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Srry it's short...
Rigby And Eileen (OneShot) MistleToe!!! 
~Eileen's POV~ 
I watched everybody party. They all seemed to be having a great time! Unlike me... I'm not much of a partyer. I spotted Rigby coming up to sit down,probably tired of partying. 
Me:Hey Rigby. Rigby:'Sup Eileen. Me:Partied too hard? Rigby:Noticed? Me:Well u came over here panting like u were running the 5k run... Yes I've noticed. 
He smirked. I guess he was pretty suprised of my sarcasm. I caught a glimpse of a blush from him,but he tried his best to hide it. Did this mean he liked me? Embarrassed,we both turned...
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1.The name Mordecai is Hebrew.

2.The meaning of Mordecai is "servant of Marduk"

3.Mordecai likes to sing along to bad pop music.

4.He lied to Rigby that his bed never came. He was sleeping on both of the beds the whole time.

5.He might be an only child.

6.Despite being a bird,he never flyed.

7.He once almost died from hypothermia.

8.He went to Art College.

9.His favorit band is 'Brain Explosion'.

10.He was the only one who finished,and survived the Egg challenge.[/u]


1.The meaning of Rigby is "ridge settlement."

2.Rigby has an alter ego, 'Fists'.

3.He doesn't know the difference between a square and a rectangle.

4.Don is Rigby's YOUNGER brother.

5.He is allergic to eggs.

6.He may be claustrophobic.

7.He is faster then the others.

8.He is the weakest in the grup.

9.He dropped out of high school.

10.Despite being ignorant and 0 book smart,he is quit quick-thinking.
It's been months since Finn dated Marceline. Did Princess Bubblegum find her true love? In the comments, check if she did. NOW ON TO THE STORY!!!!

Jake came out of Finn's room and said, "Finn where is my sword?" "Under my bed," Finn answered. Jake got his sword, but then he saw Marceline's stuff under Finn's bed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jake screamed. "What happened?" Mordecai said. "Look under," Jake zei in a freaked out voice. "What's wron- WOAH! Who's she?" Mordecai questioned Jake. "Marceline the Vampire Queen," Jake answered. "She's cute," replied Mordecai. Then Marceline came in the room. "Where's Finn? I have him a gift." "Outside in the fields," replied Mordecai. "Finn this sword is cool!" Rigby said, killing a monster. "Hey sweet- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" OUT OF SPACE =( TO BE CONTINUED... LOOK FOR PART 4... LOVE u ALL!
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SAM MARIN SINGS FOOTLOOSE AT COMIC CON 2011!! warning: your lungs may be at risk of laughing too hard while watching this video
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Mordecai comes into the house smiling. Rigby says "Sup' Mordo?" Mordecai says "I just asked Margaret on a date. Woooh!" Rigby says "Awesome! Where at?" Mordecai's like "Video game arcade! I scheduled it and everything! u know what that means?" "FREE CAKE!"

Later... at 8 o'clock... at the coffee shop

"Ready to go, Margaret?" says Mordecai "Yeah, let's go. You're driving, right?" says Margaret. "Yep. Come on. Rigby's in the back." says Mordecai. "Cool! says Eileen. Then, they see a thundercloud outside. "MORDECAI!"
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