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It's night time and Auslly is in their new house with Trish and Dez... In Ausllys Living room playing truth of dare

Dez : Ok.... Um... Austin! Truth of Dare?
Austin: Dare. *Winks at Ally*
Dez : Hmm.. Oh! I dare u to... Pull down your underwire and pants.
Trish: Eww gross! Dez Wtf! Do something else!?
Dez: Nope.
Austin: Fine. * Does Dare*
Ally: Ohhhhh
Trish: *Goes to bathroom and pukes*
Austin: *Pulls up pants*
Ally: Oh your SOOO hot!
6 hours later At 3 in the morning
Auslly and Trez are drunk
Austin: *is drunk* hallo Ally.
Ally: *Drunk too* I know.
Austin: *Starts making out with her*
Trez: Omfg
Auslly: * Making out*
Ally and Austin: * Pushing each other playfully*
Auslly: *French kissing*
Dez: Yeah I'm out. *Leaves*
Trish: I'll stay just to see if things get too wild.
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At School

Ally: *Bumps into a girl*
?? : Sorry!
Ally: It's ok u weren't looking! Hi I'm Ally!
Kristian: hallo I'm kristian!
Austin: *Comes over* Oh, hallo Ally, hallo Kristian.
Ally: u know Kristian?
Kristian: He's in my Sceince class.
Ally: *Kisses Austin on the Cheeck*
Austin: *Smiles*
Kristian: I'm guessing, u guys are in a relationship ?
Auslly: Yep.
Kristain: Oh. * Smiles* Than Proove it?
Ally: Ok . *Kisses Austin on the lips for 30 seconds*
Austin: *Deepends the kiss*
Kristian: Ok,Ok,I get it!
Everyone: *Laughs*
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