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posted by Kornez
door Phil

It was raining.
That's what I was told was happening when I was born.
Here I am now, alone without a mother and a distant father.
I often think he blames me for her death. I often cry when those thoughts come. My dad tells me we're moving to a city in Texas. Usually when people verplaats somewhere new, it was like having a new life. Not to me. Here we are in a new house, new school and new friends. I feel so down as I sit in the cafeteria. I just want to let it all out in tears. But then a voice awoke me from my gloom. A sweet and gentle voice.
“May I sit with you?”
Were the words...
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posted by Problematic129
*Inspired door the Haunted Mansion ride and movie, it's a short story of one-shot. But I'm thinking of adding more, please tell me your thoughts! Please don't copy and please read and review*
Somewhere in this world, around the 1800’s (1822 to be exact), is where it all started. A time when young ladies wore puffy dresses, and men had fancy pocket watches and a zuur, zure mood. Yes, the perfect time, for the perfect story, of at least the beginning that is.
    You see a story always has a beginning, and for this one my dear readers, it begins at Marratal’s Mansion. As usual,...
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posted by bessiebuzzer
I know fighting is bad. But I have been taking her crap for years. I knew as soon as she zei Keisha death was alright I wanted to kill her. I remember as soon as she zei what she did I went right up to her... "What did u just say?" I remember her face. It looked like she knew she would regret saying that about Keisha in front of me. "Nothing NerdBrain." I gave her the biggest death glare. I knew I would miss my bus so I walked off. Then thinking she was all squeaky clean She began talking to the clones again. Then not knowing I was still listening She uttered. "Gee I'm Glad Keisha's dead....
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posted by bessiebuzzer
I lay there on my rock solid bed. Thinking of it...I look down at pictures of me a Keisha. The trips our families took together. We were so close yet now we are so far. It's not what u think. She didn't verplaats like u would've thought. What happened was to much to say. Then as a tear fell from my eye my mother walked in. "Honey, are u alright. I haven't heard any noise from u since lunch". As she zei that she notices that I had a tears falling from my eyes. "Honey whats wrong". She came closer to me. I waved the foto to her face. She then got a look of concern on her face. "Honey is...
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added by william_laughs
Write a story based on this newscast.
falling ice
short story
posted by flapjackfan54
Journey to the Temple of the Gods

Day 1

Today i have started my epic journey to go find the temple of the gods. Some say it is impossible to reach. Others say the gods will destroy u for entering it. I dont know who to believe but for right now i know i will be the first adventurer to try it in over a century. I have 2 companions accompanying me on this perilous journey. 1 is a centaur i met a while back and we have been best vrienden ever since then. My seconde companion is a very brave and honest man who also happens to be a demi god (half man half god) his mother is Athena the goddess of...
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posted by Heya
Love in the Underworld

Dead Bodies
People of ancient history
Surrounding your home
No love at all
Within the walls of the Underworld

No world outside
Noises of terror
Crying babies without their mothers
No love at all
Within the walls of the Underworld

Searching for a way out
There is no way out
There is no way out of the curses and smells
No love at all
Within the walls of the Underworld

Love is deep into nowhere
No love
At all
Within the walls of the Underworld