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posted by SkyheartPegasus
Let's see. Where have I left off..? (tapping chin and thinking)
Oh, right! Right after Wave Ocean.
Sonic and Tails go back to Soleanna. u have to go to the desert to continue the story. Sonic and Tails go to the ring for the desert stage, but since the guards have seen Eggman there, they are restricting access.
Then u have to get this ability that lets u slide under things to save a girl that went on a roof for some reason. u go to the other side of town, then slide under a uithangbord to find a very glitchy camera angle and a few boxes. Break them, go on the spring, then find the girl and talk...
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Ah, Sonic The Hedgehog. The 15th anniversary game for the series. And let me tell you-it's one of the worst video games I have ever seen. Why? Today, let's start with Sonic's story.
It starts off with Sonic on planet Earth, at a celebration for the city Soleanna called the Festival of the Sun's opening ceremony. It is interrupted by... Dr. Eggman?
What did they do to him? Where's his awesome giant grin plastered on his face? Why doesn't he look like a proper egg anymore? What have they done to you?

Anyway, Sonic appears and kills all of his robots in a beautiful CGI cutscene....
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