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regular toon is nice and moredicai is a 23 jaar old bluejay and rigby is a 23 jaar old racoon moredecai is a machore person and him and rigby are rivals whohe likes to play punchies agants rigby knowing that he always win and rigby is a lazy problem making mischeif maker and mordecai saves rigby from some problems but skipps always solves there problems a yeti who is granted the power of imortalitey if he does the careymonell dance on his birth dag and the gumball machine benson is bossy and domanding but they need him and musle man a dwfish belive it of not does most of the work around the park wicth u see in the episode when his girlfriend starla dumps him because he does not like telling his feelings but at the end he tells all of his feelings and gets starla back this is from ya boi tarique
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I had some free time this weekend so I threw a little something together...I don't even know. A little regular shosh, a little springboob and a little YTPnews.
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One dag Muscleman wasn't feeling well.

Muscleman: Aw man. I don't feel so good. *lays on couch*
Mordecai: *walks in* Muscleman, are u ok?
Muscleman: No. Could u get me a root beer?
Mordecai: I think we're out dude. Sorry.
Muscleman: BUT I WANT MY ROOTBEER!!! *goes crazy*
Benson: What the hell is this?
Mordecai: Muscleman isn't feeling well.
Benson: Oh man, you're not kidding. You, and Rigby will have to do his work today.
Mordecai: Fine *goes outside*
Rigby: hallo Benson.
Benson: Where have u been? Go work with Mordecai!!
Rigby: Jeez, I just woke up.
Muscleman: Then go do my work *barfs*...
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