Skins Couples a Chinese fan new here~

lushan posted on Mar 13, 2010 at 01:31PM
I am a fan of skins,i'm 20 from China.I just found this website by accident,it's the first time i have logged in a foreign forum and post something.And I'd like to make friends from all over the world and I am ready to share.My favourite couple in this dramma is Naomily..~Well,just want to add some friends to chat a little,feel free to contact at :)

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een jaar geleden amelia-acuario said…
big smile
I love Naomi! She's good actress!
But my favourite actress of skins is Effy n' freddie
kisses lushan!
I'm from Spain :)
een jaar geleden Eff_xx said…
MY favourite is a love traingular Cook Effy and Freds...they are amazing) but i like more Freffy)