmental, snobby parents who fill their children with utter arrogance that will even make George struik, bush and his family weep.

6) Over-sensitive people. When I say this, I particularly mean this type of situation; Two kids and a woman are at a store, in the same aisle. One kid points at a pair of shoes and calls them 'gay'. Woman is offended enough to barge in the conversation, and lecture them about how many gay people supposedly commit suicide due to the statment 'that's so gay'.

Now I think I need to explicate my point here. I have nothing against gay people, I'm bisexual myself. I am all for gay rights, and all for fighting against homophobia. But it's situations like this where I think people are becoming a bit too dramatic. If u don't like the expression, then fine. I don't really care about it myself. But become so upset about it that you'd actually tell the person that gay people kill themselves over that single statement (I've seen people say this)? I have one cold yet sincere word for your cause: Whatever.

7) People who become asses over others' different opinions, then have the nerve to complain when someone does it to them (Kind of goes along with my #2 seconde point).

8) Bullies. Enough said. I even used to be one during the 8th and 9th grade; and yes, I disliked myself when I look back at those years.

9) Smart people that use their intelligence to toon off, and an excuse to bash others. They piss me off, needless to say.

Now I'll admit, sometimes I get like that when I'm in argument with someone and the opponent finally provokes me. But other than that, I don't like people who act like this on a regular daily basis. At all.

10) Know-it-alls.

11) Supposed know-it-alls.

And yep, that's all I got for now.

Sorry for the indecent language, I'm not in a really great mood today.

Have a nice afternoon, everyone.
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posted een jaar geleden 
PS: I want to clarify something; I don't hate people like this. Hate is totally different from the word 'dislike', and is far too strong an emotion for me to feel towards any of these groups of people, except for occasionally hypocrites :/
sapherequeen posted een jaar geleden
And I see that I have made a typing error; I have two responses for point #5. Oh well, I'm too lazy to fix it xD
sapherequeen posted een jaar geleden
I'm glad u didn't use the word hate because u knew disliking something was different.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
I agree with the most everything on here, especially number 5. I really get annoyed when people say that u have to treat bullies better than they treat u because they have low self esteem. It's just not true. They came from families that taught them that thier better than everyone and that they can do whatever they want without consequences. People like that are damaging allot of people, including the bully.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
xXSweeneyXx said:
1. People who generalize others door using stereotypes.
2. The populair girls at school who all look, dress and anct the same.
3. People who lack personality.
4. People who are total ditzes.
5. People who judge others for the way they look.
6. People who judge others for every little action.
7. People who think that their origin defines them (Ex. Oh, I'm Scottish, I'm always drunk)
8. People who are sexists.
9. People who are homophobes.
10. Teachers who yell at people for waiting until the last minuut to complete an assignment without having any idea what the person goes through outside of school.
11. "Emo" people.
12. People who don't understand certain medical disorders and act ignorant (Ex. ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia)
13. People who are overly-religious and allow it to completely dominate their lives.
14. People who are obsessed with children.
15. People who think that they are extremely helpful and develop an ego from it, when truly they don't help at all.
16. People who judge others for getting plastic surgery and are all "Ew! That' gross and unnatural!" I have a really close friend who is like that, it's so annoying.
17. People who can take one look at a stranger and the first thing they think is "Wow he's fat"
18. People who don't know when to shut the hell up.
19. Teenagers who judge other teenagers for the amount of sex they have, of drugs they do.
20. People who became COMPLETELY obsessed with Michael Jackson after he died.
21. People who don't use correct grammar.
22. People who don't understand how certain characters in films and boeken are very complicated characters, and others are very simple.
23. People who think that u can't be vrienden with someone who u met online.
24. Attention whores. (Especially people who cut themselves for attention)
25. Parents who plan out their kids' lives.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Well siad, all true. I really don't like it when people assume bad things about a person just because they have a certain mental disorder, of even make jokes about it. Everything was pretty true.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
r-pattz said:
#2: Why? Sometimes it's just because something bad happened to the person.
#6: Again, that's often a psychological thing. It's just all they've known.
#18: We need them in the world. The way I see, without them, we'd all just be in a little pit of doom. And besides, they're happy.
#19: Easy thing to happen. I despise my family (except for my sister) and hate my father. I do have vrienden that I love meer than my family.

I don't really hate anyone, but I dislike:

-Weak people. The ones who can not of will not defend themselves of their points.
-ppl who tlk lyk dis..
-People who refuse to listen to other opinions and hate people who disagree with them.
-Posers and wannabes.
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posted een jaar geleden 
I'll attemp to answer some questions.2. I just think that it is not okay to not be able to feal sympathy for another person, only self centered people are good at that. It's so easy, everyone should be able to do it efortlessly.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
5o% of those things, yes. But ther'es really no point in trying to convince u not to judge anyone. It doesn't really matter, you'll probably never change. Oh, well.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
Everyone judges everyone.
r-pattz posted een jaar geleden
LunaShay said:
.....Non-epic people.

Boring people

Stupid people

Boring people

stupid people

boring people

stupid people

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posted een jaar geleden 
meer non-epic people maybe?
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
tabithasb13 said:
4.people who can't respect other peoples opinions
6.people who make jokes out of sirious topics like death
9.racist people
10.people who try to act happy all the time even when they're not
13.people who talk loudly to themselves when other people are in the room
15.people that act stupid all the time just to be funny
18.people who can't keep secrets
19.people who care about nobody but themselves
20.people who would do anything for popularity

and a lot more...
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posted een jaar geleden 
Those are all annoying.(my sister always complains about pretending she's happy) Those are the reasons why most people hate school.
MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
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