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Simply Speaking, I need ideas.

My Severus/OC fanfiction is kicking me in the rear because I cant write the beginning of my story. I have alot of individual "scenes" written, but its all towards the end (fourth book forward) I need ideas for the opening scene and the first three books.
Clara Vance is her name.
Former death-eater, now Hogwarts Professor, pardoned from Azkaban for her "seer" abilities(after taking half of her sentance of course)

To Mary-Sueish?
 Misguided_Angel posted een jaar geleden
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LadyNottingham said:
From the background u give of her, she doesn't look like a mary-sue.

We would need meer specific description, physical and mental.

Beware, mary-sues are perfect. They do things perfectly and they save the dag on a daily basis. If your OC is flawed, behaves sometimes like a jerk and does not strive to save the dag and everyone around, then it cannot be a mary-sue.

She may have a particular talent/gift, no problem. Being a seer would be interesting, considering if u intent on have her as a Hogwarts teacher, in competition with Trelawney (now that would be funny !). Besides, I can't see Severus pretty much impressed door the talent/gift of "seeing" - which may promise nice banters between them two.

That's all I can say about mary-sues. That's something I'm very careful too, so I know the tune.

As for your ideas for the opening scene, I'm afraid I cannot help you. My only piece of advice is u should have everything planned, like in a scenario/synopsis/storyboard for a movie.

Hope the above will help. Leave a link to your story once it's posted.
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posted een jaar geleden 
:) I live to avoid mary sues in writing, lol. Clara and Trelawney do not get along at ALL, but Dumbledore insists that Trelawney remains the Divination teacher. Severus does get quiet annoyed when Clara becomes arrogant over her abilities, its amuzing actually.
Misguided_Angel posted een jaar geleden
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