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lildarlin99 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 02:48AM
Main plot: Sherlock and John go on a vacation but it get interrupted by people going missing.
Main plot 02:

Sherlock: Taken, Ember
John: Taken, lildarlin99
Mrs.Hudson: Taken, Wholockian
Mycroft: Taken, DrJohnHWatson
Lestrade: Taken, MythGal
sally: Taken, Everyone. (Still open for who wants it though!)
Molly: Taken, cyanitchati

1)you have to play the character accordingly
2)you can only be one person [unless I say so]
3)no puppeting other characters unless you really need to
4)have fun. :)
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Sherlock 22 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden MythGal said…
(Hey can I be Lestrade?)
een jaar geleden cyanitchati said…
(Can I be John, please?)
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
(Hmm...If John is taken then...Can I be Mycroft, please?)
een jaar geleden cyanitchati said…
(If you want to be John, I can change to molly :3 If you're interested ^^)
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
(As soon as we get Mrs. Hudson and sally, we can start. Oh and case ideas anyone?)
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
(Hmm...Well, we know the ones that have already been shown by BBC in the series.
And the ones that were never actually shown, but only mention on The Personal Blog
of Dr. John H. Watson and The Science of Deduction. But here's an idea. How about
a vacation that ends in disaster? I mean that is what would happen if Sherlock and
John tried to go on vacation. So yeah. I'll try to think of more though...)
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
(Thats a cool idea, I'll see if ember is okay with that as well. C:)
een jaar geleden DetectiveSH221B said…
Hey everyone! I'm Ember and also the Sherlock of this ongoing RP. I'm excited for the feedback that me and darling have gotten over the start of this group RP and I'm eager to begin when we get everyone gathered up and filed for some spots and suggestions for what to do! If you wanna talk about ideas, get to know me and how I work, or even throw around somethings for this just let me know either through here or my email, and I'll gladly reply to anything! Thank you for your contribution and let the games being!
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
OH! No one else has responded yet. And I am rather anxious to get started.
I'll try and recruit some people, or we can have some of the people who are
already on it double if they don't mind. I wouldn't, it would be rather interesting.
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
We can start our own little thing through email. I'm trying to be on here more often (-_-). I'm its easier to contact me through email (asdfghjkl;) :)
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
So...when do we get started? -Mycroft Holmes
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
Dunno, I'm waiting for other ppl to get online :P -JW
een jaar geleden cyanitchati said…
(OOC: Uhm. I'm here. So uh. What do I do?)
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
welllllllll idk but in the mean time got any case ideas?)
een jaar geleden Wholockian said…
big smile
(I'll be Ms. Hudson. XD)
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
(Welcome to the roleplay, got case ideas? accepting all. :3)
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
YAAAY! I got Star to join! Thanks for joining us. I've already submitted my idea
so unless you would like another idea, I will remain silent there. -MH
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
let me hear it :3 i changed some things due to my mistake, sorry 'bout that.
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
Dang, NOBODY wants to be Sally... I guess if it came to it,
I could do it. That is, if YOU want, lil darlin. Still rainy...-MH
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…
Ah-ha! everyone can be Sally! :{D. this is okay with everyone, yes? -JW
een jaar geleden DrJohnHWatson said…
I think that sounds like a good idea!
een jaar geleden lildarlin99 said…