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Ross Lynch's first BOP and Tiger Beat foto Shoot at Venice Beach. He's so hot.
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~These facts are not mine~

1. Ross loves Japanese chewing gum.

2. Ross has a Girl Sean Malto deck, which is a skateboard.

3. Ross is an adrenaline junkie.

4. Ross once spent three hours at Pedlow vleet, skate park.

5. On Ross's 15th Birthday he played hockey with Joe Sakic from the Colorado Avalanches.

6. Ross is homeschooled.

7. Ross's favoriete films are Romeo and Juliet, & Avatar.

8. Ross's favoriete color is bright yellow.

9. Ross loves everything to do with flying (e.g. kites, paragliding, RC planes). He is waiting desperately to be old enough to get his flying license.

10. Ross has to wet his hair...
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Flip a switch
Turn on the lightning
Get it right
Show ‘em how it’s done

Free it up
No matter how you dress that song
Girl you know
You got a number one

Go with it
You got ‘em where you want ‘em
Drop a beat
They need to hear your sound
Play it up
It’s coming down to you right now

They want to know, know, know
Your name, name, name
They want the girl, girl, girl
With game, game, game
And when they look, look, look
Your way, way, way
You’re gonna make (make), make (make)
Make ‘em do a double take
Make ‘em do a double take
Yeah yeah

This could be
An overnight sensation
You and me
Tearing up the floor...
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