Shun Kazami Why is Shun you'r fav?

poddo posted on Dec 26, 2008 at 11:02PM
Why is he you'r fav?,
He is my fave coz:
Well...He was my fav when I saw his mom die,
I felt so sad when he cried,
I instanly said "I FOUND MY FAV CHARACTER!!!!"
From then on I liked him,
How I became an obssesed fan:
Well I was surfin the net,
I searched "Shun Kazami",
And I heard ppl say:
"Shun is so sexy",
"Shun is so cute"
and lots of stuff like that,
Then I thot about it,
And became an obssesed fan!,

So tell me how you became a fan,
And an obssesed fan!

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een jaar geleden karakazame77 said…
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i know when i saw shun's mother die i felt so sorry for him. also i can kind of relate to him, but it was my sister not my mom. after looking up all the characters and learning more about shun i became a fan, from then on i was an obssesed fan.
een jaar geleden skyress-drago said…
Well,while it was my first time watching Bakugan ,it was the time when Runo and Marucho went to challenge Shun
and then ,I witnessed how Shun is so powerful
In the next episode ,
Dan learned that Runo and Marucho challenged Shun .
He was so mad that he came all the way to Shun's house and challenged him
Then he saw Shun cooperating with Masquerade
Masquerade challenged Dan on a two against one battle
Dan agreed .
When Drago was near to losing against Masquerade ,
Masquerade called Shun to finish Dan .
But instead ,he helped Dan .not Masquerade .
So something struck on my mind .
The truth is ,Shun don't intend to help Masquerade .
He just want to be friends with Dan again .
So ,I started to like him more .So I joined the
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 Well,while it was my first time watching Bakugan ,it was the time when Runo and Marucho went to chall
een jaar geleden poddo said…
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een jaar geleden Anime-addict said…
Well let's see...
The question is why is Shun my favourite character...
I read all the other's replies...And I guess it's my turn to Reply...
The reason why i like Shun isn't because he has power..and isn't because his mom died..
The truth is...I don't really know why is he my favourite character...or why did i become obssesed with him...
The only thing i know is that every time i wath Bakugan...and he's in the episode something happends to me...I'm attracted to his eye contact...that mysteriousness that he has in his character...
And I think that I'm truly obssesed with him...
Every time I connect to internet the first thing I do is go to Google to see if there is some new pics of him
I don't know why I do that...But...
So I realized...I like Shun because he's calm and drawn back,yet he always finds a way to help his friends,to work for the team and to look after them...
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een jaar geleden mirafabia said…
he is my fave because he cry for his mom shun mom are very beautyful amd i like ninja with black hairs and when i saw him the first time i love him „yes,he is my love shun is so cute and have a ver good character