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Benson, and Muscleman walked to their hotel room, 307.

Muscleman: When do u want to get those guys?
Benson: At midnight. When they're asleep, we go into their room, and bring them back to the park with us.
Muscleman: Why don't we just get them now?
Benson: We could do that.

In Mordecai, and Rigby's hotel room

Mordecai: *Watching TV*
Rigby: *Relaxing in hot tub while watching TV* Oh great, it's that commercial for Sonic Forever.
Announcer: All the sonic games, with all the characters in one disc. Available at Gamestop only in Canada.
Mordecai: That just made me want to get the game even more....
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hallo Mordecai. Guess what! Uhhh. The last time we played this game u said----no its not that! Rigby interupts him. Well then what? Okay. Margaret zei something u wouldnt believe. Mordecai gets suprised. Really? About what? Well its something about u Mordecai! Mordecai gets anxious. Well dont leave me hanging! What is it? Okay.I was in here at 4:30 at taco tuesday. door the way great deals! Oh! I heard Margaret and Eileen talking. Margaret was talking about how awesome u are and- really? Mordecai! Quit interupting me! Now where was I? Oh yeah! When I heard them talking I walked over there...
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