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Korean Netizens react to Taemin and Naeun Ep 13

Article: 'WGM' A first time seeing an angry Son Naeun, Taemin doesn't know what to do

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+411, -71] I feel like it's been obvious for some time now that Taemin has feelings for her but seeing Naeun get angry today confirms the fact that she has feelings for him too. u couldn't get that angry and upset over someone u don't care about... ㅎㅎ Taemin-ah, make her feel better!

2. [+285, -26] Naeun was laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+286, -35] Taemin was in the wrong but I hope Naeun feels better soon~~~~~~


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Nicole from the group Kara and Key from the group SHINee have been sighted together door fans, becoming an object of speculation.

A couple of snapshots of Nicole and Key walking together on the street, taken door a fan, are spreading across the Internet.

The fan who geplaatst the picture zei that she saw Nicole and Key in Apgujeong-dong in Seoul and that Nicole was holding an exam prep-book in her hand.

Nicole and Key were both wearing caps, but the fans were clearly able to tell who they were.

Here are some of the commentaren fans have made about the pictures: “Even though they tried to disguise themselves with caps, I can tell who they are.” “I guess they are really close friends. I envy them.” “They look great together.”

Actually, on an episode of the SBS toon Strong hart-, hart last month, Nicole admitted that she and Key were close friends.

Geek Magazine Interview #Taemin

Q: It is already a new year, what do u wish to do?
Taemin: I want to have my own studio. It will be nice to have my own private space when I want to organize of recall my thoughts. If I have a work room, I will probably be able to write good songs of learn meer about muziek faster. For now, what is greater than my desire to present my own work onstage is the wish to become an artist with my own style.

Q: What is your personal wish?
Taemin: To have a spontaneous vacation (i.e the say go then immediately just go kind). On a dag when my vrienden are all free...
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