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Kaitlynn-Kat here, I just got here. Some strange forest and know there's a hot green hedgehog hitting on me.
Scourge-Hey, shut up.
Kat-*shrugs* Hey, I zei u were hot. What, you're not a hottie?
Kat-I never knew some guy could be so stupid. When I met Sonic, I thought he was the stupidest hedgehog on earth.
Sonic-What the heck are u saying about me?!?
Kat-Nothin'...*twists feet*
Scourge-Saying you're an idiot.
Kat-*glares icy blue eyes* Shut up, green hedgie!
Scourge-No one calls me that!
Sonic-Looks like the cat wins this.
Scourge-You stay out of this!
Kat-*lays arm on Sonic's shoulder*...
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chapter 2-BACK IN..FUR?
Before them was a green cat, two, vertical, roze scars on its peach-colored stomach, with white paws and a collar. door closer examination the kraag was black, with flames studding the sides. “Scourge?” The cat licked a paw and drew it over its whiskers, which were twitching with contempt. “Yeah?” Sonic pointed at him. “What in the name of-But how-Why the he-?” That was the cat could get out as he looked at himself. Scourge then became conscious that they were still watching.”-I totally knew that I was a cat. I was only seeing if u guys believed me.”...
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posted by Cutemf4267
Hi I'm new here just to let u know I just wanna be welcome here

I may start to post here I'm a fan girl of scourge.

I don't know how things work here tho but

Pls don't me rude I just want a place to chill

Here. I may toon my avatar on here :3

I kinda weird, shy,nice, my favoriete stuff is, my phone,my dog,my family, favoriete songs CPR, Squidward nose,be real, Skywalker, some way, the hills, party monster, die for you, hot girls summer,
Lif3 support, there my favoriete song I like to vibe to

Will that all about me I just wanna tell u I'm new here! I will like
To see some stories but have a good night of dag BYE!<3
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scourge: im not gonna sing tonight, no im not gonna sing tonight. i know u want me to sing and dance around but im gonna let u down im not gonna do that thing tonight. not gonna do that thing when my voice goes high, not gonna make the beat drop out...... then bring it back in and im not gonna sing tonight. not gonna slow it down as i make to a lady. cause shes the only one here tonight. u are.
not gonna do that thing were i sing to the lens, and not gonna take a single sexy breath tonight. im not gonna sing , no im not gonna no matter how much u cryyyyyyy. i dont wanna sing, tonight...
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posted by sexyluna34
...... 1 week after all that happened to scourge and luna:

i walked out with scourge and he was holding my arm and hugging me as well...i just turned to him and smiled.

scourge: u think we could...ya know...since your pregnant and all....

luna:*turns to scourge and kisses him*

scourge:*kisses back with tongue X3*

luna:*breaks the kiss* ....i would love to...ya know.*blushes*

i then heard the greatest words in my world:

scourge:*kneels down and holds my hand* ...luna....will u marry me? *takes out a box with a ring in it*

luna:*gasps*..*eyes fill up with tears....then i hug and kiss him...i...
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 Alexa Fox(It's written Alex on the draw to be meer easy to spell)
Alexa Fox(It's written Alex on the draw to be more easy to spell)
One dag Scourge was messing up with some guys in the club.He met 3 guys , Kai,Asos and Kimon.Kai was a sword-fighter , Asos a singer and Kimon a TOTTAL nerd.Then Asos said:
-Hey look at those chics!
Then 4 girls appeard in the place.The girls were named like: Alexa , a super singing idol and also an Angel. Lili , a purple Kitty-cat ,Sisi a Taylor Lauthner fan and Diana , a killer.
-Holy gesus!Kimon zei and cleaned his glasses.
-Wow dude I would love to squese those girls asses man!!Scourge said.Then Alexa came to the tafel, tabel grabed Scourge and told him face to face:
-You cutie green dude.I just LOVVEEEE...
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posted by angel7782
me:-watches tv-

scourge:-cuts powerline-

me:hey! what happen?-goes outside and sees the power
line-huh?its cut.


me:not cool


me:-chases and beats up-hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Scourge and I woke up the volgende morning feeling tired as hell. Scourge was extra grumpy, so I made it my best interest to stay away from him. Probably still worried to death. I usually weigh myself on Sunday's to see how much weight I gained of lost. But when I checked, I noticed a large difference in my weight than how it was 1 week ago. "Scourge! Come take a look at this!" I yelled. The green hedgehog was wearing a plain white overhemd, shirt and and his normal sunglasses. "What?" He grumbled, "I was going to go do something." I rolled my eyes and pointed to the scale on the bathroom floor. I was standing...
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