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Mordecai and Rigby are up to their usual antics until Rigby accidentally makes a big hole in the wall.
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The episode starts with the gang outside of the house and Benson tells them that today is the yearly pie contest. Benson tells Skips that he has poteum duty, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost have to set up the booths, Pops has decorations, and Mordecai and Rigby just have to pick up trash, which they dislike. Then, they ask Benson if they can judge, which they really want, since they nearly died. So Benson passes down the judge job, but he tells them that if they quit, they're fired! At the pie contest, the first pie they tasted is Pops' and love it, but Pops thinks that since his pie is good,...
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"Do u like macaroni as much as I do?" The televisie blared as a commercial switched on.
"Ugh, I hate commercials!" groaned Rigby as he grabbed limblessly at the Remote, searching for the channel button. As he slithered halfheartedly down to the floor of the living room, The TV quickly switched to a lame excersize show, and Rigby groaned once more.
"No, wait," Mordecai exclaimed. "Change that back!"
Mordecai snatched the remote from bored Rigby as he switched back to the macaroni commercial.
"Then come to the macaroni warehouse NOW!" Screamed the advertisement. "We sell spaghetti noodles,...
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