Ross and Rachel Top, Boven Ten Moments

dermer4ever posted on Oct 11, 2008 at 05:08AM
What are your top ten moments on the series weather they were together or not. I am pretty sure that this isn't a forum topic.

Ross and Rachel 10 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden padme768 said…
it is a forum topic!
well my top ten moments are:
1) their kiss at the coffe house
2) the time that rach kissed ross cause of the prom night video
3) their final get together
4) them getting married
5) when the get together in montok
6) them having emma
7) the princess leia thing
8) ross breaking up with julie for rachel
9) rachel finding out ross loved her since high school
10) the plane scene
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een jaar geleden Emm_xD said…
Good topic! :)

1. Their kiss at the coffee house (Of course!)
2. The 'I got off the plane' scene
3. When they both had Emma
4. When they finally got together in season 10
5. Rachel first finding out Ross loved her
6. Ross breaking up with Julie for Rachel
7. The Prom Video scene
8. When they got married in Vegas, lol!
9. The Poker scenes in which Rachel said: "Your flies open, Geller."
10. The Tiny T-shirt scene, in which Rachel called Ross petty.

een jaar geleden SpanksU said…
Ross and Rachel don't get together in Barbados (padme's #5)
een jaar geleden padme768 said…
^i meant montok... :/
een jaar geleden laughingGrl said…
big smile
1.Their first kiss ever at the coffe house <3
2. The Prom Video and then Rachel going and kissing Ross
3.Ross listening to Rachels message (you're over me, when, when were you under me?) and then Rachel jumped on him to take away the phone!:D
4.Ross and Rachel getting married in Vegas ('hello mrs. ross. why hello mr. rachel!)
5.The 'I got off the plane' scene and then they get together again! :D
6.Rachel finding out Ross loved her (her birthday and Chandler was so funny!)
7.When they had Emma!
8.The seconds when Ross said RACHEL! (and then he says it again. i think um I'm married to Rachel, Emily! hehe)
9. When Ross and Rachel first get back together before the It so DOES NOT! & the whole flirting on that trip with the painting the toe nails and chasing each other around the room. :P
10.Before Ross's wedding when Rachel figures out she still has feelings for Ross (Pheobe why didn't you tell me!) lmao!:D
een jaar geleden alkonyat said…
1. their first kiss<3
2. TOW Rachel's Going Away Party when Rachel tells Ross that he means more to her than the other and that's why he didn't get a goodbye<3
3. the "I got off the plane" scene<3
4. the Prom video<3
5. when they had Emma<3
6. when Ross took Rachel to the hospital instead of appearing on TV<3
7. their wedding. lol
8. the Montok scenes<3
9. when Rachel finds about Ross is in love with her since high school<3
10. when Ross says Rachel's name on his wedding. xd

Love Ross and Rachel so much<3333
een jaar geleden Priscilita22 said…
1. "It's because you mean more to me" (Rachel says goodbye to Ross)
2. "I don't need your stupid "ship"" (Their first kiss in Central Perk)
3. "I got off the plane" (They finally get back together for good)
4. "With us, it's never off the table" (Ross takes care of her when her dad has a heart attack)
5. "See, he's her lobster!" (Prom video)
6. When they have Emma
7. "That would have been very hard to say no to" (Hypothetical proposal in The One in Massapequa)
8. "Well hello Mrs. Ross! Hello, Mr. Rachel!" (They get married in Vegas)
9. "Congratulations!" (Rachel goes to London to stop Ross when she realizes she's still in love with him)
10. Ross helps Rachel get ready for her party instead of going to the TV interview.
een jaar geleden Jennifer22 said…
1. Their first kiss is the coffee house<3
2. When they had Emma<3
3. When Rachel tells Ross he means more to her than anyone else<3
4. When Rachel says "I got off the plane"<3
5. When Ross helped Rachel get changed to go to the hospital instead of going to the TV interview<3
6. When they get back together at the beach<3
7. When they sing "Baby got Back" to Emma<3
8. When they get back together in The Last One<3
9. When they get married in Vegas<3
10. When they kissed before Rachel gives birth to Emma<3

I could think of sooo many more but these are the ones that stand out:) <33 I love Ross and Rachel! xoxox
een jaar geleden kmi2013 said…
1. Their kiss when they are about to go to the hospital to give Emma birth.
2. "See? He is her lobster"
3. "I'ts always been you, Rach"
4. Their kiss at thr coffee house, obviously
5. When they say I love you for the first time
6. Ross' proposal
7. When Ross cancels his appearence in a documentary on the Discovery Channel just to take Rachel to the doctor.
8. "I Ross, take thee Rachel" :O
9. Getting married in Vegas
10."I got off the plane"
een jaar geleden marakii said…
Random Order

#1; ''You were worth the wait and I don't just mean tonight'' ~ first time
#2; Rachel's speech about her not wanting to leave because she hates the fact that she won't be able to see him every day
#3; ''See? he's her lobster''
#4; Their first kiss
#5; Ross returning back the ''Franky say relax'' shirt
#6; ''It's always been you''
#7; Rachel initiating a kiss after having Emma
#8; Ross letting her win the poker game ''look how happy she is''
#9; ''i got off the plane''
#10; Ross going to the doctor with her instead of showing up in the tv interview

And so many more! Ugh I feel like I have left so many beautiful moments out :(
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