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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:I can't belive this happening 2 me
Hannah:IKR???!! i luv ur dress massie
>>>>>>2 HOURS LATER<<<<<<<
Scourge:i luv u babe
Massie:*throws arm around scourge*i luv u 2 my sexy baby
Scourge:*kisses massie*I'll wear this ring 4 evah
Sonic:congrats u 2!!!
Silver:yaaa me 2 congrats
Scourge:thnx blue
Sonic:wlcm king scourge*bows*
Silver:as u wish queen jasmine*bows and smirks*
Massie:how do u know my real name????
Hannah:im sooo happy 4 u massie!!!!
Sonic:soooo ive been thinking massie wats gonna be ur kids name???
Scourge and Massie:WTF???!!!SONIC!!!!
sonic:sorry just askin
posted by angel7782
well...sounds like u have fun with....however u spell his name....XDlol

so eh just went in your house???O.o thats creepy.


well how did he???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????XD
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posted by crystalstream
The wind whipped harshly at my fur, as the biting cold stung my eyes. My cheeks already had frozen tears clinging to them, and I had no energy left to wipe them away.

Perhaps I was being childish, getting upset over some guy. After all, I was only eleven; surely there was someone else out there for me?

But I wanted him.

Everything about him made me tingle. His ebony vacht, bont that shined constantly, her blood red eyes that seemed to be aware everything, his smile that lit up his whole face. I cared for him, I dreamed about him, he held a precious part in my life.

But of course, the feeling wasn't mutual....
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posted by sexyluna34
me and scourge were making out in the bed after our..."chat" rofl....okay heres what happened next:

scourge: hallo luna?

luna: yes?

scourge: will u marry me?

luna:y-yes i would *eyes fill up with tears* i would love that *hugs scourge*

scourge: i love ya so much *kisses me...then his tongue moves in there*


scourge: u like that dont ya?

luna: mm yes..

moments later:

scourge: i need to take a shower.

luna: *ears perk up* may i kom bij you?

scourge: *pervysmile* of course.

scourge then picked me up and we went into the shower.....which wasnt such a good idea cause scourge wouldnt stop staring at me. X3

luna:...what? X3

scourge: i cant stop staring!!

luna: well stop *laughs*

scourge: i zei i cant!! X3 *laughs as well*

after the shower:

luna: well that was nice....and wet.

scourge:hah..yeah it was.

roflmao!!! :3 till volgende time !!!
posted by sexyluna34
nazo:s-scourge!!..hey there...i was just paying luna a visit.

scourge: u were gonna rape her.. *walks over to nazo*

nazo then graabed luna and teleported....


nazo:*teleported to base* *puts luna on the bed* this time...we wont be intrupted door that green pest...heh. *touches lunas face*

luna:*opens eyes* w-what the?

nazo:hello my princess...did u have a decent rest? *smiles*

luna: where the hell am i???

nazo: your in my about u and i
mess around. *pervylook*

luna:0_0 HELL NO!!! *punches nazo in the stomach and runs to the bathroom*

nazo then ran after...
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posted by sexyluna34
scourge: *dials phone number*

luna: *phone rings...picks up the phone*

scourge: hallo babe.

luna: *smiles* hallo sexy.

scourge: how bout u come over to my place and we can have a

luna: ill be right ya.

scourge: love ya to babe. *hangs up*


luna:hey babe.

scourge: bout we have

luna: sure thing sexy *scourge then picked me up and kissed me and ran to his room*

scourge then kicked open the door and laid me on the bed....he then went into a room.......he then came out with a bunny suit.. i smiled pervylike at him and went into the bathroom to change*

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posted by sexyluna34
on the dag we got home pagina a few months geleden with scar.....scourge did something that i could never forgive him for:

luna:*crying* u ....put him up for adoption????

scourge: i-im sorry!!! i didnt want him!!!

luna:*heart breaks* ............


luna: GO TO HELL u FUCKING BASTARD!!!! *runs out of the castle*

scourge: luna wait!!!

i then ran into literally ran into him....i was ontop i then got up.....

shadow: well...that was wierd.

luna:um...s-sorry...its just....scourge put scar up for adoption...and i-*crys*

shadow: that bastard.......let me hold your hand.


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"I'm home, sonic." I yelled to the up stairs rooms. I lived with the hero of möbius because he took me in. He called me his sister. I also lived with Tails and sometimes Shadow. I never thought I'd walk in and no one would be home. It was my lucky break. I walked up stairs to my small room on the third floor.

My room was a right neon blue with streaks of light and dark blue in it. My closet was on the left side of the room. My bed was the kind with a bureau under it. I walked over to the red mini fridge I kept. I pulled out a coke can. I looked around. Summer just stared and three minuten in...
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posted by alexischaos2004
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Star. I am a teenage female hedgehog who is currently 14 years old, and there is a green hedgehog who keeps stalking me and trying to earn my love. Well, it's not going to be so easy, green guy!

I was walking through the streets of this large city of Mobius, I looked around to find somewhere to eat something. Finally, my attention was taken away from a new koop that opened. It was for clothing, apparently. I actually needed a few meer new clothes, so I entered the new koop and I widened my eyes. This koop was humongous and had very good stuff to get!

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posted by sexyluna34
luna: huh? *looks at scourges dead body* *gasps*

luna: no...t-this is all my fault@!!!1!!!!!!!!!!


.............................. to the beggining:

luna: raaaaagh *bashes mephiles in the head* and stay out of my life!!!!!

mephiles: hahahaaah *grabs me....stares at me....... and pulls out a mes and puts it to my eye*

luna: *gasp*.....i-if u let scourge go....i-ill let u kill me...j-just let scourge go.. *crys*

instead of dieing...feeling any pain...i felt something warm...i looked up and saw that warm thing was mephiles hugging me...

mephiles:i wish for u not to die my flower....i...
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posted by sexyluna34
i was walking home pagina when i was stopped door a green hedgehog. he stared at me with those ice blue eyes.....he smiled....i noticed that his teeth were mine.....he was green...and had blue i used to look like. he said: hallo babe....wanna go out?

luna: do i know you?

scourge: luna? u dont remember me?

luna: am i supposed to?

scourge: y-yes.....what happened?

luna: i was walking home pagina yesterday....and i hit my head.....i still have this bandage for it *points to bandage*

scourge then picked me up and hugged me.........

i had no way of responding.....i lost my memory of him.....i...
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posted by shadowfangirl2
Meaghan: *saws scrouge disroying shadow* SHADOW R U OK? <:O
Shadow: *passes out* meaghan.........*fainted*
Meaghan: *saws scrouge and punches him* u BASTERD! >:O
Scrouge: *doges* hmmph *firts meaghan* hello sexy..>:D
Meaghan: *blushes* SHUT UP u PERV! >:O
Scrouge: *grabs meaghan* .........>:)
Meaghan: LET ME GO u FREAK! >:O
Scrouge: *kisses meaghan*
Meaghan: *blushes red* O_O
Scrouge: calm down babe >:D i'll take care of you
Meaghan: uh......thx, i guess *kisses scrouge*
Scrouge: *kisses back*
Shadow: *gets up and scrouge and meaghan* hallo SHE'S MINE u B*TCH! >:O
Scrouge: too late shadow, she's with me now....>:D
Shadow: SHE'S MINE! >:O
Meaghan: *kisses scrouge and shadow in the cheek and walks away* >;)
Scrouge: that girl is hot...
Shadow: agreed
* MYSTERIOUS GIRL BAG WHEN u LEAVE A mes WOUND A SCOURGE ON LEFT WAIST * Vina: NOOOOOO * becoming dark vina * Scourge: ahhhhhh ? ? ? ? ?: Take that to cut with me meer than u deserve * vina nobody pushed the mysterious girl and let bareheaded * Sonic: MASSIE! Massie:'ll look stupid for being with my ex boyfriend * massie pulled the mes and wanted to kill Vina Flying vina ** dark and hit the uithangbord iso Massie: you'll see you'll see later * went with macabre laughter ** IS RETURNED tO NORMAL AGAIN * Vina: Scourge scourge're right: not so much * vina scourge heals with a magic that had the moon * Vina: Best :) Scourge: if I think Lilly and sonic : love hedgehogs of Scourge: SHUT Sonic: hehehehe Lilly: LOL * both laugh a lot * AND SCOURGE: Shut Vina: enough if Sonic: ok enough lilly Lilly: I love * giving a kiss on the mouth to sonic * Scourge : well go for pearls

Ya know that Scourge is the only one from Sonic that i still can draw?It's cause I had to stop drawing because of my parents.They hate my draws.All say their osom so does my art teacher but they still say their the worst and strange.Why?I don't get it.They hate me cause I'm gifted?
I'm gifted with the big responcibility of drawing.But they hate it.They want me just to learn , nothing else.That's all I gotta said.
PEACE and stay green!
P.S. I know I zei I hated Scourge, that was a big mistake of me but I take EVERYTHING I HAVE zei BEFORE MONTHS BACK.That text not the P.S. but the longer one IS MY BBBBIIIGGGG APOLOGISE.See ya.
1: Captured
In a distant laboratory, all was silent. Not even the slightest whisper of sound dared penetrate the thick, peaceful yet intimidating silence. Suddenly, a green Pokemon stepped foreword. Its body was battered and bleeding, and its breathing was ragged and came in quick, raspy pants. The Pokemon gave all appearances of being a Pikachu, but its tail had a black tip and the black part on its ears poked out into triangles. “Haven’t u had enough?” Giovanni asked, smirking from his baars, uss perch in his leather chair as he watched in cold amusement the Pikachus’ flanks heave in effort...
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