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posted by gigitygoo
(recently silver had a bad argument with blaze witch end there realatioship and silver is at the local bar)
Silver *sigh* why didnt i just agree with her why would i be so stupid *takes a drink from his glass*
Bartender hallo buddy we are closeing soon
Silver fine *pays for his drink and leaves* god i have no where to go sonic is out of town amy is with tails
*a white gloved hand with a ring covering the wrist*
Mystrious person u can stay with me
Silver uh no thanks i dont go *he looks at the person and realize it was shadow* Sha..shadow
Shadow silver do u want to stay of not
(a distant thunder...
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posted by awesomesonic
All was dark and silent in the house as Silver put on his boots. It was 1am in the morning and everyone should be alsleep. He sighed as he gently opened the door. He took one last look behind.

"I'll be back soon."

He took one step outside and shivered. It was chilly and he was at risk of catching a cold. He sighed once more.

"I should grab my coat."

He gently floated into the house using his ESP ability and flew up to his room, grabbing his black coat. Carefully, he flew back downstairs and back to the front door. He was glad he didn't get caught.

Or so he thought.

"Mind if I joined you, Silver?"...
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posted by ShadowDarkwind
Sonic: "Shadow! Just what do u think your doing with those Emeralds!"

Shadow: "Chaos... Control!"

Shadow then quickly warped to in front of Sonic, and Shadow pushed his glove'd hedgehog hand against Sonic's chest lightly, pushing him onto his bed, as Shadow landed on top, boven of Sonic with his hands pushing down on Sonic's blue hedgehog shoulders deep into the mattress.

Sonic: "Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed!?"

Shadow: "I'm the coolest~ so I'm going to take control of u and your body from now on!"

Sonic: "No, I won't let u get away with that!"

Shadow then held up one of his two Chaos Emeralds...
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