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Regular toon characters - Why i love them.

Made a lijst of my 5 favorit characters -also one of the main ones -and why i love them.


Rigby is my favorit character. One of the reasons why must be because i'm much like him. I'm lazy,but cunning. I love the 80's music,i'm immature,i dropped out of high school,i'm small and thin(weak) and i also have a younger siblin who is much better then me. (-.-)

The other reason is because he's just so funny and an interesting character. I usually like characters who are not 100% good but not evil. Just anti heros. And that's what Rigby is.


I see Mordecai...
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A dag in the coffee koop were talking Mordecai and Rigby rigby: jeremy mordecai u realize u are eating your girlfriend mouth margaret Mordecai: I already know let me talk to her in PEACE! Rigby: angry look good that one of my family comes here with us Mordecai: that thing! Rigby: do not know my twin sister Carly? Mordecai did not realize u had another sister? Rigby: It seems that there is! Mordecai: WOW * carly comes when it falls Mordecai * Mordecai: Susrro to rigby: that NICE Rigby: I knew u was gonna like it's sexy for u hehe
Carly: Brother! Rigby: Sister! * gegeven a hug between...
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My top, boven 5 season 3 episodes:

5. Rap It Up-One of those eppys that I didn't like at first, but over time grew to like. I'm not much into anything rap, but something about RiU I like.

4. Yes Dude Yes-I like CJ & glad she shows up a little meer now. I find her meer interesting than Margret.

3. Weekend at Benson's-The whole scene with Mississippi Queen was the highlight of the episode for me.

2. Fuzzy Dice-Feels like this should've been in season 1 of 2. Lots of awesome moments.

1. Think Positive-My favoriete s3 episode. This episode kinda helps with dealing with anger issues, like counting backwards from 100 for instance.

Here's some other episodes I found enjoyable enough:

Exit 9b
Christmas Special
Thanksgiving Special
Tgi Tuesday
Pie Contest

Welp, that's it. Hope u liked my lists.
posted by SouthParkSmart
 ...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
I've noticed that as great as a toon Regular toon is, a bit of controversy surrounds it. fans seem to be concerned with its current rating, TV-PG, and argue about which age group the toon is meant for. And all I can say is, please stop. You're missing the whole point of the show!

The content of this toon is really not all that bad, regardless of your age group. Words like "crap" and "pissed" are words kids hear all the time. And if not, it's better they hear them now because they'll end up hearing them their whole lives, once their parents unshelter them. Expressions like "How in the H are we...
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posted by Sedgewings
 ask your parents of an adult before reading this (lol jk)
ask your parents or an adult before reading this (lol jk)
MORDECAI: Dude, u know what we should do?

RIGBY: What?

MORDECAI: We should write a hit song

RIGBY: dude, we should totally write a hit song!!

MORDECAI: Yah we should!

BOTH: *laughs*

MORDECAI: ok, ok check it out. Just do what I do and watch the hit song come rollin’ in.

RIGBY: ok.

MORDECAI: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

BOTH: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

MORDECAI: ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha

MORDECAI: heh ha ha

RIGBY: heh ha ha

MORDECAI: heh heh ha ha ha

BOTH: dah dah ting ting ting ting dah bee bee boop

BENSON: what are u doing?

MORDECAI: Sorry Benson, we were...
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"Ugh! I hate raking!" Rigby groaned as he picked up a rake and started scraping up leaves.
"Dude, we have to do it," Mordecai reasoned, raking his leaves into a fairly small pile. It was the beginning of fall, and the jobs got harder and harder, including raking the leaves. "Benson told us to, and i'm not gonna let him tell us we're slackers!"
"But why can't he do it himself?" Rigby rudely asked, adding to the small leaf pile. "If we're slackers, then he's a huge slacker." Rigby still complained. Mordecai glared at him, and then started raking again.
Soon enough, the pile was big enough to...
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posted by katetekiku
"Do u like macaroni as much as I do?" The televisie blared as a commercial switched on.
"Ugh, I hate commercials!" groaned Rigby as he grabbed limblessly at the Remote, searching for the channel button. As he slithered halfheartedly down to the floor of the living room, The TV quickly switched to a lame excersize show, and Rigby groaned once more.
"No, wait," Mordecai exclaimed. "Change that back!"
Mordecai snatched the remote from bored Rigby as he switched back to the macaroni commercial.
"Then come to the macaroni warehouse NOW!" Screamed the advertisement. "We sell spaghetti noodles,...
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***Setting : In morgan and Rin's Room***

Benson : *walks in the hallway and sees Rin not enjoying the room and morgan aweing over it*
Rin : Pink?? Really??
Benson : Hey, I tried my best decorating!
Rin : *mutters* That's sad....
Benson : Now u two need to meet the other employees. Oh, and if u see a bluejay and/or a racoon slacking, tell them Benson zei to verplaats their butts of their FIRED!
Morgan : Um, okay?
*Morgan and Rin walk out of their room and walk and talk*

***Setting : The Park at Noon***

Morgan : Rin, I think who we're gonna yell at is our true loves!
Rin : Hey, I never zei I wanted to...
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posted by mwsapphire
Rigby played “Dig Champs “ for a couple of hours, but it wasn’t as fun without Mordecai. So Rigby went back upstairs to check on him and see if felt any better. He scampered over to Mordecai’s bed. The blue jay’s chest was rising and falling. u could hear the congested sound of his breathing. He decided to wake him up so they could eat a late avondeten, diner (it was 9:00pm) and then just go to bed, because Rigby really didn’t have anything to do. Mordecai was a heavy sleeper, so he always...
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Srry it's short...
Rigby And Eileen (OneShot) MistleToe!!! 
~Eileen's POV~ 
I watched everybody party. They all seemed to be having a great time! Unlike me... I'm not much of a partyer. I spotted Rigby coming up to sit down,probably tired of partying. 
Me:Hey Rigby. Rigby:'Sup Eileen. Me:Partied too hard? Rigby:Noticed? Me:Well u came over here panting like u were running the 5k run... Yes I've noticed. 
He smirked. I guess he was pretty suprised of my sarcasm. I caught a glimpse of a blush from him,but he tried his best to hide it. Did this mean he liked me? Embarrassed,we both turned...
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1.The name Mordecai is Hebrew.

2.The meaning of Mordecai is "servant of Marduk"

3.Mordecai likes to sing along to bad pop music.

4.He lied to Rigby that his bed never came. He was sleeping on both of the beds the whole time.

5.He might be an only child.

6.Despite being a bird,he never flyed.

7.He once almost died from hypothermia.

8.He went to Art College.

9.His favorit band is 'Brain Explosion'.

10.He was the only one who finished,and survived the Egg challenge.[/u]


1.The meaning of Rigby is "ridge settlement."

2.Rigby has an alter ego, 'Fists'.

3.He doesn't know the difference between a square and a rectangle.

4.Don is Rigby's YOUNGER brother.

5.He is allergic to eggs.

6.He may be claustrophobic.

7.He is faster then the others.

8.He is the weakest in the grup.

9.He dropped out of high school.

10.Despite being ignorant and 0 book smart,he is quit quick-thinking.
It's been months since Finn dated Marceline. Did Princess Bubblegum find her true love? In the comments, check if she did. NOW ON TO THE STORY!!!!

Jake came out of Finn's room and said, "Finn where is my sword?" "Under my bed," Finn answered. Jake got his sword, but then he saw Marceline's stuff under Finn's bed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jake screamed. "What happened?" Mordecai said. "Look under," Jake zei in a freaked out voice. "What's wron- WOAH! Who's she?" Mordecai questioned Jake. "Marceline the Vampire Queen," Jake answered. "She's cute," replied Mordecai. Then Marceline came in the room. "Where's Finn? I have him a gift." "Outside in the fields," replied Mordecai. "Finn this sword is cool!" Rigby said, killing a monster. "Hey sweet- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" OUT OF SPACE =( TO BE CONTINUED... LOOK FOR PART 4... LOVE u ALL!
posted by kitty190123
Mordecai comes into the house smiling. Rigby says "Sup' Mordo?" Mordecai says "I just asked Margaret on a date. Woooh!" Rigby says "Awesome! Where at?" Mordecai's like "Video game arcade! I scheduled it and everything! u know what that means?" "FREE CAKE!"

Later... at 8 o'clock... at the coffee shop

"Ready to go, Margaret?" says Mordecai "Yeah, let's go. You're driving, right?" says Margaret. "Yep. Come on. Rigby's in the back." says Mordecai. "Cool! says Eileen. Then, they see a thundercloud outside. "MORDECAI!"
posted by lano500
"Margeret, Margeret," Mordecai cried running towards Margeret.
"Mordecai, Mordecai," Margaret cried running towards Mordecai.
They ran into each other's arms.
"Oh it's so good to see u two being friends," Pops said.
"POPS??" Mordecai screamed.
"Oh it's so nice to see u two in love," Pops sighed. "I was just writing a poem,
Birds are sweet
Bees in a sheet,
Isn't it nice
To keep the beat?"
"Uh... That's nice Pops."
"I know. Oh it is so nice to see u Mordecai. Where is Rigby?"
"Rigby went with Eileen to the singing festival."
"Oh I love to sing!"
"Maybe u should go kom bij him."
"OK I will."
posted by smileyfacers
hallo Mordecai, guess what! What Rigby? They are selling fist pomp tickets tonight! Woo! Fist pump! Cmon dude wew already went. We will never do that again. Okay? Okay fine. Geez Mordecai why are so boring? Dude, cmon Im sorry. Margaret walked by. Huh....Mordecai dreams of going out with Margaret and stares at her. What are u doing? Oh me uh nothing Rigby. Im not staring at anything! I didnt ask if u were staring at anyone. Aw crap! What? Mordecai says. u were staring at Margaret! No I wasnt! Why dont u ask her out then? Its not that easy. Here let me help you. hallo Margaret come here...
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Today I am gonna tell what is my top, boven 20 favoriete episodes from Regular Show. I actually watched the first episode and thought "This toon isn't gonna last long isn't it?" But it turned out to be a 5 season long toon that I immediately got attached to after the 3rd episode. Well, let's start da list!

20: Do Me a Solid

This episode reminds me of times where I need to ask favors of do them for my vrienden and family. The fact that Mordecai wants to datum Margaret in exchange for 10 solids is hilarious. What made this episode was the fact Rigby was attempting to sabotage his datum since Eileen was around....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Benson, and Muscleman walked to their hotel room, 307.

Muscleman: When do u want to get those guys?
Benson: At midnight. When they're asleep, we go into their room, and bring them back to the park with us.
Muscleman: Why don't we just get them now?
Benson: We could do that.

In Mordecai, and Rigby's hotel room

Mordecai: *Watching TV*
Rigby: *Relaxing in hot tub while watching TV* Oh great, it's that commercial for Sonic Forever.
Announcer: All the sonic games, with all the characters in one disc. Available at Gamestop only in Canada.
Mordecai: That just made me want to get the game even more....
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posted by smileyfacers
hallo Mordecai. Guess what! Uhhh. The last time we played this game u said----no its not that! Rigby interupts him. Well then what? Okay. Margaret zei something u wouldnt believe. Mordecai gets suprised. Really? About what? Well its something about u Mordecai! Mordecai gets anxious. Well dont leave me hanging! What is it? Okay.I was in here at 4:30 at taco tuesday. door the way great deals! Oh! I heard Margaret and Eileen talking. Margaret was talking about how awesome u are and- really? Mordecai! Quit interupting me! Now where was I? Oh yeah! When I heard them talking I walked over there...
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Farlon sat on the divan, bank and brought a bag of chips and put his feet on the tafel, tabel like Mordecai and Rigby do. "Hey Farlaaaaan" Rigby yelled, "Can u go and get me a cup of coffee from the coffee shop?" Rigby continued. "Sure, the koop around the block?" Farlon questioned, "Sure, whatever, just get it..." Farlon went out of the Park Mansion and walked on the sidewalk about to reach the coffee shop. Farlon opened the door and the hanging klok, bell just rang. "Hello," Margaret zei immediately as Farlon can into the Coffee Shop. "What's your name?" she asked Farlon blushed like they connected of something....
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Mordecai: Bob Marley- Don't worry be happy

Rigby: Simple Plan-Grow up

Benson: Theory of a Deadman - Hate My Life

Pops: Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole - Wonderful world

Skips: strand Boys - I Get Around

Musle Man: Lowlife-Theory of a deadman

H5G : Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Thomas: Nine black alps -Pocket full of stars

Margaret:Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero

Eileen:Pink-Stupid Girls

Death: Mothorhead-Game


MordecaixMargaret :Grease - You're The One That I Want

Mordecai: (To Margaret)Chris Brown - Should've Kissed You

Rigby: (To Eileen)Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

Muscle Man: (To Starla) Elvis Presley- Always on my mind

Benson: (To Audrey)Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

Skips' girl: (To Skips) Connie Francis - I will wait for you

Eileen: (To Rigby) Faith heuvel - Just To Hear u Say That u Love Me