Can u please tell me the titel of the anime toon that I'm looking for?

Hi guys! Uhm... the story that I remembered is that it's kinda may-december relationship, there's a girl she has a red hair and I think she's a dubber in the story, it's kinda ironic because she's an anime character and her work is to dub anime also; anyways back to the story well, her house was burned on brand and a man older than her let her stay in his house and they kinda fell for each other that's the only thing I remembered. I watched it long time geleden on Animax Asia and when I watched it it's back to back, I think the episodes were all shown in only one dag of back to back. PLEASE help me and tell me the titel immediately. I'm sorry if I can't put pictures because I don't really know what to zoek for, so I came here. HELP!
 msconceitedhere posted een jaar geleden
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