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People often act like all of shadow's fans are fangirls. And most are. But seriously; there are boy fans too. We really like shadow too but we're being forgotten in the sea of fangirls. So please; if you're a boy fan of Shadow. Don't sit in the darkness. Let everyone know u like shadow too. You're just a boy.

And fangirls. This is not meant to hurt you. I was just trying to encourage boy fans to speak up. I'm not asking anyone to change, but just try and speak up, it shows that u care.

And some people log onto this fanpop site and call the fangirls stupid (Frylock) well stop it! If u don't like shadow get off the site. A fansite is for fans. So don't come here just to spew insults.

First Shadow Fanpop Article, Vela-Nova
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