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Ally: *Groans then moves little bit and land Right on Austin's back l(little love if I say myself)*
Ally: Austin what time is it we might be late for school?
Austin: Oh your awake morning sunshine. Oh it's 6:00 we have time school starts at 8:00.
Ally: *Gets out of bed smiles *Austin can I change I front of you?
Austin: I won't look go for it.
Ally: *changes*
Austin: *turns around , then looks. Whispers* Woahhhh.
Ally : AUSTIN ! I'm done changing and I saw u looking!
Austin: Fine I'll change in the bathroom
Ally:*wears a roze tight dress and roze hight heels
Austin:Done !*wears a red t overhemd, shirt and nice black shorts with a Christ necklace*
Ally: Puts on roze hoop earings.
Austin: Ok let's pick up breakfeast from school. I'll drive.

5 mins later
Austin: where there
Ally: Look at Trish and Dez!
Austin:There kissin-
Ally*covers Austin's mouth* She could of told us!

To be continued...........
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 I funny
I funny
I saw the new astin and ally and almost at the end u kissed ally is that is That traw I love but hate that u will kill my hart so come to sicklerville to have an iter view
So complement please.
It's asome but I want to be iternet girl frend boy frend we will get a party and its at my school. My way so come now come come come now lizard. Man it's hared to do this man man man man man man man man manaaaaazA

Every astin and ally camarshals omg to this omg hat it time brandi that's me listen to me I love you. Snap snap, my door ok. Bey bey
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Ross Lynch's first BOP and Tiger Beat foto Shoot at Venice Beach. He's so hot.
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This is when he auditioned for disney channel when he was 13.Now he's 16
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