Sirius Black So u love Sirius Black? what's your reasons?

harryandsiriusx posted on Apr 29, 2010 at 07:04PM
I absolutely love Sirius black. Do you?
What are your reasons :)?

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een jaar geleden LifesGoodx3 said…
I love Sirius because of how much he cared for Harry. He was the first parent figure Harry had, and he did a splendid job at being a parent figure in the short time he knew Harry. There's more reasons, but that's just my main one :)
een jaar geleden LinaHarrow said…
WHO DOESN'T LOVE SIRIUS, HE'S SO AWESOME YOU DON'T NEED A REASON! But I have a bunch too numerous to list here
een jaar geleden Flora_Bloom said…
My main reason?Sirius was mistaken!he turned out to be a really good person and he loves Harry.He was James and Lily's friend.He knew harry best!
Another couple of points*He died and it was very touching at that moment.
*He hates Snape. :)
een jaar geleden iGoo said…
His love for Harry, his rebellious nature, his disregard for rules, his fiery nature, his good looks (lol), his animagus is a big, black dog (more specifically a Grim)...need I give any more reasons :D
een jaar geleden toughgreg said…
He exactly looks like my dad! From his personality, his face, and everything my father has, Sirius has too! But he have short hair.
een jaar geleden Poseidon3 said…
big smile
His relationship with Harry, his ability and courage to go against values he did not believe in (unlike the rest of his 'family') his loyalty to the Order and to James and Lily, and he's my favorite Marauder!
een jaar geleden jennabear519 said…
i love him so much because of his character (; He's just awesome and amazing and i could never get over how much loyalty and bravery he has in side him. The rebel inside of him also gets me. I just love him and he could'nt possibly be any better.
I also liked the playful nature in him and everything about him and how he chose to be good when almost all of his family wasn't. Like what an awesome guy !?
een jaar geleden magicfairydust said…
I love him because he was such an amazing character. He was brave, caring, and so so loyal. Being amazing attractive also helps :) Anyways, he was such a free spirit, and such a rebel, but a good person at heart. He never let anything bring him down and always held his head up high.
een jaar geleden belzzz93 said…
First of all, sorry for my bad English, but I'll try to explain why:
- Sirius had a quite unlucky life. He hated most of his family and his house. He has spent 12 years in Azkaban, not being able to see his godson or to revenge their friends. Then, when he escapes, he has to hide on a cave and eat rats! And later, he's stuck in that old house again!
I think that justifies the fact that he didn't mature like Remus or even James did.
I'm sure if he had never been on Azkaban he'd grow up a little bit more.(But I'm not complaining, I do still love him like that).
- He's reckless, loyal and brave. He'd never betray his friends and I think, behind all his sassy looks, a very lofty man is hidden.
In the marauders era, when he was actually happy, he was so funny and jolly. I love it.
- He reminds me a little bit of my dad. Not in looks. But in the way he is. The strong he is.
I adore Sirius Black, and I always will.
een jaar geleden ObiWan_Lover said…
What I love about Sirius?
Is the fact that he is a loyal friend. He was one of the few adults that Harry actually trusted and the fact that he turned his back against his own family is a brave thing to do. He is also very funny and he is just pure awesomeness.
There are many other reasons why I love Sirius also.
And I still cry everytime he dies. No matter if it were in the book or in the movie.
God love Padfoot :)
een jaar geleden Barnyban said…
I loved this character because he was really honest. And he was missunderstood. He didn't do anything bad. He loved Harry