Red Eye Lisa + Jackson?

London posted on Mar 29, 2008 at 09:53PM
As I was gathering videos for this site i came across a trailer for a "Red Eye 2". At first I was excited but then I relized how can you make a sequal to that ending? As I watched the video there were images with Lisa and Jackson that I had not seen in the movie, so maybe there is some hope to the sequal, but anyway it seems that it might have some romance in it between Lisa and Jackson, if there is even a sequal. My Dad thinks that its sick for those two to date, because of how he abused her, but I think that it would be cool, romantic, sweet, and ironic, i like irony. What do you think is it sick for Lisa and Jackson to be together? Is there going to be a sequal?

Red Eye 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden alynn said…
There's a sequel????? Wow! Yeah u're can they make a sequel to that ending? but at least there IS a sequel! i was hoping there's a sequel for this movie! There IS rite?
Lisa and Jackson?? OMG!!! I'll be very happy! They look so sweet when together!!!!!!!!! Jack is soooooo hot and Lisa is sooooooo pretty! They make a great couple! lol
een jaar geleden VintageSmile said…
big smile
Yeah, here's what the trailer was based on :
The FanFic is actually amazing and it sets everything up in place. The love/hate relationship is clear throughout it. Really good read.