Robin kap and Regina Outlaw Queen {Chat Thread} *Let the fangirling begin*

marakii posted on Apr 22, 2014 at 09:07AM
I was thinking to make this thread so we could all get to know each other :D
We should write down some information about ourselves and of course we can fangirl here for Outlaw Queen or for every random thing we want .

just complete this
-favorite thing to do



credit of the icon -> tumblr
 I was thinking to make this thread so we could all get to know each other :D We should write down so
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een jaar geleden marakii said…
I go first :D

-name : Maria
-age : 16
-country : Greece
-hobbies : watching tv/movies ,going out ,writing stories/poems ,polishing nails xP & more.
-fandoms : [top 10] friends ,grey's anatomy ,himym ,castle ,sex & the city ,once upon a time ,one tree hill ,glee ,the vampire diaries ,the carrie diaries
-ships : [top 10] ross/rachel ,castle/beckett ,lucas/peyton ,meredith/derek ,barney/robin ,neal/sara ,snow/charming ,regina/robin ,miranda/steve ,monica/chandler
-favorite thing to do : laughing<3:P
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een jaar geleden iceprincess7492 said…
me next!!! ^__^

name: Anjali or Anj
age: 22
country: India
hobbies: reading, writing, watching tv/movies, internet, video gaming, more reading, more writing!
fandoms: [Top 10] Supernatural, Sherlock, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon A Time, The Originals, Castle, Pretty Little Liars, Bones
ships: [Top 10] Delena, Captain Swan, Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Snowing, Caskett, Skye/Ward, Spencer/Toby, Hanna/Caleb, Booth/Bones
favorite thing to do: write!!!
een jaar geleden tonyziva1234 said…

name: dannii
age: 21
country: england
hobbies: writing, watching tv, making fanart/videos, reading, music, yoga :)
fandoms: major crimes, stargate, ncis, once upon a time, battlestar galactica, sanctuary, fringe, brooklyn 99
ships: tony/ziva, jack/sam, sharon/andy, emma/killian, barney/robin, mal/inara, roslin/adama, peter/olivia, robin/regina, rumple/belle :))
favorite thing to do: reading and listen to music :)
een jaar geleden kenzregals said…

-name: kenzie
-age: 17
-country: America
-hobbies: watching tv/movies, music, volleyball, tanning, internet, going out
-fandoms: once upon a time, friends, chicago pd, greys anatomy, harry potter, hunger games, how i met your mother, one tree hill.
-ships: regina/robin, ross/rachel, erin/jay, arizona/callie, hermione/ron, katniss/gale, barney/robin, brooke/julian
-favorite thing to do: sleep!
een jaar geleden marakii said…
hello guys :D ,i'm so happy to see you here ,so how's everyone doing?
een jaar geleden tvdlover said…
-name : Fatemeh
-age : 17
-country : Iran but I live in USA
-hobbies : Cry over Finnick Odair/Sam Claflin and my OTP's, watching TV-Shows/Movies, workout, read, listening to music.
-fandoms : The Vampire Diaries/The Originals, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and so much more.
-ships : {Only doing my 4 OTP's} Damon x Elena, Stefan x Elena, Peeta x Katniss, Finnick x Annie. I love them all the same.
-favorite thing to do : fangirl, sleep, etc
een jaar geleden Elbelle23 said…
-name: Elle
age; 21 (turning 21 in a week and a half :P)
country:: Australia
hobbies: Read, shop, watch TV, hang with friends
fandoms: One Tree Hill, The OC, Glee, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Mortal Instruments, Arrow.
ships: Top 5 besides Outlaw Queen are My OTP Seth and Summer (The OC), Brooke and Julian (OTH), Oliver and Felicty (Arrow), Adrian and Sydney (Vampire Academy), Stefan and Caroline (TVD)
-favorite thing to do Hang with friends, fangirl, read (pretty much all my hobbies ha) also Running :)