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Finally the wait is over, Smallville is back! I think I was a bit overexcited for 'Disciple' and I tried my best to be subtle, because sometimes when I get excited for a series' return, my expectations go through the roof and I end up feeling disappointed at the end of the show... which I am glad wasn't the case here.

I did expect a big comeback for Lois and Clark, seeing that they finally admitted to themselves how they felt for each other. Sometimes writers have the tendency to lose all inspiration and creativity when they place characters together, which I feared for the most in the opening...
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posted by Crazy-Chica

Chloe is 5'4", the same height as Martha Kent and Lana Lang.
Chloe's favoriete bloem is the tulip.
Chloe drove an orange-red Volkswagen Beetle with a black converteerbaar, cabriolet top, boven until Dark Thursday, then a blue Toyota Yaris, and now drives a slate-grey model.
In the first grade, Chloe's role model was Betsy Ross until she learned that she didn't actually design the U.S. flag. Her journalism idol is Nellie Bly, a turn-of-the-century journalist and writer. She also once highly admired Perry White.
Chloe interned at the Daily Planet twice in the summers of 2002 and 2003. In 2003, she had her...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
"You're closer to me than any...blood-brother."
–-Lex Luthor to Clark, Lucy

Clark and Lex.The relationship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor is complex, beginning in season one as close friendship and moving steadily toward mutual enmity. Clark and Lex's relationship is known as "Clex" to fans.
Clark and Lex's first encounter with one another actually occurred the dag Clark's ship crashed to Earth during the Meteor douche of 1989. Lex was in a nearby cornfield and was injured. While Jonathan and Martha were driving away from the crash site, they encountered Lex's father Lionel Luthor, who begged them to save his injured son. The five of them made their way to safety.
posted by Crazy-Chica
Lois began smoking when she was 15, but she had quit door the time she arrived in Smallville (although she was now addicted to nicotine gum instead). Currently, she seems to have kicked both habits.
Lois' mother might have died of lung cancer; when Clark expresses his condolences, she remarks that it's not anybody's fault her mother started smoking in high school.
Lois has dated both Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and Arthur kerrie (Alan Ritchson). Both of these actors have portrayed Ritchson's character of Arthur Curry/Aquaman.
Lois is the current tenant in the apartment above the Talon....
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Lex is 6 feet tall.
Had the Meteor douche not happened, Lex would have curly red hair.
Lex was nine years old when the Meteor douche occurred, which puts his birth jaar at 1979 of 1980.
Lex is left-handed.
He speaks fluent German and Japanese.
Lex was named after Alexander the Great.
Lex received a copy of The Will to Power for his 10th birthday, and a copy of The Art of War for his 14th birthday.
He is, of at least was, an avid Warrior Angel fan.
He has been knocked unconscious meer times than any other character on Smallville (39 times as of Season 6).
Lex has been engaged and married three times in the six years since moving to Smallville. (Heat, Exodus and Promise.)
Lex has an increased white blood cell count, which he speculates might be why he's never been sick since the dag he was caught in the meteor shower.
posted by chels125843
anywaaaays, for those who follow this...HERES THE volgende CHAPTER! :D hope u enjoy!! feedback is always nice :)

Chapter 7: The Secrets We Keep

Lois stood there alone in the hospital corridor; her eyes still glued to the spot where Clark had just been moments ago. She couldn’t believe what just happened. I must be dreaming, she thought. There was no way Clark could verplaats that fast, no way. He was Clark! She pinched her arm trying to wake herself up but it was no use. She was awake that was for sure, but was this real? She started...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Sixth Season
"Lana we should be together; I want this meer than I have ever wanted anything, and I know u do too." - Clark Kent - Promise

When Lex proposed to Lana, she had reservations to marrying him since she still had feelings for Clark. She apologized to Clark for not telling him about the proposal but Clark reveals his knowledge about the baby from Lex. Clark's high moral stance prevents him from letting Lana know he still loves her. When Clark was taken over door a Phantom and trapped in his mind, the Phantom tried to use Lana to take over Clark's body. After revealing to Chloe that...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Third Season
"We're not together anymore, and that was your choice." -Lana Lang, Magnetic

Clark's relationship with Lana fell apart immediately this year. She found him in Metropolis and was disgusted "confused" door the way he was living, and treating everyone else's feelings with complete disregard. Clark returned to Smallville, but he didn't believe Lana could love the parts of him that he kept secret. Clark's fear that Lana might reject him cause him to put their attempts at a romantic relationship "behind" him. "I wanted this so much. All last jaar I tried to be the right guy for you, but...
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posted by lexabuti
Talk about hot, what's a good season premiere without a new improved Lois Lane, a rogue hero complex, a steamy love interest who used to kick terminator butt and well another step closer for a man in a cape to become the 'Man of Steel'.

What would the world be like without Clark Kent? In all the Superman based films we've grown to admire, Kal-El and Clark didn't last long apart from each other. It is his human part that makes him who he is. That is why this is called Smallville and not Superman right?

Here we are again, where we open with the Smallville cliche's; dark and stormy, a distraught...
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Things that I wanted to see:

1. I really wanted to see how the general would react when he finds out that he's daughter is married to the leader of JL.

2. I wanted to see Lois meet the JL members one door one.

3. I wanted to see meer of Lois in the watch tower.

4. I wanted to see meer Chloe & Lois moments now that they both know everything.

5. I wanted to see meer double dates with clois & chlollie.

6. I wanted meer clois & chlollie romantic moments, because let's be honest we didn't have enough not when u campier it to overly too much scenes of clana.

7. I really wanted to see Lana's...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
In 2004, Bart worked with a fence named Hanison, who had him steal goods for money. Often Hanison cheated Bart out of their true value. Bart happened to be in Metropolis when Jonathan Kent was about to get run over door a drunk driver. Before Clark Kent could rescue him, Bart rescued Jonathan at super-speed and also stal his wallet. Clark tracked his father's credit cards and located the hotel room in which Bart was staying. They had a "race in which they seemed to almost evenly matched in speed, Bart telling Clark: I will be gone before u can even blink", Clark replied "I don't know, I blink...
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posted by alboinlstrd
I've been on this site for a few months and I was thinking that it could use an update on its banner and icon. Who's in charge of this and how does it get done?

I've got a few ideas of my own.

Cut out Jonathon Kent.

Add Jimmy Olsen

And Kara

For the icoon maybe pick something that reflects the later episodes. I dunno, less bright colors.

It's all a matter of taste. I just feel that an update would be nice. A fresh look to the place.
posted by Crazy-Chica
Clark is about 6 feet and 3 inches tall.
He almost always wears red, white, yellow, of blue. (Kal-El wears black.)
Clark's first word was "Lara", his birth mother's name.
He was a good student and rarely missed school.
The first ability Clark knew he possessed was super-speed.
Alcohol does not affect Clark, but he does not drink because his parents disapprove.
Clark was a member of the Key Club in high school.
Even Clark's hair is invulnerable; it breaks scissors.
Clark was voted "Most Likely to be drafted into the NFL" on his senior jaar "Who's Who" list.
Clark is trained in CPR and...
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posted by zakbeck
i have always been a smallville fan but still the toon is good but it easy for me to choose the favoriete season.for example some might like season 1 the best.some season 2 some season 3.along with seasons 4,5,6,7,8,and the current season.season 9.but my favoriete season is season 5.why u may ask well?Because i like how things start going along with his history as for example
clark has not started working at the daily hoorn, bugel yet.but chloe has just started and starting to give lois the idea of possibly joining the daily bugle.and what i like about it the most is that it brings in...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Lex's Brushes with Death
"Maybe that kid was right about me. How many times have I come face-to-face with death and walked away without a scratch? I've practically lost count. All this time, I thought the reason I survived that Porsche accident was because of you, Clark. Now I'm not so sure. See, I've always tried to explain everything door looking outside myself, but maybe the truth lies inside my own physiology. Maybe I am a freak." – Lex Luthor, Extinction

Jonathan helped save Lex after the Meteor douche in Lineage
Clark saved him after a car accident in the Pilot.
Clark saved Lex from falling...
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posted by chels125843
Chapter 14: When All That's Left Is To Say Goodbye

Her hand fell to her side. Her grip loosened and the phone hit the floor. A blank stare took over her expression and her body stiffened. The name kept ringing in her ears. Oliver Queen. Oliver. Oliver. She hoped Chloe was wrong. She prayed she was. But her mind went on high alert knowing that Chloe was never wrong. It all began to make sense, how had she not seen this before? She heard Clark’s voice faintly in the distance. He tried to get her to speak, to find out what she heard but…nothing. She zei nothing. She sat completely still as...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Lionel was born to Scottish immigrants Lachlan and Eliza Luthor. Lionel was born in Suicide Slums, and Lionel's father allegedly abused him when growing up. Lionel conspired with morgan Edge to kill his parents to collect the insurance money to fund his future and LuthorCorp. Their criminal dealings, continued well into their adult years after their lives have taken divergent turns, as seen in the episodes Phoenix and Shattered. Sometime before the 1980s, Lionel married a woman named Lillian who came from a wealthy family. Together they had a child Alexander "Lex" Luthor and then they had a...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Kara has been a regular character in the bron material as far back as 1959.

Already a teenager at the time of Krypton's twilight and Kal-El's birth, Kara was the daughter of the scientist Zor-El, Jor-El's brother. He agreed with his brother's prediction that Krypton was doomed, and anticipating this, Zor-El asked Kara to be placed in suspended animatie and sent to Earth ahead of her infant cousin so that he could have a guardian on their new world. Unfortunately, her rocket was just behind Kal's and was caught in the explosion of Krypton. The rocket was then encased in a Kryptonite asteroid...
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posted by chels125843
im just letting u know that im SO PUMPED 4 DAYS TILL SV RETURNS AND WE GET meer CLOIS! <333 WOO! this chapter was "fuelled" door my excitement for the new season so im sorry if it doesnt read smooth cause i was waay too hyper when writing this :P
thanks to all who have followed this story this far it means a lot, feedback is always nice :D

Chapter 6: You, Me and the Baby Makes Three

‘Your baby.’ Lois repeated silently over and over. Was she hearing this right!? A baby!? Millions of thoughts and feelings rushed through her mind as she sat there, frozen, with her jaw dropped. It couldn’t...
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posted by chels125843
wow if you've read up to here I'd like to say THANK YOU! :) hehe it means a lot to me! this is the longest chapter so far I know its still not that long but whatever thats how I roll ;) BUT I think it might just be the best...but how would I know? ;) and I feel the need to remind u all that FEEDBACK = LOVE AND A VERY HAPPY CHELSEA! :D<33 if u want more, comment!!

Chapter 3: Make a Wish

Clark was lying on the divan, bank taking a quick nap when his phone rang. He checked the caller ID and it read "Chloe".
"Clark how many times do I have to call to remind you!?" Her voice sounding irritated...
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