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mindless behavior
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 Snacks in the Fridge
Snacks in the Fridge
Recap-Roc met Aubdrey 4 the 2nd time and he still can't believe she just zei he gotta big ass(lamooo it's true doh*

Roc:i can't belive she zei dat
Domo:well u do gotta big cubose
Roc:no i don't
Domo:babe.........yes u do
Roc:*looks at her*no i don't
Domo:okaii u don't
Roc:yeah i don't
Domo:*mumbles*yes u do*walks in your house*
Roc:*stands there*actually u gotta ass*follows her*

In Your House
???:hey baby girl
Domo:hey mom this is Roc*turns 2 Roc* Roc Karrueche
Roc:wait aren't u Chris Browns gf*thinks 4 a moment*
K(Karreuche is 2 long*yes but now i'm his fiance
Roc:omg is he here
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cookie:kiwi get in here trey here.
kiwi:i'm coming tell him to wait.
(kiwi comes down stairs with her polo outfit on)
trey:kiwi u look nice
trey:u ready for our amazing date
kiwi:where we going
trey:don't wery bout it ,it's a surprise
kiwi:fine bye cookie
(kiwi leaves with trey)
cookie:jacob come on we goin b late
jacob:here i come bay
cookie:come on
(they leave)
kay:hey are we going to the films today
ray:yeah we better go right now
(they leave)
(at the films everybody sees each other)
boys: wats up dogs
girls:hey gurl
kiwi:wat movie yall goin see
cookie:we seeing dark moon
kay:we r 2
kiwi:we r 2
kiwwi:c u there

(inside the movie)

kiwi:trey i'm cold
trey: don't worry i'll keep u warm
kiwi: really
(scary part happens all the gurls jump into the boys laps)

trey:your adorable when ur scared

kiwi: thx boy

to be continude
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