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2."Ogre Hunters/Fairytale Deathcamp"
3."Donkey Meets Shrek"     
4."Eating Alone"     
5."Uninvited Guests"     
6."March of Farquaad"     
7."The Perfect King"     
8."Welcome to Duloc"     
9."Tournament Speech"     
10."What Kind of Quest"     
11."Dragon!/Fiona Awakens"     
12."One of a Kind Knight"     
13."Saving Donkey's Ass"     
14."Escape from the Dragon"     ...
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Shrek shows u what being an ogre is all about.
Congratulations! You've completed your first night. But u notice something, the door is closed! u must stay here for five days. This is the seconde day. Everything is normal in the morning, but late at night the statues come to life and turn into giants. So u have to be careful>>! u don't want to have breakfast today, but a hot drink might still be good! What will u drink?

1- u will drink a glass of hot linden thee and eat a banaan as a snack.

2- As a snack, u will drink three cups of coffee and eat chocolate with cocoa.

If you're going to drink coffee and eat chocolate, congratulations!...
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