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there are bad words in this, it's not for children so be forewarned.I did not make this.its funny
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me:this story is about tails and cosmo's love
tails:hi cosmo,want to go for a walk
cosmo:i'd love to
tails and cosmo walked through the woods
tails:everyone says u like me,is it true
cosmo:you want the truth
tails:of course i do
cosmo:well,of course i do,but...
slowly,cosmo grabbed tails hands
tails:what are u doing
without saying a word,cosmo bent over kissing tails
tails:i love you,cosmo
on cosmo's doorstep
tails:good night
cosmo:good night,see u tommorrow
tails:for sure
cosmo leans over,giving him a kiss goodnight
cosmo goes inside
at tails lab,the volgende morning,sonic shows up
sonic:did u have a good time last night
tails:if u only knew
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amy and shadow where talking on the couch
shadow:you talk to much
shadow leaned in to kiss amy
just then,someone was at the door
amy:i'll get it
amy opens the door
sonic was standing there
sonic:i need too talk to you,amy
amy closes the door[she is outside]
amy:[folding her arms]what
sonic:amy,i swear nothing happened,that's from when we were dating
amy:then why was it on your desk
sonic:i sat it there until i threw it away
amy:you threw it away
sonic:yes,i swear
amy:somehow,i believe you
sonic:that's my girl
amy:actually,i'm not your girl
sonic:what do u mean
amy:i'm with shadow,but we can be friends
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me:this a story about shadow and amy
amy is getting ready for her datum with sonic
amy:i think i look good
at sonic's doorstep
amy:[talking to self]hi sonic,i mean,what's up cutie
5 minuten pass
amy:i wonder if the door is locked
amy fiddles with the door
amy:ooh,it's unlocked
amy goes in,then to sonic's room
she can't help seeing a picture on his desk
amy:awww,he put a picture of us on his desk
she picked the picture up and looked at it
amy:what this isn't of us,it's a pic of sally
just then,sonic came into the room
sonic:what's up,babe
amy:no,not what's up babe,what is this
sonic:babe,you don't have to worry...
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sally:good morning
shadow was still asleep on the beach
shadow woke up
shadow:[yawning]good morning
sally gave him a good morning kiss
sally:i better get home,cream was going to come see me
shadow:i'll ride u home
as they were riding home,sally saw someone on the side of the was sonic and amy
sally:look,there's our x's
shadow:i don't care
sally:yes u do,i can see it in your eyes
sally:maybe u did like amy
shadow:i don't want to talk about it
sally:hmmm...did she love you
shadow wouldn't answer
sally:what made her special
shadow still wouldn't answer
sally:were you...
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me:this is about shadow and sally
shadow:[talking to self]choosing sonic over me
while walking,shadow sees someone in the distance
he gets up closer and sees sally
sally:[talking to self and crying]oh sonic,why did u do this to me
shadow:ummmm....are u okay
sally:[feeling better]i'm fine,i'm fine
shadow:it's late,i'll give u a ride home
sally:i was going to the beach
shadow:okay,i'll take u to the beach,then
meanwhile at the beach
sally:i always feel better at the beach
sally:can i ask u a question
sally:did u really love amy
shadow:of course i...
sally:i want the truth...
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