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this is my version...if u think that i stal it i swear to god ill- RIP OUT YOUR JAWS AND DISCMBER LIMB FROM LIMB!! *demon voice* ...lets just get on with the story:

luna: {why did i ever datum this jackass??.*remembers ring with x on it* *crys a little* why...why did he have to force rape me?...why *cries even meer and beats the shit outta him*}

shadow: {poor luna...i need to tell her...but first *kicks scourge in the nuts*}

silver: {magic....grrr DIE SCOURGE!!!! }

..after the fight :3

luna: stupid bitch.....

shadow: *grabs lunas hand and pulls him toward her* luna...i need to tell u something....
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"hello people its me sonic sonic the hedgehog and the crazy girl volgende to me is amy rose"


sonic:"......uhm....lovely girl"

amy: oow. anyway we read some stuff here and people are saying that scourge raping them o.o

sonic: so we asked scourge to come here and talk about his little probleem come on green"

scourge:*going to sit volgende to amy* whats this about?

amy: scourge we just heard that u rape people

scourge: WHAT!? who zei that

sonic: so u don't know anything about it *give scourge a book called he's back door sexyluna34*

scourge:*grab it and read it*

some minutes...
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i ran to jakes house knocking on the door like crazy!!!!

jake: *opens door* uh hallo luna..whats wrong u look like u saw a g-mmmmphh *i kissed him*

luna: *pushes him and my self inside and closes and locks the door*

luna: *breaks kiss* i saw scourge!!!! he tried to rape me!!!!! *crys*

jake: *hugs me* its gonna be okay...ill kill that jackass for trying to rape you...*sigh* okay..tell me...what happened?

i explained it very well because the first back thing i zei his jaw dropped....

luna: a-and thats what happened...

jake: *kisses me* mm.....*breaks kiss* its gonna be okay long as your...
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scourge: alright...lets get it over....but let it last for a loooong time..heh.

luna: no nonononooo!!!! i wont let you!!!

scourge: *grabs my neck and bites it* *he then puts his hand under my rok and feels that sensetive spot*

luna:aaaaaaaggggh!!!! make it stop!! make it stop!!!!

scourge: HELL NO!!!! *scary smile* YOUR MINE AND I GET TO MOLEST u WHENEVER I WANT!!! NOW GET YOUR VAGINA OVER HERE AND LETS GET STARTED!@!!!!! *unchains me and sticks his beep in mine*

luna:*gasps* no...ngggh ......sugh sos sdsd qede e heahahahahahaaaaaa aaaaagh n-ngggnh haaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggh!!!!!...
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