Ryan Ross Hey! What Do U Think About This Amzing Guy?

lala_ross posted on Jul 17, 2008 at 11:35PM
I think he's the best guy ever!

Ryan Ross 13 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden iluvryry said…
me 2!!!!
een jaar geleden angelic_asd said…
me 3!!
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een jaar geleden Lost_Cookie said…
Ryan is the SEX! :D shame he dont wear paint any more D:
een jaar geleden ryansgurl said…
he's a sexy man!!
een jaar geleden funnyshawna said…
i love him <3
een jaar geleden angelic_asd said…
I think he would be president! hahaha XD
seriously he might be.. Imagine a country with Ryan's pics in everywhere and watching him at the TV...buying newspapers with his face on te cover...
Ryland!!! Ryan for prez...!!!!XD (I'm still kiddin)
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een jaar geleden kkcsandy said…
If I could marry him, i would!
een jaar geleden -RyroAddict- said…
i think he's the most awesom boy i've ever seen
i love him with my entire heart and soul!!
i think he is amazing in every possible aspect except for the gf he chose ¬¬
i love him!
een jaar geleden Mela1994 said…
I love him<3
een jaar geleden marymagic15 said…
I love him!
i have a friend that looks like ryan ross. no lie!
it's so scary how thier the same. thier face, smile, eyes, even his hair!
we have a ryan ross twin here ppl.
een jaar geleden Mela1994 said…
big smile
I dont like Ryan Ross just cuz of his looks i like him for his music and creative lyrics and the way he isn't afraid to be who he is and stuff. Long story short he's my hero and i love him to death(not in love with him, k maybe a little. Who am i kidding. I LOVE HIM)
een jaar geleden EviRyanRoss said…
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Ryan Ross
een jaar geleden anto191 said…
i LOVE ryan ross , he is soo prefect! his eyes , his face , his EVERYTHING
i really preffer how he looks now tht he is in the young veins ,i quiet didnt liked him with makeup